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He Was Back.

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Sitting on the couch, watching TV and eating ice cream wasn't how she imagined her day would be, not after everything she has done for him. She thought he would at least keep her company, she needed to talk to someone, so she picked up the phone and called her best friend Karen.

Karen: "Hello?"
Lynn: "Aww Karen, it's so good to hear your voice again!"
Lynn: "Chill Karen, I'm all alone!"
Karen still excited said: "I thought you'd never call! So TELL ME EVERTHING WITH ALL THE BORING DETAILS COME ON!"
Lynn: "I'm a little frustrated."
Karen: "WHAT! You must be kidding me!"
Lynn: "I don't know what's wrong, it's just...I don't know."
Karen then got serious as she said: "Lynn? Is something wrong?"
Lynn: "No, I'm just...I'm just a little upset that's all."
Karen: "That is so NOT the Lynn I know! snap out of it girl! Whatever it was, you always know what to do! You were always the one to cheer everyone up! And I don't think that this is the good time to change into the frustrated helpless little girl!"
Lynn: "Yeah...Yeah, you're right."
Karen: "That's my girl!"
Lynn: "Oh, I'm going to have to call you back, I can hear the door knocking, that's probably Gerard who probably forgot his keys."
Karen: "I'd so kill to be in your shoes right now! Don't forget to call back! I'm so excited!"
Lynn: "I won't, bye hun!"

Lynn put the ice cream bowl on the coffee table and went to the door.
As she opened it, she could see it wasn't Gerard, but she had seen this face before, long beard, pierced nose, lips and eyebrows...Oh, she thought to herself, that's that damn guy again, that guy Mark, the door was already half open though, she had no other option but to let him in.
Mark, on the other hand, didn't hesitate to come in, he pushed the door violently in, pushing her along with it. He said with his high toned creepy voice: "Where's Gerard?"
Lynn frowned as she said: "Gerard isn't here right now, he's out." She could tell how evil that guy was by the look of his eyes, he was one of those big fat guys with huge muscles covering his body, she started to get scared but then again she thought to herself, he wants Gerard, not her, or does he?

Mark then said: "That fucker isn't coming back anytime soon now?"
Lynn: "Uh, no, I don't think so."
Mark had this grin on his face again as he said: "GOOD!" And slammed the door behind him.
That slam was hard enough to make her jump from fear, her eyes got wide open as her hands started to tremble and she said: "Look I told you Gerard isn't here, you can go now!"
Mark smiled, showing his yellow teeth one of them covered with white gold and said as he was slowly stepping closer and closer to her: "Oh I'm not here for him, I told you I will be back didn't I?"
Lynn started walking backwards as she said: "You will get your money really really soon! I promise!"
Mark, with a low yet creepy tone said: "It's not the money I need right now honey."
Lynn couldn't step backwards anymore, she was blocked, that big couch was in the way, she started breathing heavily from fear as she said: "If you don't get out NOW I'll have to call security!"

Unfortunatly for her, the phone was far from her, more like close to him, he reached this small yet really sharp knife from his pocket, and cut the phone line as he was looking at her erotically and said: "Well well well, you are still wearing that pyjama I liked, I can almost say you were waiting for me."
Lynn freaked and started screaming: "YOU CRACK ADDICT PERVERT!! GET OUT OF HERE AND YOU WILL PROBABLY GET AWAY WITH DEATH PENALTY!" She hoped she would scare him with that but he seemed to have liked it as he got really close to her laughing and saying: "You are so hot when you're angry."
Lynn tried to move, step away, escape or anything, but he got her trapped, the couch behind her and him facing her, with his hairy hands leaning on the couch wraping her in between.

Lynn started wishing for this whole thing to be a nightmare, she wanted to wake up, to wake up RIGHT NOW BEFORE THINGS DEVELOP!

She could admit she felt a bit reliefed as she heard the door knock, but Mark immediatly preventing her from opening her mouth by covering it with his dirty sweaty hand, pressing it so hard she could barely breath out of her nose, there was more knocking as Frank's voice was heard saying: "Lynn? Are you there? We have the day off today so I thought you might come spend it with us." She wanted so badly to shout! to yell to him and ask for help! As Frank was still knocking, Mark whispered to her holding his knife next to her throat: "Do something foolish and I'll have to send you, along with your friend out there, straight to hell!" Even if she wanted to do something she couldn't, she felt so weak and numb she couldn't move, she was parallized, she didn't believe what was happening to her. She could then hear the knocking getting lower, then Frank's conversation with Bob from the other end of the door was heard

Bob: "Let it go man, she's not in there."
Frank: "Maybe she's asleep."
Bob: "Then let her rest dude."

Knocking had stopped, Lynn closed her eyes as a warm tear fell down her cheek...
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