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Sirius Black

by Shawniecat 2 Reviews

Sirius get a Trial.

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Ginny,Harry - Published: 2007/12/29 - Updated: 2007/12/30 - 3837 words


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    (#) stealacandy 2007-12-29 04:35:19 PM

    Three things:

    1. "That Potter did what?" - I think you meant to write that Prongs, not Padfoot, corrupted Ginny.

    2. Now that they know that 50 people who testified before the Wizengamot about seeing Sirius in Voldemort's ranks lied about it, what are they going to do about them? They can't simply disregard their testimony and free Sirius - even if he didn't betray the Potters or killed Peter and the muggles, he still has all the other accusations to answer for. And so, since he maintains he was not a Death Eater or other kind of Voldemort sympathiser, it stands to reason they were all lireing, and their testimonies must be challanged. As Sirius proved his innocence plea by testifying under Veritaserum, so must all the others testify under the influence of the truth serum, and, in the event their testimony does not match their original one, give account as for why.

    Don't you agree?

    I never seen any "Sirius gets a trial" like that, where there were witnesses testifying to any other crime on his part save those supposed ones specified in canon, so, if you brought them up, you should do something about them.

    Who are they? Why did they testify? Are they Death Eaterws or their supporters who did it out of malice towards their outspoken enemy? Are they Fudge's cronies doing his bidding - or what they precieve as his will - in order to garner favour? Are they simply misguided wizards and witches striving fosome attention and fifteen seconds of glory and lkied for that?

    If the first, they should pay for their crimes, and interogated, and name names, and be incarcerated. if the last, they should be slapped - fined, warned against future behaviour, or even imprisoned against past behaviour. And if the second, well, they should be treated sonehow, not sure how. Lose their jobs? Loss of rank, promotion, priviledge, pay, etc.... be fined, be moved to the Centaur Liasion office, etc.

    That's how I see it, at least.

    3. How come Amelia Bones has the power to dismiss Fudge like that? It doesn't seem very plausable.

    So the minister made a mistake. He made many more in his career and nothing happend to him, and thers no procedure followed. If they want to impeach them, then by all means, they should go ahead with that, he surely deserves that. However, simply having the head of the police sack him - that in unbelievable!

    Unless that's a military revolution...

    Oh, and where did the minister come off sending a prisoner off alone - and where were the aurors who were supposed to guard him?

    If I were you, I would pull this chapter down and give it some serious rethinking and rewriting!

  • Spirit Hunters

    (#) iamspammer 2007-12-29 04:46:23 PM

    What "stealacandy" said.

    And grammer. I am pretty sure you can get it Beta read somewhere (don't know how, but I know authors do that).

    Many loose ends in the chapter.

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