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Piggy Back's And Thank You's

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Rachel's Mum returns

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Chapter 56-

“Why is there a large amount of boxes in my lounge room?” Mum asked as she surveyed the house to make sure everything was in order and nothing was burnt, stolen or destroyed.

“Yes Matthew. Care to share with your mother why there is a large pile of cardboard boxes in her living room.” I said in a snobby tone.

“Gerard and I made a castle.” Matt mumbled.

“A what?” Mum asked.

“A castle. You should’ve seen it! It was so cool Mum! It had its own little hatch and everything!” Matt said excitedly.

“And you are how old?” Mum asked, shocked.

“It was pretty cool Mum.” I agreed.

“You are not my kids.” Mum sighed, throwing her hands above her head and walking off.

“So how was your weekend?” I said, bopping up and down, following Mum into her room.

“It was good. Was nice to relax and just kinda do nothing.” Mum smiled.

“So ya had fun?” I smiled.

“Yeah. I did.” Mum smiled.

“Maybe you should do that more often then?” I suggested.

“You want me out of the house that bad huh?” Mum laughed.

“No, I just think it’d be good for you to get away every once and a while… You’ve been through a lot, you deserve it.” I said quietly.

“Sometimes I wonder how I got here. I mean, yeah, we’ve been through a lot, but there’s people out there that have gone through worse.” Mum sighed, sitting down on her bed softly.

I turned and closed the door quietly, not really wanting Matt to hear this.

“Sometimes I just want to break down and cry, scream, whatever. But I know I have to keep it together, stay strong for you two. I can’t have you thinking I’m weak and that I can’t take care of you or protect you. I can’t have that, you guys mean everything to me.” Mum said softly, looking up at me with tears in her eyes.

“Don’t think for a second that you are weak. Because you are not, you’re anything but. And Matt and I certainly do not think this either. It’s the last thing on our minds. You are an amazing mother, and an amazing person. Always remember that. Because without you, me and Matt wouldn’t be anything. Who knows where the hell we could’ve ended up at. You’ve done a good job of raising us, beside the fact that Matt’s a retard.” I explained kindly.

Mum snickered quietly.

“Thank you.” Mum whispered, hugging me tightly.

“Mum. Can’t breathe.” I mumbled.

“Sorry.” Mum laughed.

“If you ever need anything. Talk, whatever…” I trailed off.

“I know Rachel. Thank you.” Mum said softly.

I opened the door and stepped out, closing the door quietly behind me.

“Don’t ask. Just keep your mouth shut.” I said, looking at a curious Matt sitting beside the door.


“Just when you start to enjoy the weekend, BAM! The weekend’s over and you’re back at school.” I said enthusiastically as Gerard, Mikey, Matt, Frank and I walked to school.

They all laughed silently, knowing how true I was.

“Yeah, and I bet you and Gerard enjoyed the weekend.” Frank said cheekily.

“Is that all that you think about Frank?” I asked, ignoring the giggles from Gerard.

“It might be.” Frank smirked.

“Well, we did enjoy the weekend Rachel. I know I had fun.” Gerard said slyly.

Gerard laughed and I punched his arm forcefully.

“Oh god! You did all of this while I was around?!” Matt asked, shocked.

“No!” I said loudly, while Gerard cheekily answered “Not all of it.”

I hit Gerard again as Matt gave us disgusted looks.

“They’re hormonal teens. What do you expect them to do Matt? Sit around and play chess? Not these two. They like to play something with a little more personal touch.” Frank joked to Matt.

“FRANK!” I screamed. “SHUT THE FUCK UP!”

“You’re not going to hurt me are you?” Frank asked quietly.

“If you stop now, no. If you continue, then yes.” I answered calmly.

“Gerard’s a horny bastard!” Frank yelled out before squealing and running off quickly.

“I thought you were going to go after him?” Gerard asked before turning to a laughing me.

“What the hell are you laughing at?” Gerard asked angrily.

“It’s funny cause it’s true!” I laughed.

“Is not.” Gerard pouted.

“Of course it’s not Gerard. Whatever you say, goes, isn’t that right Gerard?” I said childishly.

“Fucking bitch.” Gerard muttered.

“Now that’s no way to talk to your girlfriend. Especially one that gave you such an awesome weekend.” I smirked.

Gerard narrowed his eyes at me.

I let him walk in front and grabbed onto his shoulders from behind.

“Piggy back!” I screamed childishly.

“How can I? I have a bag on my back Rachel.” Gerard said.

I made Gerard stop walking and took off his bag, before slipping it over my shoulders and wearing it on my back as well as mine that was hanging from my right shoulder.

“There.” I said, wrapping my arms around Gerard’s neck and smiling.

Gerard sighed and positioned himself.

“Jump up and hold on.” Gerard told me.

I jumped up quickly and grasped Gerard’s shoulders enough to support me, but not to hurt Gerard, as Gerard held my legs against him, keeping me up.

“School please.” I said politely, pointing in the direction of where we were walking.

“Fuck you’re heavy.” Gerard grunted.

“WHAT!?” I squealed, bringing my hand up and slapping Gerard across the back of the head.

“Relax! I was joking!” Gerard laughed.

“One thing you don’t do Gerard. Joke, or say anything about a woman’s weight, it just, you don’t do it.” Mikey advised, turning around and walking backwards to look at him.

“You don’t think I know that?” Gerard asked.

“Well obviously ya don’t!” Mikey defended.

“Whatever Mikey. Shut up.” Gerard mumbled.
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