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Chapter 10

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"Panic! At the Disco are at the door, go let them in"

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Chapter 10
Haley stepped off the plane in Vegas a couple weeks after their first meeting to deliver the final outfits to the members of Panic! At the Disco. Dragging her bags through the airport, she spotted Ryan and Brendon standing by a pole, trying to look inconspicuous. “Hey guys.” She said, approaching them,
“How’s it going? You need any help?” Ryan waved, taking one of her bags.
“I can’t wait to see the outfits you made.” Brendon smiled picking up her other bag.
“I think you’ll all really like them. They’re really cool, they came out kind of David Bowie meets Sweeney Todd meets New York hipster.”
“Awesome!” Brendon laughed. They all climbed in Ryan’s car and he drove off.
“We’re meeting the other guys at the rehearsal studio.” He explained.
“Ok, cool.” She looked out the window at the passing city. “So, what’s it like growing up here? Is there anything to do besides the casinos?”
“There actually is, you just have to get creative. We’d go to the mall a lot. When you get away from the Strip, it’s just like any other city.” Ryan said turning into what looked like an empty warehouse in the middle of nowhere.
“This is where you guys rehearse?” Haley asked, stepping out of the car.
“Yeah, we have the whole stage set up to get the feel of the space and to get all the lighting and stuff right. And there’s no one around to complain about the noise.” Brendon said.
“It looks like where you’d take someone to kill them.” Haley laughed.
“Yeah…There’s really no use for you after we get our costumes, so we’re just going to bury you out back. Hope you don’t mind.” Ryan smirked sarcastically.
“No one can hear you scream…” Brendon added spookily before bursting out in giggles and opening the door of the building for Haley, as Ryan hauled the bags out of the trunk.
“You guys are so polite, too.” She smiled, waving at Spencer and Jon.
“My mama taught me right.” Brendon shrugged and smiled. After some more small talk and witty banter, she finally pulled the costumes out of her bag and passed them around. Different versions of the same theme, they all had skinny pants and loose shirts, made in black, white and purple. They had leather, silk and velvet, some with vests, some with scarves, some with belts, some with all three. They looked like a very well coordinated army of pirates.

Haley was helping the guys into their costumes, checking for last minute touch-ups or alterations. “So, everything is mix and match. If you decide to switch it up one day, or if someone doesn’t like something, you can trade. Like, Jon could trade his belt for Ryan’s vest.” She explained.
“Keep your hands off my vest!” Ryan pointed at Jon.
“It’s just an example, guys. Relax.” She smiled. “And you have three identical copies of everything, in case it gets ripped or stained.”
“Or if someone leaves it in a dressing room in Australia.” Brendon threw a shirt at Ryan.
“I didn’t leave my rose vest, it got stolen. And I miss it.” Ryan pouted.
“So, anyway guys. You’ll need to find an assistant or someone to iron them, since I know you won’t do it yourselves. The silk, especially, is going to get really wrinkled.” She said, straightening Spencer’s collar.
“Yeah, about that…” Jon trailed off.
“Well, you don’t HAVE to iron them if you don’t want.”
“No, we were all talking, and we were thinking…well it was Spence’s idea…” Ryan said.
“What if you came with us? You know, to kind of baby sit the clothes.” Spencer shrugged.
“You want me to come on tour with you?”
“Your mom thought giving you a new environment would help you to not start drinking again.” Ryan said.
“You talked to my mom?” she gave them a weird look.
“Well, we talked to Pete, who talked to Bill who talked to your mom, and everyone thought it was a good idea.” Spencer said.
“You’re cool, we’re delightful. It’ll be fun.” Jon smiled. Haley considered the offer for a moment.
“I guess I don’t technically have to be in an office to design clothes.” She shrugged.
“So you’ll come with us?” Brendon grinned.
“I’ll talk to my bosses and see what I can do.” The guys all cheered.
“Imagine how cool we’ll look hanging out with her!” Brendon slung his arm around her shoulder.

“So, I have my scanner and my computer. I’ll email my sketches back to the office, and I’ll check in every couple of days. Until then, Tim, you’re in charge.” Haley smiled, clapping Tim on the back as they exited the restaurant. Everyone from the office had taken her out for a ‘see you in two months when we’re all famous’ dinner. The parking guy pulled up to the curb and Haley waved and smiled as she stepped in and shut the door.
“Make us proud.” Tim waved dramatically, pretending to wipe his eyes.
“Make us famous.” Kimmy grinned. Haley walked in to the house and was greeted by Hemmingway, trotting over to her and sniffing her shoe. “Hey, boy. Are you going to miss me for the next two months?” he sneezed in response. “I’ll miss you, too.” She leaned down to scratch his head.
“What about me?” Pete grinned, following the dog out of the kitchen.
“Eh, you I can live without.” She shrugged.
“Now that’s just mean.” He pouted, wrapping his arms around her waist.
“Maybe, if you didn’t have such a goofy haircut…” she trailed off, leaning up to kiss him.
“I’m going to miss you.” He rested his forehead against hers, looking into her eyes.
“I’m going to miss you, too.” She smiled. “What time is the bus coming?” she glanced down at her watch.
“9:00 tomorrow morning, which doesn’t give us much time.”
“It’s 10:30, that’s almost 12 hours. What do we need that much time for? I’m already all packed.” She wrinkled her eyebrows, confused.
“It doesn’t give us much time for this…” Pete picked her up, making her squeal, and carried her into the bedroom.
“You’re really strong, have you been working out?” she giggled.
“You weigh like, maybe, 100 pounds. At most.”
“That’s still really hot how you can just do that.” She smiled and bit her lip.
“Yeah? That’s not all I can do.” He smirked, capturing her lips.

Pete woke up the next morning to the sound of the shower running, the dog barking and the doorbell ringing. He groaned and squinted over at the clock, 9:00 exactly. He climbed out of bed and pulled on his pants as the shower shut off and Haley came scurrying into the room wrapped in a towel. “Pete, Panic! At the Disco is at the door, go let them in. I’ll be done in a second.” He shuffled to the door and, nudging Hemmy out of the way, opened it to reveal four grinning faces and Brendon with his finger on the buzzer.
“Morning, sunshine.” Jon grinned as they filed into the house.
“What happened to you?” Ryan asked, indicating several bruises and scratches around Pete’s neck and shoulders. Pete looked down, confused and smirked.
“You don’t want to know.” The guys paused for a second before realization hit.
“Eew.” Brendon wrinkled his nose.
“TMI, dude. TMI.” Ryan shook his head.
“Hey, you asked.” Pete laughed as Jon held his hand up for a high five. “She’ll be out in a minute, she just got out of the shower.”
“We could take her stuff out to the bus for her.” Spencer nodded at the pile of luggage in the corner.
“Christ, did she bring everything she owns?” Jon whined, shoving the last bag in the space under the bus.
“Most of it is the stuff for you guys, actually.” Pete said.
“Aww, you guys, thanks. I could have done that.” Haley smiled, jogging out the door. “Are we ready to go? Bye, Baby.” She kissed Pete quickly as the Panic guys climbed on the bus.
“That’s all I get?” he pouted.
“It’s easiest if it’s quick. Like ripping off a band-aid. Besides, I’ll see you in three weeks at the L.A. show.” She smiled, kissing him again, slower and sweeter this time. She climbed on the bus and Pete waved as it pulled out of the driveway.
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