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I'm not going to write you a love song


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worst chapter yet...
Chapter Eleven – I'm not gonna write you a love song
"What are you doing here?" Joe greeted me at the door. How could my brother, my little brother, who I'd know my whole life, be so bitter to me because of something as stupid as this? I'd taken care of him, watched him grow up. He'd hid in my room during thunder storms and I had chased the monsters out from under his bed. Now he was treating me like this.
"I'm here to see Nick." I sighed not wanting to deal with his nonsense.
"Why?" He asked not moving from the doorway.
"None of your business." I told him getting angry.
"Well he's not here right now." Joe said smugly. "You can come back, say around, NEVER!" That was it, I have had it. I pushed through him running up the steps of the bus. He wasn’t far behind. He tackled me sending us falling to the ground. He flipped me so he was strattling my stomach and punched me square in the jaw. It didn’t take long for me to react. I pushed him back hitting him in the nose. He pushed me off and scrambled to his feet, he kicked me hard in the leg before I got a chance to get to my feet. He dropped to his knees and punched my chest almost knocking the wind out of me.
"What the hell Joe?" I gasped out as he continued to punch me. His face was covered in anger. Anger I couldn't place. He leaned down close to my ear.
"It's not fare." He snarled before punching me again.
"What's not fare?" Suddenly Joe's blows stopped. His face softened and he backed up into a nearby wall.
"Dear God," He said looking at his hands. "I've become her."
"Who?" I asked him cringing as I sat up.
"Ayden's mom." He whispered. Suddenly every piece to the puzzle that was Joe fell into place. I now fully understand him being so bitter. I just wish I could bring Ayden back. Or someone like him.
The story inside the story:

When Joe was 15 he had met a guy named Ayden. Ayden was a decent kid. Nice, caring. He and Joe were best friends. But they slowly became more. They fell hard for each other. Maybe a little to hard. One day when Joe was at Ayden's they shared more than a friendly high-five. Ayden's mother happened to walk in and see them.
I think you can pretty much guess what happened next.

"No Joe," I told him as I painfully moved closer to him. "You could never be like her."
"But I am!" He burst into tears. "I've become everything I hate."
"Come on Joe, calm down. We can fix this."
"No! Because then I'll still be alone and you'll still have Pete! It's not fare! It's not fucking fare!" He started crying harder. "What did I do, Kevin? What did I do to deserve this? I don't even know were the hell he is!"
"Everything happens for a reason, so there must be a reason for this."
"Why are you doing this?" He asked looking me in the eye. "After everything I did and said?"
"Cause Joe, you're my brother and I love you."
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