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The natives are restless.

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Linkin Park in hot water!::: Open your mind and take a peek into their next photoshoot. Can you handle the heat?

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Preparing for a gig comes easy. Handling the photo sessions are pretty good and accepting autographs are the best. We have the greatest fans anyone could ask for, but...
accepting an invitation from an adult magazine to appear in the flesh is something a tad different.

Phi: How the hell did we get into this situation?
Chester: sighs in contemplation
Brad: I can't go through with it, NO WAY!
Phi: You have to Brad.
Brad: I've never been so nervous in my life!
Mike: You think you're the only one?
Brad: shuts eyes to discover he can't close out the world in front of him
Rob: I'd expect Chester to be excited but he's not saying much.
Joe: Yeah, what gives Chaz?
Chester: Dunno, I feel...
Mike: What?
Chester: Awkward.
Rob: Really? You?
Chester: Yeah, I do. What if...
Phi: Yeah?
Chester: sighs in embarrassment if I can't get it up for the shoots?
Guys: stare in surprise at his response
Brad: I never knew you had a problem like that Chester.
Phi: Well, they do have magazines and videos for that to prepare.
Chester: eyes the guys and shakes his head
Mike: Would you feel better if I was with you?
Chester: Do they allow that?
Brad: I don't see why not.
Mike: Yeah Chazzy. Just picture it, you and me and a couple of pornos.
Chester: eyes glisten in awe
Chester: I do feel a bit more at ease, thanks.
Rob: Well, I don't feel so bad now either. Besides, if Gene Simmons from Kiss can get laid with his looks, I know I have something in my favor. From one Jewish man to another, I suppose I should give it up a bit more.
Joe: That's the holiday spirit!

Phi: So then, how do they do this?
Rob: I think they call us individually, don't they?
Brad: They don't want us to be together?
Mike: That's not such a bad idea
Chester: What?
Mike: Well, we're comfortable with one another.
Joe: That's true.
Rob: I heard they have names for us.
Brad: What do you mean?
Phi: Oh yeah, let me remember, uhmmm. There's ... laughs uncontrollably
Mike: What's so funny?
Phi: Okay, they have taglines for each of us next to our names.
Rob: Oh, no, do I want to hear this?
Phi: Yes you do.
Brad: smiles and snickers
Chester: So what am I ?
Mike: You're a babe.
Chester: I know that, I mean the tagline!
Phi: Let's see you're... loud cackle
Chester: Whaaaaat? Just say it.
Phi: Apparently you're the Tattooed Freak.
Guys: Laughs
Chester: Ha... ha... ha. Very funny., all right how about you big boy?!
Phi: Me?
Chester: Yeah, you!
Phi: inhales and exhales quickly, letting go of his amusement, and smiling gleefully
Phi: I am Sexy Tall Bald Guy.
Guys: Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh.
Chester: Shit, there goes my career as stud muffin.
Mike: giggles underneath a warm smile
Mike: Me?
Phi: Mike is...
Joe: A complete pain in the ass.
Mike: sticks tongue out in response
Phi: Hehehehe, Mike is Phat Rapper.
Brad: Yeah, it looked like you gained some weight.
Mike: You dick, not that type of fat.
Brad: I know, I'm screwing with you.
Brad: How about me? and no smart remarks!
Phi: You're Just Brad.
Brad: Yeah I know but what's my tag line?
Phi: That's it man!
Guys: laughing
Brad: Great, am I really that boring?
Phi: Anyway...
Brad: Hey!
Phi: Okay, uhmmm Rob is..
Rob: Yes?
Phi: Sweet Nice Jewish Guy.
Guys: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
Joe: And me? sighs, anxiously awaiting a response
Phi: And Joe is... Oh, shit. laughs so bad can't constrain himself
Joe: What?
Phi: Oh God, I'm sorry Joe but... continues laughing
Brad: Oh for God's sake, Phi.
Chester: I've never seen Phi laugh so hard.
Joe: Will you just tell me!!!!!!!!!!
Phi: swallows and coughs in preparation
Phi: Joe... my dear Joe, you are Lovable Pillsbury DoughBoy.
Joe: blank stares at Phi, emotionless
Rob: covers mouth but can't resist so starts laughing
Mike: falls over laughing, beat red in the face
Chester: wiping the tears from his face
Joe: gets up and starts walking away
Guys: Ohhhhhhhhh, come on!
Joe: turns around and starts to say something, raising his finger, pointing towards the ceiling
Guys: Yes?????
Joe: with a straight face Lovable Pillsbury DoughBoy is going to bake some cookies.
Guys: huge fits of laughter
Rob: He's poppin fresh.
Brad: Can I rub his middle?
Phi: His what?!
Phi: You're nuts.
Chester: Oh shit. gets up
Mike: Where are you going?
Chester: Tattooed Freak is going to the bathroom.
Mike: smiles and laughs under his breath
Chester: And you?
Rob: Phat Rapper should eat some food, Sweet Nice Jewish Guy has leftover pineapple kugel if you're interested.
Mike: Sounds good.
Brad: sighs
Phi: I suppose I should get some sleep to prepare for tomorrow.
Brad: Yeah, good idea. yawns
Mike: I'm going to have a snack with that Kugel then I'm off to bed too.

Expectations may run high as our six men ready their way into the unknown. A territory not ventured.
Wall of fame or hall of shame? Stay tuned within the next six days as we delve into the minds of our boys.
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