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House/Chase SLASH. House says their relationship is over. Chase disagrees.

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Title: Control
Author: seldra
Fandom: House M.D.
Pairing: House/Chase, mentions of Amber/Thirteen
Rating: R
Warnings: very mild sub/dom themes
Disclaimer: House M.D. continues to be the property of FOX TV and creator David Shore, and not owned by me in any way.
Notes: written for chase_fest on LJ. The prompt was for "Aggresive!Chase (het or slash). Would love to see a fic where he isn't so passive all the time."
Summary: House says their relationship is over. Chase disagrees. Takes place in a post-S4 AU. There are mentions of some newbies being fired I don't know if they are the ones who will be fired or not; it's all just a speculative AU.

“You’re dumping me?”

“Well technically we were never ‘together.’ So don’t think of it as me dumping you, so much as me rejecting you. As a person,” House offered.

“Huh.” Chase went back to reading the newspaper.

House glared.

He’d been expecting a bit more of a reaction. Alright, he’d been expecting quivering lips and teary eyes. This disturbingly cool indifference was nothing short of infuriating. Not to mention insulting.

Chase took a sip of coffee.

“That’s it? /‘Huh/?’ You followed Cameron around for weeks after she dumped you! You made an ass of yourself begging her to take you back! All I get is one lousy syllable?”

Chase glanced up from the paper and shrugged. “You’re not dumping me.”

“You hardly get to decide. I’m bored. It’s over. I’m thinking of ringing in the New Year from between Cuddy’s thighs. Hell, I’ll call Cameron, and we can have threesome – hell, why stop there? It’d be rude to exclude the new girl.”

“You mean Thirteen?” Chase asked, raising his eyebrows. “I thought she was with Amber.”

“So I’ll invite the Bitch, too. Think they’d let me watch?”

Chase gave him a pained look and sighed. “You can stop now. I’m used to you being rude and what’s more, it’s not happening.”

House snorted. “Get the hell out of my apartment.” The words didn’t come out sounding anywhere near as threatening as he’d intended them. “I mean it. It’s over,” he added, and frowned when Chase brushed past him wearing the smallest of smiles.

Chase stopped Amber in the hallway. “How’s work in the ICU?”

“Miserable,” she gave him a dirty look. “How’s it feel knowing House only hired you back because you slept with him?”

“Actually, I slept with him after he rehired me.”

“Whatever. Do you need something or are you just annoying me for the hell of it?”

“I need something to tie a man down with. Silk rope, maybe. As long as it’s strong enough that it won’t break.”

Amber’s eyebrows arched. “Never tell me about your sex life. On the other hand, tell me everything. In graphic detail. But just what makes you think I can help?”

“You’re Cutthroat Bitch, and you’re bitter at House for firing you. I wouldn’t expect you to balk at the opportunity to teach him a lesson.”

“So I take it this isn’t just for fun and games?” she asked.

Chase gave her an enigmatic smile and shrugged.

“Hmph,” she smirked. “Alright. I’ve got something in my car.”

“I know.”

“Stop talking to my girlfriend about bondage. It’s creepy.”

“I’m not interested in Thirteen.”

“Yeah, I got that. Although what you see in House—”

“Is my business.”

“Fair enough,” she said with a sharp jerk of her chin. She was conniving and curious, he knew, but she wasn’t going to push it. “Just as long as you promise to make him suffer.”

"No worries there."

His office was dark, the blinds were shut, and his team was busy running tests. Most of his team, he realized, as soon as he shut the door and saw Chase was sitting at his desk, tossing his red and white tennis ball in the air andsmirking.

“So the wombat’s developed a back bone? /Fascinating,/” he said in a voice dripping with sarcasm. “Doesn’t mean I’ll keep you.”

“Well, like I said, it’s not really your decision to make.”

“Did you hit your head and become even more of an idiot? Of course it’s my decision!”

“You’re shouting,” Chase said, with his infuriating little smile, “and /actually/, it isn’t.”

He rose and walked around the desk, his fingers trailing idly along the untouched paperwork stacked there. “I’m getting tired of saying it, so let me explain. See, after five years I think I know you fairly well. You and your addictions. Of course the thing about addictions is that they control /you/, not the other way around. Which would seem to give me the upper hand in this relationship.”

“You think I’m addicted to you?” House snorted. “Cute. But once again you fail Diagnostics 101. Now why don’t you run along with the other ducklings and do your job.”

Chase placed his hands on either side of the desk and leaned forward. “I bet you’d even beg me if I told you to.” He was still smiling, but there was something decidedly predatory about it.

And for the first time in a long time, House was actually speechless.

Ten minutes later, House had a whole new appreciation for Chase’s pretty mouth. He wanted to grab the thick blond hair in front of him, but his hands were tied securely to the arms of his chair. Chase and his damn fascination with S&M — though he did have to wonder where he'd gotten the silk rope.

That thought was cut short by an appreciative moan that tore itself out of him before he could bite it back. He gasped as Chase’s tongue swirled over his cock. He could feel his entire body quivering against the chair. He was so close to the climax of a lifetime—

And Chase stopped. And sat back slowly, wearing a very evil grin.


“Maybe I should get the hell out of your office, hmm?”


“I’m probably boring you, right?”


The blond laughed, standing slowly.

He tried to tear his arms free of their bindings but Chase, evidently, knew a thing or two about tying a man up. "You want me to beg? Fine, I'll beg! Please -- Chase -- "

“I’ll be back later,” Chase said over his shoulder.

“Unless of course you’re still thinking of breaking up with me?”

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