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Let It Snow

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House/Chase SLASH. Chase ends up stuck at House's apartment during a snow storm on Christmas Eve.

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Title: Let It Snow
Author: seldra
Fandom: House M.D.
Pairing: House/Chase
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: House and Chase are property of FOX TV. I just borrow them for fun.
Notes: written for 10_snuggles on LJ. The prompt was "snowfall."
Summary: Chase ends up stuck at House's apartment during a snow storm on Christmas Eve.

It was almost enough to make a grown man believe in Santa Claus, the way Robert Chase appeared at his door, pretty hair dripping wet, svelte body covered in snow, shivering and desperate for a place to stay at a quarter-to midnight, Christmas Eve.

His car had broken down, or maybe he’d crashed it or something. House wasn’t really paying attention. Well, as a matter of fact he was paying very close attention, just not to Chase’s words.

“Anyways I can’t go out there in this weather – and the tow-truck can’t make— ” he paused suddenly, only just seeming to notice the intensity with which House was staring at him.

Then they stared at each other awkwardly for a moment.

“So what you’re saying is: you want to stay here.”

Chase, evidently, was none to happy with this, but he nodded.

I make him nervous, House smiled. I’m the intimidating boss-man. It would be immoral of me to take advantage of the situation. That thought made him smile wider, which made Chase look even more uncomfortable.

“You can sleep on the couch.”

They sat together uncomfortably on the couch while House flipped through inane Christmas specials. He kept stealing glances at the pretty blond Aussie until he couldn’t take it any more and shut the television off.

“You know the couch isn’t really very comfortable. It’s lumpy. And Wilson peed on it once.”

Chase’s eyebrows rose.

“We’re both adults. No reason we can’t share the bed.”

“…okay,” Chase said with a shrug.

He can’t really be that obliviousness to his looks and my horniness. Can he?

In the bedroom, House tripped Chase with his cane and gave him a good shove onto the mattress. He looked – baffled, bewildered, genuinely mystified…

Okay, so Chase can be that oblivious.

God, why did I hire him, again?

Chase’s eyes were wide, his mouth opened but he was evidently too confused to say anything. House kissed him once. And kissed him again.

Mmm. Okay, never mind.

He liked the feel of Chase pinned beneath him. The warmth. And the taste worth savouring. Chase remained very still. He blinked – twice – and asked if it was a joke. Though he couldn’t quite keep his voice from wavering.

House offered his most feral grin in response, biting his neck as Chase swallowed nervously and slipping his hands beneath the waist of his jeans. Chase gasped at his touch and his entire body shivered against him.

“Okay not – not a joke, then.”

It was hard not to smirk.

Chase was surprisingly inexperienced for someone so attractive. Not that that was necessarily a bad thing, since there was a lot he could teach him and oh, the little startled noises he made were amusing and arousing to no end.

House shivered and listened to the snow hitting the windows. It took him a minute to realize Chase was awake and looking up at him from where he was burrowed in the covers. House glanced down at him through the dark and prayed he had the sense not to ask about tomorrow.

He didn’t ask. But he did snuggle closer. He almost pushed him back, but he was tired and getting cold without the shared body heat and besides, Chase smelt nice. So he let him snuggle against him.

“Merry Christmas,” Chase mumbled.

House, who was irritated that he couldn’t seem to stop his fingers running through that pretty blond hair, grunted in response.

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