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Tattooed Freak

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Tattooed Freak

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"Tonight I wanna give it all to you

In the darkness

There's so much I wanna do

And tonight I wanna lay it at your feet

'Cause, I was made for you

And, you were made for me

I was made for lovin' you baby

You were made for lovin' me

And I can't get enough of you baby "

Can you get enough of me?

My name is Chester and I love men.

Enter Mike Shinoda and Phoenix Farrell: my fellow bandmates, best friends and lovers. Phi's reciprocation is incredibly accomodating. We share everything and if the fans knew our lust, we'd be in trouble. I love his taste when Mike enters me. We experiment whenever we get the chance; last night Phi brought out paddles and spanked the shit out of me. OH GOD HE'S GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike bought some flavored condoms and a whole slew of erotic sex toys. Phi's pretty easy to please; he likes to be blindfolded and tied to the bedpost. Mike gets the massage oil and rubs him down and teases the shit out of him, literally. Me? I'm game for just about anything. I'm still pretty hard from breakfast this morning when they cornered me in the kitchen. I can't remember a time when my back could arch that far, only problem is that we need a new table- it broke.

I enjoy the silence as I wait. Hope the photoshoot meets my expectations. I wonder if they are hardcore; give me some whips, chains and ropes to play with. Hmmmmmm I like that. Ohhh what about some...

" Bennington, Chester? "

I follow the attendant. The usual banter of ejaculation and masturbation I drone out. I undress. Still hard. I dream of Phi's luscious lips when they carress my nipples and Mike's wandering hands upon my ass. Fucking beautiful. Awwwwww Ohhhhhhhh shiiiiiiit. I'm good at self restraint. I play with my cock while waiting and visualize Phi slurping. I... I ...

" Photographer is ready for you. "

DAMN IT ANYHOW! Try knocking on the door first.

I didn't see them at first as I approach the middle of the room. I sat down on the soft warm couch without being told. I can't imagine what... OH... MY... GOD... YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!! That's not for me is it? Thought I was easy and cool but this... allright. I spread eagle myself and place the long black wig over my head, tucking it in.

Am I pretty? Well of course I am, geez. I think... pop pop

No warning, my eyes burn and water. I was about to take it off but was motioned not too. I have a rule about fantasy, make the person comfortable in their own skin. OH NO, what now? No, I'm not putting that on. Come on Chester, give in and have some fun with it, what happened to innocence.

I place the rubber pinocchio nose over my real one and grab my balls in a crude manner and give the finger... THERE!- HOW'S THAT!!!!!

pop pop pop

Not over yet as I sit on the edge of the couch, legs open wide, still wearing the props and licking my lips. pop pop I didn't see the box. I bend forward and peek inside and... OH THERE IS A GOD!!!! YES. Kinky. I take it and wrap it around my neck. pop Hehehehe. I wore a red satin bow tie. I take the fake nose off as I tie a cumberbund on, oh I can see the headline:



Maybe I should go out with a bang, what... do we have here?! Hmmmm, oh shit Chester, don't. Come on, do it. The voices took over as I push into the red and white velvet boots, gold tiara on my head, lasso in hand. Damn these tights really are tight! The red and blue costume was a fit but I managed. Lastly, I place the cape and gauntlets on.

TA DA !!!!!! pop

Hello Linkin Park fans, it's me: Chester Bennington and I am Wonder Woman.

All the world's waiting for you,

and the power you possess.

In your satin tights

Fighting for your rights,

And the old red, white and blue.

Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman.

Now the world is ready for you,

and the wonders you can do.

Make a hawk a dove,

Stop a war with love,

Make a liar tell the truth.

Wonder Woman,

Get us out from under, Wonder Woman.

All our hopes are pinned on you.

And the magic that you do.

Stop a bullet cold,

Make the Axis fall,

Change their minds, and change the world.

Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman.

You're a wonder, Wonder Woman.

C'mon........ you know you love me.
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