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Chapter Six

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this is a bus?!

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We were driving to Vegas. Dear God help me. Lots of hours in a tourbus with Brendon and the rest of Panic! At the Disco. I have serious motion sickness issues. Like, getting sick. So I went out and bought some of that nice motion sickness medicine.
And why was I going again? Brendon flashed through my mind. Oh, right, really hot guy. And really nice, too.
So today was the day to leave. Tippy and Malikai were already at Marissa’s house, along with the rats. All my stuff was sitting by the door. There was a suitcase and a smaller bag beside it. The smaller bag held personal stuff, and the big suitcase held clothes.
The doorbell rang and my heart jumped to my throat. I opened the door and sure enough saw Brendon standing there. “Hey,” he greeted, smiling.
“Hello,” I returned, beaming.
“You ready to go?” Brendon asked, looking at my stuff on the floor.
“Yup,” I replied, still smiling goofily. I laced and unlaced my fingers, excited.
“Sweet,” he whistled, grabbing my stuff. He smiled at me again and managed to look like a big cute puppy. “So let’s go!”
His excitement must’ve rubbed off on me, because I was actually feeling a bit enthusiastic as well.
We went down the elevator and out into the parking lot. There was a big RV sitting in the parking lot.
“I thought we were going in a bus?” I asked as Brendon walked up to the RV.
“This is a bus,” replied Brendon, smirking.
“Yeah, a bus,” I muttered. Brendon opened the door and then turned to beckon towards me. Sighing, I followed him into the RV.
It was awesome. It was the biggest RV I’d ever seen, with two sofas, a reridgerator, a tv, and a recliner in the driving area alone. Beyond that was a bathroom with a two person shower and a bedroom. There was a full sized bed in the bedroom, along with some shelves and a nightstand.
“Oh…my….god…” I breathed as I turned around in the RV.
“You like it?” asked Brendon, giving me an adorable half smile. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and ducked his head.
“Love it,” I replied, stepping toward Brendon. I kissed him lightly on the cheek and he beamed.
“Hey step apart,” Ryan shoved Brendon and I apart playfully. He turned and smiled at me happily. “I’m so glad you’re coming. Last time we took a trip in the RV Brendon had to sleep on the couch ‘cuz he lost our poker game. This time we’ll let you and him have the bedroom,” he winked at me. Brendon shoved him into the recliner.
By now my boyfriend was totally red and embarrassed. He looked at me apologetically before turning to Ryan and tackling him. I laughed as both of them wrestled each other to the floor and then rolled around on the floor for a few minutes. I stepped over them and sat in the recliner, smirking as I watched them do their thing.
Three minutes and a shirt ripped off later, Brendon stood up as the victor. It was his shirt that was now laying across the forty inch flat screen tv.
“And you are the victor because of the sheer fact that Ryan is so much smaller than you,” I joked, standing up and stretching.
Brendon turned to me and pouted, and then a smile crept over his face. “Well then, since you are so much closer in size to me than Ryan, you should be able to take me down,” he challenged.
“Yeah, I should,” I replied, and then folded my arms.
“So…” Brendon trailed off. Subsequently he lunged toward me and tackled me back onto the sofa. I pushed against his shoulders, laughing as we fell to the floor. I heard Ryan cheering me on from by the Driver’s seat.
Wrestling with Malikai every other night apparently came in handy. I was able to flip Brendon over so that I was sitting on his hips. He stopped moving beneath me and smirked.
“Poor Brendon, lost to his girlfriend,” I sighed jokingly, shaking my head dramatically.
“Well, I can’t just stand for that,” growled Brendon. Without warning he sat up from underneath me, so that I was suddenly face to face with him. “You’re going down,” he whispered. In another second I was on the floor with Brendon on his hands and knees above me. He grabbed both my wrists in his right arm and pinned them above my head. He put his other hand beside my face and leaned down, capturing my mouth with his. He leaned down so that his chest was only a few scant inches from mine. And I noticed that Ryan was gone. I opened my mouth to Brendon, and he deepened the kiss. He let my arms go so that he could place that hand on the other side of my face. I pressed my hands against his chest, feeling his warm skin and the muscles of his chest. A small moan escaped my mouth and I arched my body up to his, wrapping my arms around his waist and pulling him down to the floor with me. He gave up trying to hold himself up with his arms and relaxed against my body. As soon as I felt him relax, I smiled. Tightening my grip on Brendon’s waist, I rolled over so that I was laying on him now. Leaning away from him, I muttered, “I win,” and ran my fingertips lightly up his chest before getting up and walking to the TV. From there I tossed Brendon his shirt and then walked out of the RV.
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