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I need characters for my new story

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    (#) patdfan0702 2008-01-03 02:25:22 PM

    Interested in being the PHOTOGRAPHER

    Name: Beverly

    Age: 14

    Desired age: 19

    Personality: humorous, musical, outgoing, a bit moody but perky 98% of the time

    Appearance: petite, brunette (medium length hair), brown eyes

    Clothing style: chuck taylors r my favorite shoes, dark jeans, hoodies, fun designed t-shirts (ex. w/ hearts, skulls, rhinestones, etc. Pretty much: no plain colored shirts)

    Extra info: my favorite books are te twilight series by stephenie meyer, I love hot topic, I can definitely be a klutz, I wear my hair down a lot (if it matters haha), and I loooooove sweets

    (#) dreamqueen118 2008-01-03 03:04:49 PM

    Ok I will try this. Its kinda long.

    Interested in being.
    Merch Girl or Photographer either is fine. Preferably Merch girl.

    Name: Isabella Clark
    Real age: 19
    Desired age [18-22] : 21
    Personality: Lovable, I love to cuddle. However I am a little guarded when it comes to males sometimes, and sometimes shy when it comes to strangers. Once I get to know you however I am very outgoing. I like to be myself. I think that I am smart; I read a lot and write a bunch. Music is my life. I also love to cook.

    Appearance: My hair is Dark brown, its very long coming just below my butt, hazel eyes, I’m 5’6, I weight 115 pounds, wear a size 2 jeans. Kinda toned, I’m light skinned.
    This is a really bad picture. Email me and I will send you a better one.

    Clothing style: Jeans and tees, hoodies. I do like to wear skirts though and I really do live in heels but I rock my converse and other sneakers. Basically whatever makes me comfortable.

    Extra info:

    No religion, I’m Italian. I pole dance, belly dance, any kind of dance really. I play the guitar, piano, drums, harp, violin, cello, organ, and so many more. I also speak Spanish, French, Italian, Greek and Portuguese. I can ride a motorcycle. I love to fly. I hate spiders. I have a few tattoos. Meat eater. I can cook up a storm. I attend the culinary institute in New York.

    weird habits: I read until I get to an even numbered chapeter, wont stop till for anything. I dance like no one is watching and sing like no one is listening. I chew on my tounge sometimes. I bit my lip when nervous.

    I have 4 brothers all older

    Music I listen to: FOB. MCR, TAI, P!ATD, Queen, Misfits, Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, 30 Seconds To Mars, Racall Flats and the list goes on.

    Well anything else email me at I check this nightly so it is the easiest way to reach me.

    Hope you pick me if not I will still read

    (#) xSoMeOnEx 2008-01-03 03:59:15 PM

    so i totally filled it in once and my computer went bizerck so i'm rly stressed but i'll try my best not ot show it.
    I want Ryan but here's like my options you know in case i dont get him

    3.THE MERCH GIRL [love interest: Brendon.
    1.THE PHOTOGRAPHER [love interest: Ryan]
    2.THE DANCER [love interest: Jon]
    4.THE SISTER [love interest: Spencer]

    Name: Kamilla Caicedo

    Real age: 16

    Desired age [18-22] : 18

    Personality: i'm cruel, hyper and pretty straightforward. the kind of girl who would say you look ugly, fat and I hate you cause your hair is way prettier than mine you bitch!
    But I can be a nice friend.
    Oh I’m also pretty weird with things like “tomatoes are from outer space”
    I talk a lot so if you feel like talking to someone, I am the person you are looking for.

    Appearance: Hair naturally is light brown but I’ve dyed it blonde although my side bangs remain the natural color. Shoulder length layered and curly although I straightened it so it kinda wavy.
    Short about 5’3 and skinny although a little curvy except for my ass. He’s a tiny.
    My skin is only pale cause I’m never around the sun so it has yellowish color except my face. She’s white.
    My eyes are kinda like Brendon’s big and brown. The same type of brown.

    Clothing style: you know what the call scene? That’s pretty much me.
    Lets just say my idols are Audrey Kitching and Zui Suicide among other.
    I love to combine dark cloth with bright one.
    Huge fan of hoodies, bows, rings and earrings but not long ones just like studs or hoops.
    Also love band-ts make up 85% of my cloth
    Vans, converse and basically all sneakers and flip flops are my shoes and even though I love high heels I don’t wear them cuz they are just so high. Oh and I love those granny shoes but they have tp be pretty.
    My nails always are either black or white, black and white or colors like pink, red, orange, yellow, green, purple, etc.
    Love makeup, you’ll almost always see me with makeup.
    I wear glasses but not always. They are thin and black.
    My hair is always either down or in two ponytails.
    I also love skinny jeans cuz they make my legs look nice (so narcissistic of me), skirt, leggings and stocking.

    Extra info: I’m weird and my weirdest thing is the whole tomato issue.
    I play guitar and in fact Charline my epiphone is my most priced possession. She’s 30 years old and is worth a lot of cash. Gift from my uncle.
    I’ve also taken photography lessons so I’m pretty good with the camera (so if I were with Ryan it would really fit me) and with Photoshop.
    Stupid girls that say things like “if a plane were to fall from the sky it would land on clouds” annoy me. And yeah in fact I know a girl who said that.
    I’m from Barranquilla, Colombia de land of Shakira and Sofia Vergara who I love by the way, she was neighbor. Shakira not so much. She went to school with my cousin and was awesome until she decided to go dirty blonde, that’s when she started sucking mayor.
    I also model for my friend’s projects on deviantart. For some reason she like dressing me up almost nude and taking pictures which I hate but I owe her my life so she can do whatever I want.
    Nickname is Kamz, not Kamy Kamz.
    Oh and actually my real name is Maria but I omit that first name and go with Kamilla my middle name so when you asked for real name I lied, sorry!


    (#) trueLIEx3 2008-01-03 04:13:05 PM

    I'll be any of them, I really don't care. I'd prefer to be the merch girl, but if that's filled I'll take any other spot.

    Name: Elise, but feel free to change it if you want. I don't really like my name.
    Real age: 14. 15 in June.
    Desired age [18-22]: I don't care. 20, I guess, since that's the middle ground in that age range.
    Personality: I've been called very ambitious and funny. I'm extremely outgoing around my friends, but shy aound people I don't know. I do warm up very fast, though [like, within an hour.]. I can get very crazy sometimes [like sugarhigh crazy.] and I'm a complete spazz. I get distraced very easy.

    Appearance: I have brown hair that goes down to a tiny bit below my shoulders, which I part on my right side. I have hazel eyes and almost perfect teeth without the use of braces ever. I'm 5'6" and an average weight. My height comes from my long torso and definitely NOT my legs. I have the shortest legs imaginable. I'm also very tan, since I live in California. If you need a picture, message me.

    Clothing style: I'll wear just about anything [examples: neon green tights and short purple shorts, purple and black checkered pants (I have a pair and I adore them!), anything of that sort.]. I love bright clothing! But I usually wear just what's comfortable.

    Extra info: I love to sing. It's my passion. I also have stage fright [whooo!].

    I'm basically what most people would call straightedge. I don't plan on ever doing drugs or getting drunk, if I even plan on drink alcohol. I hate what it does to people. I do eat meat, though. : ).

    I looooove candy. But I never get it. I have two older brothers, whom I love [one 19, the other 17 in Feb.]. I'm agnostic. I'm pretty clumsy. I've gone to private, Catholic schools my whole life. I love to read [my favorite book is Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I dream of finding my own personal Edward Cullen. =D.]. I don't have a very good relationship with my parents, but we still love each other. I'm also very good with technology [computers and such.]. I always use proper grammar. I hate chatspeak. And I use the computer A LOT.

    SORRY IF IT'S TOO LONG. If you need anything else, message me. : ).


    (#) xxpatdxx 2008-01-03 04:40:21 PM

    Name: Jill Dorn

    Real age: 13

    Desired age: Doesn't matter, but 20 seems good.

    Personality: I'm Totally loud, but I get really really shy when I'm around a guy I find attractive. I'm only sarcastic when I'm annoyed and when I'm sarcastic its pretty funny. I give my friends the hiccups just from saying somthing random. I never do spoell checks so I apologize ahead of time. I notice things most people never do and try to capture any detail I can from a lyric to a personality. I don't hold grudges and I don't put up with Drama, but its ALWAYS fun to read about it in fanfics hahaha

    Appearance: about 5'2 and im not gonna grow much more so yeah I'm short. I've got brown hair with sidebangs and look like a total athlete, which I am haha. I've got blue eyes that will "change to green when I'm pissed" that's what my friend Chels says, idk if its true.

    Clothing style: 4 steps. 1. Band shirt 2. Hoodie 3. eyeliner 4. converse/ I wear this stuff with jeans, or bball shorts. Usually my outfits are really bright like yesterday I wore a YELLOW Gym Class Heroes hoodie to the mall, loads of fun =]

    Extra info: Wannabe's and RACISTS piss me off to bad I could kill them. I play on an all black basketball team (only white girlll) and I love it so anyone who comes across as racist is automaticallly road-kill in my book. while I love basketball my passion is music. I'm teaching myself to play the guitar and I'm hoping to form a band when I'm older (and better)
    hobbies: basketball, writing music, writing in general, poetry, photography, band-obsessing

    I don't really mind if you end up killing my character, making her gay, making her OCD 'cause its fiction and its fun to see how author's change story-lines.

    My fav. member of Panic! is either Spencer or Ryan, so one of them would be better for me but idk

    Thanks and even if I'm not chosen 9I hope I am though) I will readd 'cause this looks awesome.

    Thanks and happy Belated New year!

    (#) patdfan0702 2008-01-03 04:44:58 PM

    Haha ok there r so many gr8 forms here. I already submitted my form but there's no way I can top these! Good luck u guys and 2 the author: if u don't pick me, I'll still read ur story no doubt = ]

    Author's response

    Thankyou! and even if your not chosen, you can still make your way into the story with a minor character.


    (#) pyrotechnicist 2008-01-03 06:09:26 PM

    THE MERCH GIRL: love interest= BRENDON

    Name: Molly Roberts

    Real age: 16

    Desired age [18-22] : 21

    Personality: the person everyone comes to for advice. she is loud and extremely fun (but not obnoxiously loud) she's really intelligent and always there for everyone, she is very protective of her friends from threats ect. basically a kind soul most of the time but seems to have a problem with sarcasm.

    Appearance: tallish (5"8 - hehe got nothing on brendon lol), bit shorter than shoulderlength brown layered hair, is naturally wavy and either gets left like that for a bouncy 50's sota look or is straightened. big almond shaped hazel eyes. creamy skin but it tans well. thin and toned but still curvy (she is an athlete).

    Clothing style: mainly skinny jeans and a cute lacy singlet or shorts and miniskirts (not together lol) and a white belt with afore mentioned singlets or bandshirts, black ballet flats, black thongs (flip-flops if ur not australian -imm not talking underwear), or my bright red hi-top converse. black and white handbad goes everywhere.

    Extra info [e.g , any habits?, hobbies? what annoys you? Have a favourite possesion? an obsession with ducks? etc.]

    haha no obsession with ducks. i love food and eat constantly, shame im a pretty bad cook - i mean i can cook basic meals REALLY WELL but if i havent tried it before - ur in trouble lol. i love my calvin cline 'euphoria' perfume and my nopolean perdis french lemon body lotion. guys cologne is almost the best thing about boys besides being tall, and gorgous eyes and teeth. (yes i like how things smell lol)

    (#) KoKoaPuffsAtTheDisco 2008-01-03 06:23:14 PM

    THE SISTER [love interest: Spencer] I really like drummers.

    Name: Lara

    Real age:18

    Desired age [18-22]:19

    Personality:bubbly, always happy unless something happened that pissed me off or made me sad. I'm usually shy when i met someone but give me a little bit and i will open up. oh and I if someone pisses me off enough i could bite ur head off. I am very artsy, kind of like i march to the beat of my own drummer, i dont relly care what people say about me, but i listen and it makes me a stronger person. I am loud at times, and then can turn quiet on the drop of pin. I can easly hid my emotions. it sometimes is hard for people to read me even family

    Appearance:skinny, short hair; boy short in the back where is it black, and longer in the front where is it blond. 5'8" blue eyes that change to silver when pissed

    Clothing style:I like to wear jean that are comfy, band tees, girl tops with dark wash jeans and high heels, i love hoodies, i have 3 i love to wear one from Cali which is a little big on me, one with music notes on it, and one from my high school. I love skater shoes, and flip flops, also i like to wear dresses when needed.

    Extra info [e.g , any habits?, hobbies? what annoys you? Have a favourite possesion? an obsession with ducks? etc.] when i am made i tend to clean and listen to my iPod. My fav possesion would have to a bear my granny gave me when i was young and my hoodies. I love to get any types of henna tattoos, and I have one on my foot what is the comedy and tragedy masks and music notes around them. I also have a microphone on the inside of my middle finger.

    I like to wear black eyeliner, with bright red lipstick, and i have contacts, but i also wear glasses.

    I also love to act, sing, and do both at the same time. I have gone to some summer camps for theater and musical theater. I want to go into the music industry for anything i can do.

    I do a lot of graphic art and 3D art. like art that you can touch or feel. I make messed up instruments.
    if you look at my pix and go to art stuff you can see my art stuff.

    And i write a lot of stories. I am working on a book.

    I hope this helps and is detailed enough.

    (#) Life_is_42 2008-01-03 08:26:03 PM

    I'd Love to be the dancer (For jon xd)
    Because Jon is simply an amazing man. what with his personality and flip flops and dylan and clover. hehe.

    I'll apply as the character, not as myself. alright?

    Name: Addie
    Real age: (i'm 16)
    Desired age [18-22] : 21

    Personality: Addie is a sweet girl, depsite her many flaws (Procrastination, insecurity, hyperness). She's dedicated (particularly to dance, of course) and once she sets her sights on something she will not give up, leading to her somewhat irritating trait of being stubborn. She is very kind though, and hates to see others in emotional or physical pain (she cannot stand blood), although when she herself is injured (sprain ankles and other such injuries that dancers are apt to suffer from) she is a trooper who keeps on going unless she absolutely cannot move. essentially her personality is headstrong, but sweet. insecure, but confident through dancing.
    she can be a little naive. she can be very oblivious (such as if a guy is trying to hit on her, she won't notice).

    Appearance: 5'4", 115lbs. She has a very small and thin frame, but is well muscled (particularly her legs) from her extensive dancing. She has straight elbow length light brown/auburn hair, and honey brown eyes,with thin dark circles lining the brown of the iris.

    Clothing style: her style is simple. nothing extreme. She likes bright colors. she likes cute tops. she likes comfortable jeans. she likes flat shoes. she likes silver and white gold

    Extra info [e.g , any habits?, hobbies? what annoys you? Have a favourite possesion? an obsession with ducks? etc.]

    when she isn't dancing, she's actually a bit clumsy (slightly hazardous)

    she doesn't like the sight of blood

    she loves fresh fruit with a passion.

    her guilty pleasure is diet pepsi

    her iPod is always with her with an extreme variety of music (broadway musicals, movie soundtracks, alternative, hip hop, rap, name it!)

    she has a 'slight' coffee addiction.

    she occasionally bites her nails.

    she is stressed out easily.

    when she is suffering from extreme emotion she usually cries. (especially if she is angry, she will burst into tears).

    she likes to sketch clothing and costumes.

    she loves to read. when she can almost alwasy be found curled with a book (Twilight series, harry potter, jane austen, classics, modern...)

    she is really interested in theater and film (acting specifically)

    hmmmmmm...HOPEFULLY that covers it. =) she'd love to be a minor character if Jon isn't into her XD lol but jon is her true love teehee.

    if you need more details, just ask me

    (#) danceislife 2008-01-03 09:39:32 PM

    Merch Girl or Dancer.

    Name: Kade (not kad-E. Just Kade)
    Real age: I'm 20
    Desired age [18-22] : 20
    Personality: Take charge kind of girl. Bright, with the world at her fingertips. She's willing to give it up for a) merching for the band or b) life of dance( depending on which part she is cast in). Was number 1 in her high school class, but gave up college for her new career (again, either merch girl or dancer). She is also easy to please. Definitely not high maintainence. Loves to laugh and is amused at jokes.
    Appearance: Long brown hair, blue eyes.
    Clothing style:Long darkwash jeans, fun jewelry (like pearls with tee shirts) and makes some of her own clothes.
    Extra info [e.g , any habits?, hobbies? what annoys you? Have a favourite possesion? an obsession with ducks? etc.] Never sleeps without her teddy bear "Moo" and is a vegetarian. Has a pet fish that she loves to death named Axe Murderer.

    need more? email:

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