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keeping it disney

by killxsmile 13 Reviews

barging in on cuteness.

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  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) glindapsawyer 2008-01-05 03:46:49 AM

    i had an ice cream sundae earlier. with reddi-whip and cherries and everything. so yum.
    nate is adorable wanting an ice cream cone too. i love the cobras, always up to no good. this chapter definitely shows gabe and sophie more as friends then lovers even with the kisses.
    answer me this. does this happen at the same time as the pete chapters? or are they independent of each other? just a tad confused.
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) istillhateyou31 2008-01-05 04:56:41 PM

    ugh yes major ice dream craving!
    as if i didnt eat enough desserts at the china buffet today!
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) SugarPlumFaerie 2008-01-05 09:26:16 PM

    Ahhhhh, that Soabe hit the spot.
    I have to say though, Nate is -totally- bsing when he said he meant he and Suarez can have sex with girls on the bus. I mean, has he seen Suarez? I'd tap--um, that was slightly awkward, but yet so true, Imma stop now.

    Ahem. Gabe is soooo adorable with Sophie. Too bad it doesn't suit the boys' dirty minds. Hahaha at the false alarms, especially the lint picking. Hmmm, I now need ice cream with extra gummi bears, but while I'm planning how to get that, please, please update with more Soabe goodness.
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) pyrotechnicist 2008-01-06 12:59:10 AM

    yes craving lollies - cant. stop. craving

    incredible hulk-ish lolly eater emerging - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    well i cant remember what i had previously that was so funny considereing ive written this review bout 5 times to get it to go thru.

    "now me and ry owe vic $20"
    hehehe thats is the way it should be.
    besides girls are always right hehehe

    great chap - oh so cute
    update soon

    btw the 'me and alex' mix up was bloody hillarious. hahahhaha
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) medicatedlives 2008-01-06 02:45:59 PM

    You come up the the awesome-est scenarios! Loved the chapter
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) InfinityOnHigh 2008-01-06 09:06:45 PM

    haha those cupcakes on the cobra bus were awesome weren't they? XD

    you know what they should make? hello kitty ice cream. i'd so buy that. lol

    i want icecream now...hello kitty icecream with hello kitty gummy bears. i'm way too obsessed.

    this story is way better than awesome, but i agree with sugarplumfaerie, the boys have dirty minds. i can so imagine them spying.

    haha i wonder if gabe likes hello kitty. but i bet you he likes red jello XD

    can't wait for the next chapter...

    but for going to see if they have made hello kitty icecream with gummy hello kitties in it. ( i bet they haven't yet) that would make the best ice cream sundae everrrrr.

    btw, the reviews box is being dumb...i have been trying to post this review for 2 days now. ficwad is being buggy (hehe)
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) lil_chica007 2008-01-06 10:36:44 PM

    Now I REALLY want ice cream. Great chapter. There should be more of Nate, he's hilarious. "me and Alex" was classic!
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) TangerineSky 2008-01-06 11:35:51 PM

    AWE! That's aDORKable!

    Can't wait for the next part!


  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) xStabxMyxBackx 2008-01-07 11:44:27 AM

    im loving it...but, what is up with soap and pete? are they together or is she cheating on gabanti w/him? I'm, anyway, Viva La Story!!! lol
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) astrozombie28 2008-01-07 04:35:38 PM

    Oh God! I loved this! I loved the HSM referance...because that's exactly what I say to Steph the whole time. Like, what age are they meant to be in HSM? 17 or 18? And they're terrified to kiss, they write a song about not having to stay up late, they perform dances that look suspiciously like The Sound of Music rip-offs - seriously, if I were those kids parents, I'd be worried by now. Really worried. And if it was real life - Troy wouldn't give a shit if that other one left her, he'd just jump into bed with the blondey one, the one with the amazingly irritating voice. (That says a lot, considering I'm a massive Blink-182/BoxCar Racer/Angels & Airwaves fan)
    ooooooh icecream and gummi worms :O i never thought of that. what an amazing idea! i do believe you may be a genius...
    hahaha loved the little bit of nate/alex interlogue there...reminds me of an AFI interview I once read. "I challenge you to a makeout!" Jade Puget is not good with words...OH! or today, we were doing WWII in history, and we were talking about when some dude was framed with a rent boy and my history teacher was like "I could drive into the Phoenix Park tonight and pick up a rent boy..." and we all started laughing and he was like "no! i mean i'd be getting a woman...i mean i wouldn't be getting anyone!"
    and now, i'm off to the ben and jerrys bar to get some ice cream to mix with gummy worms...but first, i have to update my gayass story :/ wow, i really am back, i havent updated since july or Ive been on this for well over a year now. just realised that!

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