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I Can Make You Feel Alright

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A girl named Alex accidentally hits My Chem singer Gerard Way right where it hurts and runs for it. But she can't disappear off the face of the Earth.

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“So how long is this going to take?” I drawled, swinging my legs back and forth as I sat on the chairback. Joe was sitting in the chair, and he was just as bored as I was. “Like…longer than five minutes?” my voice cracked just a bit and Joe glanced at me.
“Yeah, more like thirty,” snapped Colton as he got under the control panel and switched a few wires. Rusty was standing beside him, quiet as he held things for Colton. He looked at me and almost laughed as I flipped Colton off behind his back.
“Why don’t you two go down to the lobby,” suggested Aaron, who worked here. He was the one who was recording us.
“Not like your much help anyway,” growled Colton under his breath. I grabbed Joe’s bass and walked up behind him. It was still hooked into the amp, which was also by Colton’s head. I strummed the instrument once, and Colton jumped, hitting his head against the panel. I laughed and put Joe’s bass down. Then I grabbed his hand and we ran out of the room.
When we were out, I turned to Joe. “So you wanna play lobby soccer?” I asked.
“Sure, Alex,” Joe said in his soft voice. We walked down to the lobby, eagerly.
My name is Alexandra Nero. I’m lead singer of the band, Falling Deaf. At eighteen, I’m already pretty popular. Anyway, at least I’m not one of those chicks who get a nose job. Botox, or whatever. I’m au natural. Well, except for my shoulder length blonde and black hair. My eyes are light blue and my skin is olive toned.
As we got into the lobby, I ran over to the reception desk and leaned on it. “Hey Sally, where’s our ball?” I asked with a smile on my face.
Sally, the receptionist, glared mockingly at me. “Remember, Steve confiscated it last time you played down here. Go ask him.”
Rolling my eyes, I walked over to the security guard. “Steve, can I have my ball so we can play Lobby soccer?” I asked innocently.
Steve glared at me and then smiled. He grabbed the Nerf soccer ball and threw it at me. I caught it and smirked. “Thanks buddy.” Then I tossed the ball to Joe and we proceeded with our little ball game.
Twenty minutes later I was lying on my back in front of the receptionist’s desk. Sally was ignoring us as usual, and Joe and I were reenacting a game we’d made up a few weeks back.
Our game was called Door Score. One of us would lie on the floor, and the other would throw the ball. Then the one on the floor would kick the ball and try to hit the revolving door. Today I was on the floor, lying on my back. When Joe threw the ball, I would try and kick it before it hit Sally’s desk. I was actually getting pretty good at it.
The first time Joe threw the ball I missed and I let it roll back to the bassist. The second time I hit it, but I didn’t hit the door.
The third time my aim was perfect. My kick hit the ball at exactly the right moment. I saw the ball start to go toward the door…just as a group of people walked in. And guess who my ball smacked right between the legs?
Gerard Way.
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