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I Know A Thing About Contrition

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A mimic parrot. A car-hunt.

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The next day I slept in for a long time. Thankfully my walls were thick enough that I didn’t hear Joe’s moaning about a headache. Today was Thursday. I was off. I had to work for a little while tomorrow, but Saturday I was off as well. So I was totally going to sleep as long as I could.
That was until Joe banged open my door and barged in. “Alex!” he yelled.
I opened my eyes to glare at him and let out a huff. “Hangover?”
“The worst I’ve ever had!” he said, wincing at his own voice volume.
“And you need me why?” I ground out.
“Because you can hand me pain killers and get me water,” replied Joe snappishly.
“Whatever,” I sighed, getting out of bed. I was still wearing my jeans and tank from last night. Then I stopped and swore.
“What?” asked Joe, already on his way out the door.
“I left my hoodie in Gerard’s car,” I growled.
“Gerard WAY?!” asked Joe, astounded.
“No, Gerard Smitz, Colton’s brother,” I snapped back. “Yeah, Gerard WAY. He asked me out last night and-“
“Gerard WAY asked you OUT?” interrupted Joe.
“Yeah. Gerard WAY asked me OUT, do we need to repeat anymore of this conversation? Because I think you make a pretty good parrot,” I pointed at the cage that held my own Macaw. “I mean, Jasper’s getting jealous. Soon she’ll be hitting on you.”
Joe just walked out and went into the kitchen. He sat down as I grabbed the pills and a bottle of water from the fridge. I got out a few pills and gave them to Joe along with the water. He downed the pills with no water and let out a sound like he was dying.
“I’m surprised I didn’t hear you saying ‘Oh Gerard’ last night when I got back,” commented Joe after a few minutes.
I glared at him. “Joe, even if I had been saying, ‘Oh Gerard’ when you got home, you wouldn’t have heard me. You were too drunk.” At least Rusty had driven him back. But that also meant my car was at their house. Luckily it wasn’t that far away. I’d walk later.
“I don’t know. Maybe you should act out how you’d sound,” joked my roommate.
Rolling my eyes I turned back to him. “Oh Gerard!” I moaned, acting all stupid. And guess what I heard mimicked back to me?
“Oh Geraaaaard!” from the other room. From Jasper the parrot.
“You are shitting me,” I laughed, putting my face in my hands. I shook my head and turned to the fridge, getting a bottle of coke. When I sat down, the phone started ringing.
“UGH! Make it stop!” groaned Joe, hitting his forehead on the table.
I got up and went to the phone, not bothering to look at the Caller ID. “Hello?” I asked politely.
“Hey Alex,” said Gerard from the other side.
“How the hell did you get this number?” I snapped.
“What? No ‘Hi Gerard, thanks for taking me out last night’?”
“No. How did you get this?”
“I looked it up at the studio. Sally was quite helpful.”
Traitor. “Okay. What do you want?”
“What are you doing tomorrow night?”
“Going to the studio and recording. But I plan on leaving around six.”
“Great. I’ll meet you outside the studio at six ten. Wear something tight.”
“Excuse me?”
“We’re going to a very special club.”
“Are we singing?”
“It depends.”
“I see. Well then I guess I’ll see you tomorrow. I have some work to do today. No joke.” I really did need to go on and get the car back.
“Whatever, Alex. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He hung up.
“He’s such an ass,” I sighed into the phone.
“Who?” asked Joe.
“Gerard.” I turned to look at him. “Hey, I’m gonna go get the car. You want me to pick you up something to eat? Coffee?”
“Whatever you think,” replied Joe. He smiled. “See ya later.”
I smiled and then grabbed a black hoodie. I would just keep my clothes from last night on. After putting on my tennis shoes, I picked up my phone and then walked out the door, hooking the keys from the knob and swinging them around my finger and into my pocket.
Sadly I hadn’t realized it was raining. And it was over an hour to Colton and Rusty’s house. I’d jogged it before, but not in the freaking rain!
Growling I took off running around the block. It would really take me a little while for this. So I started humming and hoped I wouldn’t run out of my favorite songs before I got there. I was infamous for taking a few wrong turns.
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