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And the parts go to....

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Sorry to everyone who didn't get it but there are still placements for other characters open

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    (#) skylinesXturnstiles 2008-01-06 11:26:35 AM

    Hiya, I ran out of time to get in my full bio for the other part, but i would love to be Fall Out Boy's merch girl and dating Patrick

    Name & breif description: Nia Landston She loves music, her life is centered around it. She normaly wears a lot of black and band t-shirts. Her hair is black and reaches to her neck, she has combover bangs, She is somewhat of a vegetarian, but she can't giv up chicken. its the only meat she eats.

    Fob guy: Patrick

    I Would really really love to have this part!!

    please and thank yous

    Author's response

    Sure! You've got it :)

    (#) dreamqueen118 2008-01-06 11:27:24 AM

    Oh. Yay. Looking forward to this. Thanks for choosing me.

    (#) pyrotechnicist 2008-01-06 04:05:01 PM

    well coulkd i be patricks or pete gf then?

    Name: Molly Evans

    Desired age [18-22] : 21

    Personality: the person everyone comes to for advice. she is loud and extremely fun (but not obnoxiously loud) she's really intelligent and always there for everyone, she is very protective of her friends from threats ect. basically a kind soul most of the time but seems to have a problem with sarcasm.

    Appearance: tallish (5"8 - hehe got nothing on brendon lol), bit shorter than shoulderlength brown layered hair, is naturally wavy and either gets left like that for a bouncy 50's sota look or is straightened. big almond shaped hazel eyes. creamy skin but it tans well. thin and toned but still curvy (she is an athlete).

    Clothing style: mainly skinny jeans and a cute lacy singlet or shorts and miniskirts (not together lol) and a white belt with afore mentioned singlets or bandshirts, black ballet flats, black thongs (flip-flops if ur not australian -imm not talking underwear), or my bright red hi-top converse. black and white handbad goes everywhere.

    Extra info [e.g , any habits?, hobbies? what annoys you? Have a favourite possesion? an obsession with ducks? etc.]

    haha no obsession with ducks. i love food and eat constantly, shame im a pretty bad cook - i mean i can cook basic meals REALLY WELL but if i havent tried it before - ur in trouble lol. i love my calvin cline 'euphoria' perfume and my nopolean perdis french lemon body lotion. guys cologne is almost the best thing about boys besides being tall, and gorgous eyes and teeth. (yes i like how things smell lol)


    (#) petewentzlover69 2008-01-06 05:13:48 PM

    I know I didn't apply for any of the others but I just my computer up and running!

    Would it be cool if I could be Joe's girlfriend? He doesn't get much love so I figured give it a shot!

    name: Cambria Coral Colmen

    desired age[18-22]: 21

    personality: a little crazy and out there. Not afraid to show everyone who she is and is very open about things. she loves to be sarcastic but tones it down whever she feels it's unappropriat(sp?) for the situation.

    appearance: medium size for her age(5'7"), shoulder length blonde hair with pink and black streaks with a natural wave but either straightenes it or curls it. blue eyes and a very near perfect smile(years of braces helped) athletic body shape but keeps the curves from dancing for fun. she's white but has a slight natural tan.

    clothing style: basically anything... it depends on the mood that day or what it's like outside. loves wearing dark skinny jeans under a checkered school girl type skirt and a checkered corset to any concert she can get her hands on tickets to.

    extra info [e,g , any habits?, hobbies? what annoys you? Have a favorite possesion? an obsession with ducks? ect.]

    umm she bites her bottom lip alot, especially when someone points it out. she loves dancing and acting and playing soccer but her main hobby is going to any concert whether it's rock or pop or country or anything else. Her favorite possession is her stuffed penguin named Penny. and she doesn't have an obsession with ducks... she has an obsession with penguins! O_o but her twin sister Coryn has a major obsession with pigs and Coryn is younger by 1 minute. Oh and Cambria's nicknames ar CoCo and Cami and she always wears Love Spell lotion or body spray and even has Love Spell shampoo, conditioner, and body wash (it's her favorite)

    [this character is based on my friend Cierra]

    (#) patdfan0702 2008-01-06 10:27:42 PM

    Hiiiiii! Haha hmm I was wonderin if I can b petes gf but if that's already taken, u said sumthin bout creating our own characters so if bein petes gf fails, can I b the merch girl's friend? And my description is reviewed on ur 1st casting call 4 this story. Srry if its trouble asking u 2 please go back and look but its hard 2 type my description over bcuz I'm using a phone, so I can't copy/paste it. Forgive me!

    Lots of please and much more thanx!


    (#) Sasuke_Gaara_Edward 2008-01-07 01:30:04 AM

    Fob guy: Patrick
    Name & breif description: Jennifer Wentz. I'm pete's younger sister, 23, i have the same style as my brother my hair is black with red tips, thanks to pete and his stupid ass trickc. and i'm into the punk emo style.

    is that enough info i would really love to be in your story if you need anymore info just tell me.

    (#) KoKoaPuffsAtTheDisco 2008-01-07 06:51:43 AM

    I would love to be Andy's girlfriend. If that is posible.

    Name: Lara

    Real age:18

    Desired age [18-22]:19

    Personality:bubbly, always happy unless something happened that pissed me off or made me sad. I'm usually shy when i met someone but give me a little bit and i will open up. oh and I if someone pisses me off enough i could bite ur head off. I am very artsy, kind of like i march to the beat of my own drummer, i dont relly care what people say about me, but i listen and it makes me a stronger person. I am loud at times, and then can turn quiet on the drop of pin. I can easly hid my emotions. it sometimes is hard for people to read me even family

    Appearance:skinny, short hair; boy short in the back where is it black, and longer in the front where is it blond. 5'8" blue eyes that change to silver when pissed

    Clothing style:I like to wear jean that are comfy, band tees, girl tops with dark wash jeans and high heels, i love hoodies, i have 3 i love to wear one from Cali which is a little big on me, one with music notes on it, and one from my high school. I love skater shoes, and flip flops, also i like to wear dresses when needed.

    Extra info [e.g , any habits?, hobbies? what annoys you? Have a favourite possesion? an obsession with ducks? etc.] when i am made i tend to clean and listen to my iPod. My fav possesion would have to a bear my granny gave me when i was young and my hoodies. I love to get any types of henna tattoos, and I have one on my foot what is the comedy and tragedy masks and music notes around them. I also have a microphone on the inside of my middle finger.

    I like to wear black eyeliner, with bright red lipstick, and i have contacts, but i also wear glasses.

    I also love to act, sing, and do both at the same time. I have gone to some summer camps for theater and musical theater. I want to go into the music industry for anything i can do.

    I do a lot of graphic art and 3D art. like art that you can touch or feel. I make messed up instruments.
    if you look at my pix and go to art stuff you can see my art stuff.

    And i write a lot of stories. I am working on a book.

    I am also vegetarian. Somewhat vegan. I am almost like Andy but he his pure vegan.

    I hope this helps and is detailed enough.

    (#) xxpatdxx 2008-01-07 02:42:37 PM

    yeahhh i might have forgotton to mention that im a hyper girlll!

    Thanks dude, you awesome! I cant wait to see this up and running!

    (#) xSoMeOnEx 2008-01-07 07:05:29 PM

    Man thats so awesome that you picked me.
    You are now one of my bestiest friends.

    (#) skylinesXturnstiles 2008-01-08 05:18:10 AM

    YAY! thank you's!!!!!
    gives you a cookie

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