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How Many Times Could One Person Possibly Screw Up?

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Chapter 59-

It was pretty safe to say, Gerard was pissed at me.

Since our little incident at recess, he hadn’t spoken to me since.

School has now finished.

I tried to be the better person and straighten things out. You know, try and talk to him and apologize, explain the reasons for my actions, but all I got was the back of Gerard’s head.

He was completely ignoring me.

And I’m the one that’s PMSing.

So I decided to give him some space. Let him think about for what apparent reason he has for not wanting to talk to me.

Okay, yeah. Maybe I shouldn’t have snapped at him just because he was trying to help me, stop me from getting hurt. But all I was trying to do was prevent him from getting hurt.

Damn it. He can be so childish sometimes.

I sighed and slammed down the Steven King book I was reading, seeing as I couldn’t concentrate on it anyway.

I hated it when we weren’t talking. Usually because I either felt guilty because it was something I did, or because I wasn’t talking to Gerard for something he did.

This time, it was my fault, to a certain extent. Kinda. But this was just ridiculous.

I wonder how he sees all of this.

There was only one way of solving this.

And that meant me walking all the way down the other end of the street, which really isn’t that far, and trying to talk to him. And if that failed, Mikey’s room is just next to his, and I’m sure Mikey will appreciate my company more than he will.

I stood up and walked out of my room. Telling Matt where I was going and telling him to inform Mum when she got home.

As I walked past the phone and a notepad and a pen, I thought it would be a safer opinion if I left a note as well. Seeing Matt is Matt, and he’ll most likely forget by the time Mum actually gets home, or he didn’t actually listen and just pretended to know what I was going on about.

I placed the note by the phone, knowing Mum would definitely find it there and grabbed my keys and walked out the door.

I locked the door, just incase someone came and tried to take anything or kidnap Matt. Even though that was highly unlikely for our neighborhood.

I set out on my walk to the Way residence.

There was a place and time where I would walk to the Way’s just to visit my best friend. How things have changed. Especially now, I’m going there to set things straight with my boyfriend. And possibly visit my good friend, who happened to be my boyfriend’s brother.

When I finally reached the long and windy driveway that lead to the simple double-story house that was my destination, I had the whole part of my conversation planned, and every possible comeback for every possible turn of the conversation.

This is what happens when you think too much.

I walked to the front door and knocked softly on the hard wooden door.

I was greeted by a smiling Mrs. Way.

“Rachel dear! How are you! I haven’t seen you in ages!” Donna said happily, embracing me in a bone-crushing hug.

“I’ve been good.” I mumbled.

“Now I guess it’s my son you’re wanting to see?” Donna guessed.

“Yeah. Is Mikey in?” I joked, and laughed at the slightly confused and shocked expression I got in return.

“I’m joking. Yeah, I’m here to see Gerard.” I laughed.

“Well good. Not that I mind you visiting Mikey, I know you two are good friends, but I was just hoping you were here to talk to Gerard. He told me about the little fight you two had.” Donna said.

“I’d hardly call it a fight. I’d rather call it a ‘Gerard having a hissy fit’” I said, shaking my head.

“Well go on up there. He should be in his room, as always. But I think he has a friend over.” Donna said, pushing me into the direction of the stairs.

“I won’t be long then if he has someone over.” I said, smiling and heading up the stairs.

I was kinda happy Gerard had someone over; I was tired anyway, so I didn’t intend to stay long anyway.

Curiosity struck me as I climbed the last two steps of the stairs.

Who did he have over? He didn’t tell me he was having anyone come tonight?

Oh well, I guess I was about to find out.

I sighed as I reached out to open the door.

I opened the door slowly, but as soon as I did, I wish I hadn’t…

And then it came to me, how many times could one person possibly screw up?
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