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Cassie get's a little suprise..

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Fast forward: A week before the Christmas dance.

"So, do you know what you're wearing to the dance?" Jack asked, as we were walking home from school. Lately, I've been hanging out with different people. Mikey and I, well, we kinda drifted apart. Slowly. This was exactly what I was trying to avoid, and what I was afraid of. He was spending more time with his "official" girlfriend, Janet. He still talked to me, but it wasn't the same as before, you know? Before, he'd be comfortable to talk about anything. But now, it was just one word sentences, and we never did talk that long.
"I guess something plain and simple." I replied.
"Jeans and a shirt?" Jack said. I just shrugged.
"Oh come on, Cassie. You have to do something better than that. Maybe like a skirt, or possibly a dress." He responded.
"I'll try to find something in my closet." I uttered.
"Well, if you have time, maybe we can go out and get something for you." He suggested.
"Shop for clothes? No way. Count me out." I declared.
"Please. I'll come along. And Michelle can come. She could give you those makeovers you see on TV. Then at the dance, you'll be turning heads, like what happened when you wore that skirt to school."
"But, I'm just not that type." I said softly.
"You don't have to be. Just come. It'll be fun." He persuaded.
"Fine, I'll come," I sighed, "But why are you so excited?"
"Because I don't want to go to the dance with a girl as repulsive as you." He laughed, running away from me.
"I so am not ugly!" I said trying to catch him. We ran for a short block, then he stopped in front of my house, grabbed my arms, and pulled me close to him. There, he smashed his lips against mine. I pulled away quickly.
"Wh-what was that?" I stuttered, looking straight into his eyes.
"I just thought you were too pretty to miss." He said softly.
"I have to go." I pronounced breaking away from his grip.
"I'm sorry." He apologized. I didn't know what to say. I just looked at him and sent him a small smile to show him that I forgave him,and that the kiss meant nothing. He nodded, and walked away. I just stood there, watching him go. Did he just kiss me? I can suddenly realize that his feelings for me could be compared to my feelings for Mikey. Jack liked me, but I didn't notice. And I like Mikey, and he didn't notice.
"Cassie has a boyfriend! Cassie has a boyfriend! Cassie has a boyfriend!" Gerard cried over with a sing-song voice. He actually saw the whole thing from his seat at his front porch step. I turned over to him, with a glare.
"He is not my boyfriend." I said, leaning on the picket fence that seperated us.
"Then why did he kiss you?"
"I don't know. Urges, maybe?" I guessed.
"He likes you." Gerard grinned.
"Yeah, I couldn't figure that out." I said sarcastically.
"Oh well, little girl, it's your choice." He said getting up.
"Choice for what?" I asked.
"It's either Mikey, or kissy boy over there."
"But why do I have to make a choice? I have no choice to make."
"Yeah. Mikey's taken, not that I like him, I'm just saying, and Jack's really just a friend."
"Well, fine, whatever you choose. I'm not the one who's going to die alone." He winked and went inside. Ugh, that Gerard. Sometimes we don't understand him. I wonder how Mikey keeps up with someone like that. As I was making my way inside, Mikey seemed to appear.
"Hey!" He called in from his yard. He seemed excited. I didn't respond, and just kept on going my way home.
"Hey, are you deaf?" I could hear him jumping over the picket fence, and running after me, "Guess what?"
I still didn't speak, I just looked at him.
"Okay, well, I finally kissed Janet today." He smiled oh so excitedly.
"Ew." I said shaking my head in disgust, "You really have to tell me that?"
"No, but I just wanted you to know."
"Okay, well I just kissed Jack today, too." I told him. He just blinked.
"Jack? You kissed Jack?" He was shocked.
"No, he kissed me." I answered calmly.
"What? Am I getting pranked or something?" He slapped his head with his hand, "Jack kissed Cassie? Cassie kissed Jack? Has the end of the world come already?"
"What's so wrong with me kissing a boy? You kissed Janet, does it look like I am going to faint? No. Why does it seem so shocking to you?" I asked.
"'Cause you're Cass, the stupid ass. You never liked boys."
"You know what, fuck you." I said stomping my way home. "And besides, Jack actually loves to see me in a dress. He's the one that really think's I'm pretty. So thanks for the encouragement." I slammed my front door, and leaned against it. "Fuck" I muttered as I punched the door quite hard.
"Cassie?" I heard my mother coming from the kitchen.
"I'm fine mom." I said walking up to my room. I never been better. I actually am in love with a guy that doesn't think I'm pretty. And the guy that thinks I'm pretty, isn't what I was looking for.
The next day, which was a Saturday, Michelle and I decided to go ahead and buy me a new dress. She had already bought hers a month before, so she paid most of her attention to me. Jack came along, but he seemed okay. It seemed as if he forgot the whole incident yesterday, so I played along and acted like nothing happened to us.
"What about something blue? A blue dress seems nice." Michelle suggested, as we were going through a Macy's department store. I looked over at Jack to see what he thought, and he just shrugged.
"I guess.." I replied. With a quick move, Michelle pulled out three dresses at a time, and handed it to me. Sometimes I wonder how these girls could do this so fast, and yet never seem to knock anything down.
"Take these to the fitting room, and choose one. We are not leaving until you have a dress." She told me. I gave Jack a look that read "Help me." He just sighed, and shrugged. I growled and trodded on my way to the fitting rooms. That's where I came across Janet waiting outside the rooms. There didn't seemed to be any vacant ones.
"Hey, you're Mikey's friend, Cassie, right?" she asked. I just silently nodded.
"I knew it was you. Mikey always talks about you. He told me you two were pretty tight since diapers." She smiled.
"Mhm.." I answered not looking at her.
"Mikey's really awesome. What do you think of him?" She asked.
"He's my bestfriend, what do you suppose I think?"
"Oh sorry, it's just that he's so great. And romantic. I'm just truly in love with him." She said cheerfully.
"Nice to know."
"Yeah. I'm really glad I was his first kiss. I deserved him. And he really deserves me. I just want to marry him. We even planned on getting married when we're 21." She giggled. Gosh, I wanted to hit her. Just as I was going to say something quite rude and profane, a fitting room door swung open, and Janet glided inside. What makes her think she deserved him? Who in the right mind thinks that they should get married at 21? She didn't deserve him. I did, I lived my whole life by his side, laughing at his jokes, telling him scary stories, watching horror movies, teaching him how to play different sports, helping him in homework, and a whole lot more. Now you tell me, who deserved Mikey?
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