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They Will Remember Me As… The Stalker

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Ch. 10
They Will Remember Me As… the Stalker

Hilary looked around the house looking pleased, “This is really nice… for a protection house.” She said and grabbed a vase and examined it, moving her finger along it


She looked back, “John! Hello. Where’s Ed?” She asked placing the vase down carefully

“He has outside duty. I have inside with you.” He said smiling

She nodded and looked around the wall at all the pictures

“You are safe with me Ms. Sangwin. Count on that…” He said and slipped of the glasses, “Because Ed’s outside duty is basically his corpse in the trunk of the car…”

Hilary blinked, “Wha…” She turned looking at him and she froze, “Bi…”

Billy smiled and dropped the glasses smiling at her, “I shot him…” He pulled out the gun, “And I planed this right and it worked out just fine…” He pointed the gun out at her, “I have two bullets in here…”

Hilary blinked and backed up along the wall, “Why two?” She asked watching him

Billy smiled and followed her with the gun, “Because. Let me started from the way beginning when you turned me down.” He walked up and grabbed her by the hair

Hilary started screaming

“Stop fucking screaming or I will put this bullet through your fucking head!” He screamed pointing the gun to her head

Hilary stopped but started crying

He shoved her forward and pushed her to the couch and started tying her up

Hilary looked up at him, “You wont… rape me right?” She sobbed

Billy froze and looked at her, “No… I won’t love… I love you way too much for you to feel that pain. But I will kill you.” He said and started tying her up again

Hilary put her face down

Billy got down tying her up. He looked at her and sat in a chair watching her, “Do you want to know? What happened? After I was crushed?” He asked

Hilary looked at him

He looked down at the gun, “I wouldn’t be this way if it wasn’t for my father. All the time my father said he loved me while he loved molesting me, so I thought I could get love all the time… no matter what. Then you turned me down, I went home. I had the mind to kill Joel. I had the knife in hand and everything. I was ready, and then my mom walked in. She saw then knife and tried to get it away but I
fought her…” Tears went to his eyes

Hilary laid there watching him tears starting to her eyes Billy took a deep breath looking out the window, “I stabbed her… and I didn’t mean to at all… she had my wrist and while trying to get away it slipped and got her in the chest sideways. And she fell to the ground. I didn’t know what to do.” He closed his
eyes, “I was freaking out. Thinking it was my fault… I cried and cried saying I’m sorry mommy, I didn’t
mean to be a bad boy mommy. I wept like a five year old hugging her in my arms. The neighbors heard her scream and they called the cops.” He
looked up his lip trembling, “And the cops and ambulance came. The cops arrested me thinking I met to do it and thought I was just a plain
psychopath. But I didn’t mean to.” He sighed

Hilary watched him tears going down her face, “Billy… I’m sorry…”

Billy looked at her, “But I thought I wanted Joel’s death. Then I thought, thought, thought, thought,
over and over again time to time. And I’m like no, no this wouldn’t have happened if my father didn’t
get me. I wouldn’t have held that knife. I wouldn’t have killed my mother. So I started thinking of ways to get out and kill my father. Oh the plans I made for that fucker!” He closed his hands around the gun

Hilary watched her eyes getting wide but she kept crying

Billy tapped the gun against his hand, “But then I came up with the most ingenious plan I could, kill you…” He said nodding some

Hilary backed up against the back of the couch the best she could

Billy stood up, “But I had to get everyone out of the way, Joel, Benji, the cops. Everything. But for that I had to get out. I planned and schemed, and heard that since I was being so… good… a professor was coming to see me. Oh how ironic! So I killed him, got out killing others and then I came. Guess where I was through the whole time I attacked you in your house Hilary?” He asked

She looked to the side then looked at him, “Where?” She asked

He smiled, “Your backyard shed. Easy place to hide in at night. Didn’t you noticed I only attacked you at
night?” He asked shaking his head

Hilary blinked, “But I went in there plenty of times and you weren’t there!” She yelled

“Shhh… yes I was. I made a hiding spot and hide every time you or your mother walked into the shed. I made a trap door in the floor of the shed.” He smiled watching her

She looked away, “Whatever!” She closed her eyes

Billy stood up and walked up and hit her

She screamed

He grabbed her shirt and lifted her up, “You still don’t care! Why! Why don’t you care about me!” He screamed shaking her

Hilary kept screaming and started to cry

Billy shook her, “Why Hilary! All I did was love you!” He screamed in her face crying himself, “My father
thought me no love! I found it in you! Why did you fucking let me down!”

Hilary tried to pull away, “Leave me alone!” She screamed

He let her go and shook his head looking away, “I never understood why. I was nice, sweet, and I never let you down. But you went to Joel… Why Joel!” He yelled again pointing the gun at her

Hilary curled in a ball, “Oh god don’t hurt me! Please!” She started crying

Billy’s hand started shaking, “Do you think… we will be together in hell Hilary?” He asked watching her

She looked up at him her face wet from tears, she started whimpering trying to fight more tears

Billy bent down and put his hand behind her and he put his forehead to hers, “I love you Hilary… all I
want is you with me.” He took a deep breath, “Just stop crying my little love. Stop crying, it will be over
soon…” He put the gun to her chest, “I will follow you soon.”

Hilary started crying again, “Please, no, no please!” She closed her eyes

Billy put his finger to the trigger still holding Hilary’s head to his, “I love you…” He whispered

A gun shot rang through the house and Hilary’s scream followed soon after

Billy pulled Hilary off the couch carefully

Hilary started gagging looking up at him blood coming from her mouth

Billy moved hair from her face, “I love you Hilary…” He leaned down and kissed her then sat back up and put the gun to his temple, “I said I love you and I will be with you. I’m sorry for the pain.”

Hilary looked up at him still gagging

Billy put his finger to the trigger, “Love me in heaven…” He closed his eyes

Hilary’s head went to the side limp as her life pulled away from her

Another gun shot rang off into the quiet sky as cop cars and ambulances pulled up to the house

Billy hit the floor Hilary in his lap, Billy's fingers through Hilary's blonde hair, both dead

“People say, love can cause pain and misery. I wouldn’t call my love for Hilary obsession, I would really call it… true love. Because in stories and movies the bad guy, me, who is going for the good person, Hilary, never makes it, the good one wins. But who was bad or good here? My father’s pain hunted my heart and Hilary was the key. But I had to break the lock… I broke that lock and now, we will live together in God’s great castle of happiness. Heaven.”

The detective lowered the journal from reading, the front clearly saying, Billy’s Journal, the detective watched the house then looked back down at the journal reading the very last part of the very last page

“Will I go to Hell? Don’t know, but I know one thing, people will remember me, William Dean Martin they will remember me as… the Stalker.”
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