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Chapter Nineteen – Tragedies, Not Sins

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Before we go with the update I just want to know if anyone is really interested in reading my story. I have it completed it's been a couple of months now but no one was reviewing and that can bring a writer down... So please, if you like what you read or if you don't like it just comment and let me know so I'll either keep updating or delete the story cause honestly, I feel like I'm wasting my time if no one likes this...

Two days later Brendon, Ryan, Sar and Ele were having lunch in the hotel restaurant. They were talking about what they were going to do once they’d be back in LA. Brendon and Ele were pretty much excited about their new house so, since Ele was moving out, the girls’ apartment was going to be Ryan and Sarena’s apartment.
As Brendon was describing his parents’ reaction to the news of their youngest son getting married, laughing pretty much the whole time, Sar stood up.
“Sar, are you ok?” Ele asked, concerned.
“Yeah, I’m fine, I’m just… I feel a little queasy, I think I’m gonna go lie down a couple of minutes… I’ll join you back later…”
“Do you want me to come with you?” Ryan asked, ready to stand up.
“No, really, it’s fine…” she smiled, reassuring him. “I’ll be back before you know it…” and with that said, she headed towards the elevators.
Ele watched her carefully. Sar was hiding something and she could always tell when her best friend was lying. She shrugged the feeling off of her as soon as Brendon took her hands, smiling at her.
“Hey Ele… can I ask you a question?” Ryan asked once Sar was inside the elevator.
“Yeah, shoot!”
“Do you think that her parents will take this so bad?”
“I don’t know… I think she’s too worried about having to tell them that she actually forgot that her parents have always been very understanding… I mean… I’m not saying that they will approve of this, but they’re pretty much like my parents so, eventually, they’ll come around…”
“There must be something in the air…” Brendon added. “I mean… I never thought my parents would be so pleased with this thing… well, they weren’t exactly ecstatic, but, you know… They gave me the as-long-as-you’re-happy speech, which is always a good sign…”
They kept talking about random stuff and half an hour later, when Brendon and Ryan were too busy discussing about a song that never made it to the album, Ele stood up.
“I’m gonna go see if Sar’s alright, maybe she fell asleep…” she said.
Ryan handed her his key-card, so she could get into the room without having to wake her up.
She bent down to peck Brendon on the lips then went upstairs.

“Sar?” Ele called out, almost a whisper, as she entered Ryan and Sarena’s room. She quietly closed the door behind her and looked around the room.
“Sar?” she asked again, this time louder, since her friend was not in the room. “Where are you?”
She noticed the door to the bathroom half closed, and that’s when fear started to set in. There were no sounds besides water running from what seemed like the basin, so she went to open the door, “Sar, come on, Ryan’s getting all desperate without you and he… Oh my God!”
Ele stopped, watching in horror the scene in front of her once she opened the door: Sar was lying on the floor, unconscious… there was some blood on the basin, and a clear cut on her forehead.
She hurriedly got on her knees next to her friend, checking to see if she was still breathing. “Sar! Sar, can you hear me?” she tried to shook her, crying as she kept calling Sar’s name.
When she noticed that blood was still spilling from her cut, she grabbed a towel, wetted it, and pressed it on her cut, trying to stop the bleeding. Then, she grabbed her sidekick, dialling Ryan’s number.
After that, Ele felt like she was on slow motion again, watching Ryan and Brendon storm into the bathroom, followed a couple of minutes later by the paramedics, and that’s when she felt Brendon pull her away from Sar.

Ele woke up in the hospital’s waiting room. She had her head resting on Brendon’s shoulder and he was hugging her. Ryan was pacing back and forth in front of them, silent.
“Excuse me? Are you here for Sarena… Ross? Sarena Ross?” a doctor asked, looking at the chart.
Ryan sprinted towards him. “Yeah, I’m her husband… how is she doing? What happened to her?”
“She has a cut on her forehead, we closed it up so that should heal in a month or two… She’s awake now, and from what she told us, she fainted and probably hit her head on the basin…”
“And how’s the baby?” Ryan asked, interrupting the doctor.
“About that…” the man looked at him with sympathy… “Your wife fainted because she was going through miscarriage… I’m terribly sorry, but this means that she lost the baby…”
Ryan kept a solemn expression and as calmly as he could, he asked “Can I see her?”
“Of course… Follow me…”

About an hour later, Ele was still sitting in the waiting room. Brendon had went to take them something to drink, when Sar’s parents came running towards her.
“Ele! What happened? How is she?” her mom asked, hugging her.
“Sar fainted and hit her head, but now she’s fine… she’s in room 704…”
“Ok, let’s go…” Sar’s mom said to Sar’s dad, and before Ele knew it, they were sprinting towards her room.
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