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Chapter 7: But By Fall We Were A Cover Story

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Chapter 7: But By Fall We Were A Cover Story

Around five Tina got changed and got some of her homework together. She walked to Billy’s. She rang the doorbell. “Hi Tina. My parents want to meet you. They are just about to leave for my dad’s office party.” Tina followed Billy into the living room. “Mom, dad, this is Tina.” “Hello. It’s nice to meet you. Billy hasn’t stopped talking about you.” “Mom, please stop.” “You just moved here from Texas?” Billy’s dad asked. “Yeah. My dad got a job here.” “We better get going. You sister is at Sandy’s and is spending the night. If there’s a problem she’s going to call here, but there shouldn’t be. We’ll see you later. Nice to meet you, Tina.” Billy’s parents left.

“I called a pizza a little bit ago. It should be here soon. Want to watch some TV?” “Sure.” “Do you like ‘The Simpson’s?” “Oh yeah.” Billy turned the channels and found ‘The Simpson’s’. Soon after the pizza arrived.

“That was good. So you want to work on Biology?” “Yeah, we can go to my room if you want.” “Sure.” Tina followed Billy upstairs. “Here we are. Sorry it’s a little messy.” Billy said as he picked up a few shirts. You can sit at the desk and I’ll sit on my bed.” “Okay.” Tina sat by the desk and took out her Biology book and notebook. A hour later they were done. “Do you want something to drink?” “Yeah. I’ll have a coke if you have it.” “Sure. I’ll be back in a few minutes. Billy left and Tina was putting her books away when her cell went off.

“Hello?” “Hey, whatcha doing?” “Hi, Pete. I’m at Billy’s. We were studying.” “Oh, did you tell him about us?” “Pete, there is no us. I would love for us to get together now, but you can’t go from Jeanae to me. You need some time to be just by yourself. I am going to tell him that we can’t be serious.” “How long to I need to be by myself?” “I don’t know. We talked about this earlier.” “I know, but I just want to go out.” “I’m coming to the club tomorrow.” “You sure. Your not going to skip out on me and go with Billy.” Pete, you know I couldn’t do that.” “I’m sorry. Can I see you later?” “Yeah, I’m just going to have something to drink and go home.” “Alright. Give me a call when you get home.” “I will. Bye.”

Tina put her cell in her backpack. “Here you go.” Billy came back with two cans of coke. “Thank you. I’ll probably go in a little bit.” “Alright.” Tina sat by Billy on the bed. “Thanks for calling. I know I’d be still trying to figure out some of the answers.” “I wanted to ask you a question.” “Sure.” “Would you like to go out as a couple. I hope that makes sense.” “It does. I really like you, but I don’t think I’m ready to go out with you as a couple. Pete and I kinda talked and I think I want to give him a chance. I hope your not mad.” “What? Were you playing me all along?” “No, not at all. I’m sorry Billy. Please understand.” “Can I have a kiss?” “I guess so.” He smiled at Tina. Billy placed his one hand on her face and leaned over and kissed her. He gently pushed her back on the bed and continued to kiss her. Billy ran his hand to her breast squeezing it. “Billy, stop. I don’t want this.” “Come on, Tina. I know you do. Lay back and enjoy it.” “What! No, let me go.” Billy held Tina’s arms down. “Please, let me go.” Billy let go of one arm and unbuttoned her jeans and took them off and ripped her panties off. “Why, Billy?” She started crying

“The first day of school I wanted you. I thought that asshole, Pete was going to ruin my chance. I’m glad you didn’t listen to him.” Tina looked at Billy. She spat in his face. “You bitch.” Billy slapped her. He then stood up and took off his jeans. Tina’s cell phone rang. “Must be Pete. He won’t be able to save you now.” “Billy, please don’t do this. Please.” Billy gave her an evil smile. He then crawled on top of Tina. “You’ll enjoy this.” Billy pushed his way inside. “Stop.” Billy slapped her again. He began moving in and out of her. “God, Tina you feel so good.” “Stop. Let me go.” Tina struggled against him.

Billy came and fell on top of Tina. “Get off of me. Now!” “Don’t you want to cuddle?” He gave her an evil smile again. He got off of her and dressed. Tina grabbed her jeans and put them on. Tina took her panties that were ruined. She ran out of Billy’s bedroom. “Do you want a ride? I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.” Tina turned around. “You don’t want anything bad to happen to me? What do you call that? I don’t want anything to do with you ever again. Leave me alone.” Tina ran out of the house and after a block of running she fell to the ground crying.


Pete called Tina. There was no answer. “She should have been home by now.” “Maybe her and that Billy dude are busy. If you know what I mean.” “Shut up, Andrew. I’m going out.” “Don’t you mean, you are going to find her.” “I don’t want you here when I get back. Find Hillary or someone else to irritate.” Pete left and got in his car. He drove down a block and noticed someone on the sidewalk. “What the fuck?” He got out of his car. “Tina, is that you?” He ran over. “Pete, help me.” “I’m here now. He’s not going to hurt you.” Pete took her into his arms. “I’m going to take you to my house.” Tina didn’t say anything. Pete carried her to his car and drove home.
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