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I was made to love you

by kisara_chan 1 Reviews

During the desecration of a town, Sasori descovers an abandoned mother weeping for her child and decides to make her into the ultimate puppet

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama - Characters: Orochimaru - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2008/01/13 - Updated: 2008/01/13 - 1555 words - Complete


  • I was made to love you

    (#) IWCT 2008-01-13 08:50:25 AM

    Now this is ironic to find, not five hours after I was complaining that Akasuki centric fics were basically created by fan girls who wanted to play the self-insertion and bad boy game. Another realistic "the Akatsuki are freaky missing-nin" story is added to the fandom, and I feel the soothing balm of cannon characterization on my soul. I love this story.

    The basis behind the plot is realistic, and wonderfully in character for Sasori. He is both murderous butcher and craftsman in this story, with the proper blending of recognition of the plight of the girl, with bare sympathy, and his gruff emotionless "I can't be bothered to care about beauty that fades" attitude. Also, love the repetition of history that you brought to bear in the story. Sasori's solution to his problems: when in doubt, make a family, if you can't have one.

    I guess I only have one quibble: It doesn't make sense that Sasori lives right outside Konoha, and no one noticed. I would have thought that at least the ANBU kept track of missing nin within the borders of Konoha's land. Yes, Itachi and Kisame got in easily enough, but it was only for a visit, just after a monstrous snake attack and jinchuuryki fight, they didn't settle down and start a family.

    Also, one point of confusion: Is the "son" a fully working puppet, or just a doll? No hunting down of young children was mentioned, and wouldn't Sasori need some child's chakra system to craft into the living logs that he uses to power/give personality to his living-human puppets? It seemed that he's just giving his handmade girlfriend a doll.

    Anyway, wonderful story [scurries off to rate],

    =^.^= IWCT

    Author's response

    I'm glad you enjoyed my story! In my first draftings of Sasori's location, I never really thought it to be a problem how close he was to Konoha as barely anyone has seen him in his true form and therefore unlikely to think anything of it.

    On the subject of the child, yes, it is just a regular toy puppet. the woman lost her own infant shortly after birth; it's unlikely she would steal the life of another just to fuel her own happiness.

    Anyway, I am glad you enjoyed the story, thank you very much for the review ^^

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