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A Day Out (CHAPTER 16)

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The gang spends time with loved ones.

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The next day, the girls' decided that they wanted to spend time with their boyfriends'. Harry and Hermione went to the most romantic spot on the Hogwarts grounds. Draco took Ginny to the most expensive restaurant in Hogsmeade, and Ron took Lavender to the Hogwarts gardens. It was a beautiful day, even for winter. It was surprisenly warm outside. It was March and 61 degrees outside. Everyone in the castle had been working hard on exams and it was nice to have a day-off.
Harry and Hermione's Day
"What a gorgeous day. Even I'm glad that exams are over." Said Hermione. "Wow. I never thought I would hear you say that. You love exams, and school." Said Harry. "Maybe I've realized that there are more important things in life than books." "Like me." Said Harry with a grin. "Especially you. You're one of the most important people in my life. I would hate it if I ever lost you." "You're not going to lose me. Not now, not ever. I'll never let Voldemort destroy us." Said Harry seriously. He gave Hermione a hug. The rest of the time, they forgot all about Voldemort and just enjoyed eachothers company.
Draco and Ginny's Day
"You know Draco, You don't have to take me to an expensive restaurant to show how much you care about me." Said Ginny smiling. "I know. I just figured we would have a good time. I told my father about us." Said Draco. "How did he take it?" Asked Ginny worried. "Well, as expected. He was furious. He really can't stand your family. I told him that you were very important to me and that I didn't care what he thought. I said that I was going to be with you no matter what." Said Draco passionately. Ginny merely smiled and gave Draco a kiss. She was so proud of Draco for standing up to his father. They enjoyed a wonderful meal and had good conversation about everything.
Ron And Lavender
Since Ron was very poor, he couldn't do much for Lavender. He did the best he could. He knew that the gardens were beautiful and Lavender would enjoy the walk. "Thank you for taking me here Ron." Said Lavender "I hoped you would like it." said Ron. "I do. The gardens are beautiful." Lavender noticed Ron's guilty face. "It's o.k. I know you're not the richest guy in the world. I don't care. You're sweet and you treat me right. That's what matters." Said Lavender truthfully. Ron was truely touched. He gave her a wonderful kiss. They spent the rest of the day outside in the brillant atmosphere. They had a wonderful time together.
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