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Pieces of the Grayson Puzzle

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Robin finds someone from his past that he thought was lost forever, why does Slade want her? Romance, Drama, family, RobStar BBRae RedX In progress

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This is my first fanfic. so anything to help me would be great! This chapter and chapters 2-3 have been re-edited so I suggest re-reading it

Thanks to everyone who reads and comments

Disclaimer: I don't own the Teen Titans-if I did there would be more speedy! and a live action movie muah muah!- but I do own Jamie!


Richard Grayson/Robin: 18

Kori Ander/Star: 17

Gar Logan/BB:16

Rachel Roth/Rave: 17

Vic Stone/ Cy: 19

Jamie: 16



My name is Jamie Grayson and I have no memory of my past
This is my story.


-Jump City-

“Darkness and Light are my keys, which ever comes first I will be”

“Who are you?” Robin shouted as the voice became fainter

“Will you be the one to protect me?” the voice mused

“SHOW YOURSELF” he shouted once more

Robin jolted up in a cold sweat from the same dream that had been haunting him for days.

“Why can’t I see her face” he pondered, the only thing he could ever see were her piercing blue eyes that seem to stare into the his soul.

“They remind me of someone’s but who?” he thought but he quickly pushed it to the back of his head and began to prepare for the day.

--In the Kitchen—

“Good morning Robin”

He was too caught up in his thoughts to notice until…she floated quietly up beside him and tenderly kissed his check. Starfire was the only one who could get him to stop working, or even thinking about work, ever since Tokyo they had been closer then ever, Starfire English was improving because of Robin, even though he thought it was cute the way she talked, and Robin was more relaxed and more trusting.

“Oh, hi Star I didn’t notice you.”

“Is something bothering you? You seem, oh how do you say it, without it”

“Out of it Star and nothing is bothering but a silly dream I had”

“Perhaps you should tell Raven your dream, she maybe of assistance to you and then you won’t be out of it” she said giggling at the new phrase she had just learned

“Oh, don’t worry about it Star, it is really nothing, I shouldn’t bother the rest of the team with it. Come on lets start breakfast before Beast Boy and Cyborg begin arguing” Robin said changing the subject, he hated worrying Star.

“Yes, the meat and tofu argument is quite amusing though, am I correct?”

“Yeah” he chuckled

Unknown to them Raven was dealing with her own problems

-Raven’s Room-

“HELP ME ROBIN!”a young girl screamed. She was tied up with Slade in front of her and the darkness concealing her face.

“Don’t worry I won’t let anything happen to you, I made a promise! Slade leave her out of this, she has nothing to do with this. This is between you and me!” Robin said as he began to pull out his bo-staff.

“On the contrary, Robin she has everything to do with this, I have seen her work in Gotham. She will make a great apprentice, even better then you. The next time you see her she will be able to destroy the Titans once in for all, and the best part of all I will make sure she saves you for last” Slade began to laugh as he pulled out a smoke bomb and suddenly the girl and Slade disappeared.

“NOOO!” Robin shouted as he ran to the spot where the girl had just disappeared

“I made a promise, I have to find her” he said as he broke down

Raven suddenly woke up “It was only a dream but it felt so real what if…” Raven had been getting a premonition lately. That was the way she knew all of Beast Boy’s pranks. She had to tell the others before it became true.







“QUIET” Raven shouted, everyone turned to her, “We need to have a team meeting”, no one moved, “Now!” she shouted in her usual monotone voice with red flashing dangerously in her eyes. Everyone quickly gathered around the table.

“What is this about Raven” Robin acquired, after all he was the leader of team and he should know.

“I have been getting premonitions lately.”

“You have been getting perms? Your hair doesn’t seem really curly made you should ask for your money back or get a Mo-ha-” shouted Beast Boy

“Beast boy not perms,” she said as she growled at his stupidity, “premonitions, short glimpses into the future; I had one about a girl and Slade finding her.”

Robin stiffened at the mention of Slade’s name. “Who is the girl and where is she?” he shouted, growing angry and angry at the moment. “Slade is going to hurt an innocent girl just to get to me. That’s low” Robin thought

“The girl is in Gotham but I don’t know who she is but she has blue eyes.”

“Ok team, we are going to Gotham, I have a friend we can stay with”

“ROAD TRIP!” B.B shouted.

“This is not a pleasure trip we have a mission, pack now. We have to leave ASAP!” The team scattered to pack leaving Robin alone.

“I won’t let Slade hurt anyone” he whispered before running to pack.
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