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Things become clear

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Disclamier: I do not own the Teen Titans, but I do own Jamie

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, thanks for the reviews. I hope to have another chapter by monday; anyone see the Ben 10 live movie, it was great. . . if they could only do something like that for the Teen Titan.. sigh maybe one day!


---Next Morning---

Jamie woke up feeling different, then again its not everyday a person remembers her past and realizes that her adoptive father’s first ward is her brother and only living relative left. She walked down the stair, Jamie knew that she had to tell him and she must stay focused.

“Good morning Miss Jamie. May I interest you in breakfast? I made your favorite, French toast.”

“It smells great Alfred but I need to talk to Bruce first, do you know where he is?”

“In his study, Miss. I will save you something for after your chat.”

“Thanks Alfred!” she walked to the study but her pace slowed as she neared it. Suddenly, Jamie became nervous. “If he isn’t there then it can wait,” she thought, secretly hoping he was no longer there. She quietly knocked on the door.

“Come in” Jamie slowly walked into the study and say Bruce on the computer.

“Oh, you’re busy I can come back”

“No, Jamie I just finished. What do you need?”

“Well I just wanted to talk”

“Ok about what?”

“My memory” there was an awkward silence, both staring at each other waiting for the other to say something. Finally, Bruce ended the silence,

“Did you remember something?”

“Yes, I remembered my family and that Richard is my brother. Why?”

“Why what?”

“Didn’t you tell me?”

“Jamie something was blocking you from remembering and you can’t force someone to remember if they don’t want too.”

“How did you keep everyone from not telling me?”

“You memory is something that you needed to find on your own and no one should take that away. I had my ways of keeping the press at bay but Jamie, people saw Richard yesterday. The press already thinks you remember I can’t keep them away anymore.”

“I know. . . . I want to visit my parents”

“I can arrange that”

“I should go eat now” Jamie began to walk out of the study but she stopped at the door and turned

“Thank you Bruce, for everything”

“Jamie you don’t have to thank me I care about you, I would do anything for you”

“I know,” she said with a smirk. “I love you, dad” she whispered as she walked out.

“I love you too”

---In the Kitchen---

Richard entered the kitchen just after Jamie had left to talk to Bruce, he too knew that he had to talk to the team but he unlike his sister was calm and happy.

“Team we need to talk about what happen yesterday”

“We know, Jamie is the girl, Raven told us.” Beast Boy said through the fork full of French toast that he was eating.

“Well besides that she is my sister.”

“What?” Beast Boy spit out the French toast he was eating and it landed on Raven.

“Jamie is my sister, I thought she was died but she isn’t. I need to tell you guys something.” The teen listened intently as Richard told them his family story.

“Man, I can’t believe Robin been through so much” thought Cyborg

“Oh, my poor boyfriend, no wonder he doesn’t like people to get close” Starfire thought

“Poor Robin”

“I thought I had problems,” thought Raven

“So Jamie remembers her family but not being catgirl”

“Now we just have to watch her and make sure Slade doesn’t get to her” Raven finished

“I won’t let anything hurt Jamie again.” Robin said as he pounded his fist into the table

“We know man, and we all will help you” the team all looked at Robin and nodded. Just then Jamie walked into the room, everyone turned and stared.

“Oook so I guess you told them,” Jamie said as she grabbed a plate of French toast, “Richard?”


“Do you want to come visit our parents with me?”


Everyone began eating again, when Raven noticed something.

“Jamie gets along with everyone so well” she thought “She always laughs at Beast Boy’s jokes even when they aren’t funny, She talks car-talk with Cy, Starfire talks girl talk and fashion with her, and Jamie even likes dark poetry.” Raven looked over and saw Richard laughing along with Jamie. “I have never seen him so happy” Raven could sense his aura changing the darkness in it started becoming lighter. Jamie seemed to be the best thing to happen to the team in a long time.

After breakfast Jamie, Richard, and Bruce got ready to leave for the cemetery. Richard had given the team the day off since he would be with Jamie all day. Both Bruce and Richard were waiting for Jamie.

“Women always take long,” murmured Richard

As if on cue Jamie appeared on the top of the staircase,

“Sorry I took so long” she looked gorgeous; she was wearing a short black dress with long sleeves and a dipping v-neck. Her hair was in soft waves and she had a black ribbon in her hair. She wore her J-necklace. “I am ready to go now”

“Don’t forget your jacket” Bruce said

“And your sunglasses” Richard added”

“Yes mom and dad” Jamie giggled.

The trio entered the town car as the drove to the gate Jamie gasped. There were millions of reporters waiting for Jamie. Richard and Bruce were both use to the press but Jamie was not and every reporter wanted to talk to her.

“Just keep going,” Bruce told the driver. The car made its way through the sea of media. Finally they were somewhat free of the press, as they made their way to a flower shop.

“I thought you might like to bring some flowers for them,” Bruce told the confused Jamie.

“Thank-you that was a sweet idea.”

Within minutes of entering the flower shop, someone must have tipped them off, the press crowed the store, Jamie quickly bought the flowers and tried to leave but hundreds of reporters crowded her. Each reporter wanted to be the first to have an interview with Jamie. After all it is not everyday that the adoptive daughter of Bruce Wayne remembers her past. This was the story of the century; it had tragedy and a happy ending.

Richard quickly pushed his way through the crowd until he got to Jamie.

“NO QUESTIONS” he bellowed pulling Jamie towards the car.

They finally made it too the cemetery but the press was still following them. The trio decided to try and ignore them and just continue on with their day. Richard and Jamie made their way towards the graves; Bruce decided to stop by his own parents. At last they were at the graves with the press watching intently.

“Hi mom and dad it’s been a long” Jamie said, “I remember now, so that’s good especially since Richard is here now.”

“Hey mom and dad, been awhile but I have been busy making you proud.” Richard said with a small chuckle.

“I missed you and now it hurts me even more,” Jamie said through the tears, “knowing I didn’t want to remember you because it would hurt me. I would trade anything in the whole world to have not lost that year. I know that now”

“Shh Jamie its ok”

“I miss them so much,” Jamie said before breaking down. By now the media had left no mater how many rating would be made they could not bear to tape the young girl breaking down.

“Jamie don’t worry I am here, we will always have each other.” Richard comforted her and she buried her head into her chest. Bruce had joined them and put his arm around the two (A/n it was a Kodak moment).

Ring Ring, Bruce left, the two knew that it had to be business, it was always business and after living with Bruce for a while the two had gotten use to it.

Richard still holding on to Jamie suddenly remembered the time when. . .

Jamie was on the ground crying

“James why are you crying?”

“Be-be-be-because I fell when I was practicing for the big show tonight and daddy saw me fell and said that I can’t be in the show cuz I fell and I really want to be in the show so I tried the trick with no one watching but then I fell again and now I hurt my knee.” Jamie started bawling

“Oh brother” muttered Richard as he walked towards Jamie and picked her up into a hug.

“Now Jamie let me, see those big blue eyes” Jamie did not look up but she started to stop crying.

“Oh no, I can’t see my lil sparrow’s big blue eyes. I am so hurt,” Richard said as he began to fake cry. Jamie began to giggle.

“Now you are laughing at my pain, if I could only see those blue eyes.”

Jamie lifted her tear stained face, with a giggle, “Oh, please stop crying, Robin”

“Ok, now that I can see your big blue eyes!” The two were giggling as Richard kissed Jamie’s hurt knee

“All better now?”


“No let’s try that trick again, so you can show dad that this lil sparrow can fly!”


That is when Richard got the idea.

“Jamie let me see those big blue eyes” Jamie remember and knew what he was doing, she did not look up but stopped crying.

“Oh no, I can’t see my lil sparrow’s big blue eyes. My little heart can’t take it” Richard began to fake cry. Jamie started to giggle.

“Now you are giggling at me, oh I would stop crying if I could only see those blue eyes”

Jamie lifted her tear stained face and said with a giggle “Oh Richard stop.”

“Only if I can see your eyes”

“Ok” Jamie said as she took off her glasses and revealed her blue eyes still glistening with tears and smiled.

“Let’s get out of here”

“Ok” Jamie walked over and put a red rose on her mom’s grave as Richard put a red rose on his father’s grave. The two then entered the car.

“You hungry?”


“Ok we will go get something to eat”

The two arrived at a small diner.

“Have we been here before?” Jamie said as she looked around the diner at the millions of pictures that hung on the walls.

“Actually we have, come and look at this” Richard motioned Jamie to come look at a photo.

“That’s us isn’t?” she said as she looked more closely at the picture. The picture showed a family smiling. There was a man with ebony hair and chocolate brown eyes and a woman with brown hair and piercing blue eyes. Two kids were in front of the man and woman. A little boy with ebony hair and blue eyes and a little girl with her ebony hair in pigtails and blue eyes with her arms wrapped around him, Jamie giggled at the picture remembering.

“You got so mad after the picture was taken, because you said the ladies couldn’t see your “rockin” body” Jamie and Richard both laughed.

“Yeah I remember”

“You were one weird nine year old”

“Come let’s go get a booth” The two sat down in the booth and talk, remembering the good days when the family was all together.

The team decided to stay for a week so that they could watch over Jamie and so she could bond with Richard. Everything was going great, Slade had not shown up and Richard and Jamie were closer then ever. The team was staying for two more days and Richard was determined to make it the best two days ever

“Ok just keep your eyes closed a little longer,” Richard said he was wearing black sport pants with a red t-shirt.

“Where are we going Richard?” Jamie asked, Richard had told her to dress so she was ready to work, she chose a red pair of sport pants with a blue tank top, she had gathered her hair in a ponytail with her bangs still covering her left eye.

“Just a little further” Richard brought Jamie to the spot

“Ok open your eyes now”

“Ohh Richard!” Jamie was amazed; it was the big where her family had performed. So many memories came rushing back to Jamie, the time she and Richard get in trouble for eating too much popcorn and cotton candy, when she got in trouble for letting the gorilla out and Richard had to help her put him back in the cage, and the time Richard surprised her with a tea party after she had been sick for a week. Jamie looked up and saw the trapeze was set up.

“Can we?” she asked as she pointed up to the trapeze

“Why do you think I told you to dress like that?”

The two began stretching, just like old times, unknown to the pair someone was watching.

“Jamie why don’t you try a couple flips on the ground while I double check the safety wires and net” ever since the accident Richard always doubled checked and used a net, just to be on the safe side.

“Ok Richard”

Jamie began to do cartwheels and round offs, while Richard walked off to check things out. When men with orange and black mask entered the tent, Jamie landed her back spring when she noticed them. One started to charge her, she flipped over it and then another came she grab his arm and flipped the man, Jamie wasn’t sure what was happening as she was fighting the men, something was taking over her.

“RICHARD!” she yelled as she round kicked another in the stomach. Richard came running over only to find half of the men unconscious and Jamie was fighting almost as well as him.

“I’m coming Jamie” Richard began fighting the other half of the men. Jamie was getting tired and two of the men had managed to chase Jamie up the trapeze ladder. She had no choice but to grab on to the trapeze, she hoped that she could swing to the freedom on the other side. She grabbed the first swing and swung off the platform but she didn’t have a strong enough push to grab the other swing without flipping. She performed one of her mother famous flips. Richard had defeat all the men and watched in amazement as Jamie completed the flip and grabbed the other swing and landed on the platform.

“Richard, are you ok?”


The police came shortly after but Richard already had a hunch about who the robots belonged to, Slade.

“Jamie, are you ok? Nobody hurt you did they?”

“No Richard, I am fine. Did you see me flip? It felt so great, I got such a rush!”

“Jamie you were great reminded me of mom.”

“Thanks Richard, can we go home now?”

“Come on” Richard tossed Jamie a helmet as they speed home.
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