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School Spirit

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I have spirit how about you?

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this means flashback

Jamie woke up and looked at the rose that sat on her nightstand. She smiled as she remembered the events of last night but her smile soon turned into a frown as she remembered Richard had caught her and Roy making out.

“I am so dead,” she thought, “Oh no, Roy is going to die and if Richard has his way it is going to be a long painful death” she could just picture Richard punching Roy over and over again like some punching bag. Then another horrible thought came to mind, "What if he sends me to Jump City All Girl's School. I would so not look good in plaid" she sighed and realized that she had to face the music and wake up

She got up and dress in a black turtleneck t-shirt and a grey pleated skirt. Putting on her necklaces and charm bracelet. She gathered her hair in a ponytail. Jamie then took the long walk of shame to the kitchen where all the other titans were enjoying breakfast. As soon as she entered, everyone stopped eating and looked at her.

“Good morning,” she said cheerfully, hoping Robin had forgotten about last night. She made her way to the fridge. When she was intervened by Robin.

“We need to talk,” he said with a stare that might have beat Bruce’s; he pulled her aside to the training room.

“So. . .” she said nervously as he closed the door so no one else could listen, “how was your Saturday?”

“Jamie,” he said in frustration, “My Saturday was great until I saw my sister and that. . . boy,”

“His name is Roy,” she interrupted

“Yeah I know, you and that boy-,” he said

“Roy, he has a name, use it,” she interrupted.

“Fine, you and Roy were. . . kissing,” he growled, “Jamie he doesn’t seem right for you at all.”

“You don’t even know him,” she pleaded, “if you knew him you would agree that he is great,” Jamie looked at Robin and he had that face, you know the ones your parents get when they get an idea you know you are going to hate.

“You’re right,” he said

“Robin this isn’t- wait did you just say I was right?” she asked surprised.

“Yes, I think we should invite Roy over for Sunday dinner,” he said with a grin.

“Sunday dinner? Everyone usually just eats whatever they can find in the fridge that doesn't have a weird smell or green fuzz on it.”

He sighed, “Just invite him.”

“Ok” Robin opened the door and the four titans fell to the ground.

“Look guys, I found my contact,” Beast Boy said as he picked something up from the ground and put it in his eye.

“Beast Boy you don’t have contacts,” Robin said as he walked to the ops room with a giggling Jamie following behind.

Jamie flipped open the communicator that Roy gave her.

“Hey sweet thing,” Roy greeted

“Hi,” she said nervously.

“What’s wrong? Did I get you in trouble with Bird Boy?” he asked

“No, actually he invited you to dinner.”

“Really cool when should I be there?” he asked excited.

“7:00, Roy, Speedy and Robin get along right?” she asked as a plan came to mind.

“Yeah, everyone said we are like clones,” he said with a laugh.

“Then come to dinner, in your Speedy costume and please behave.”

“I will, love you”

“I love you too, see ya at 7” she flipped the communicator closed.

“Tonight is going to be any interesting dinner,” she thought with a smirk.

“Robin, why did you invite Roy to dinner,” Star asked confused, “I thought you did not like him.”
“I don’t but this boy is going to be so scared by the end of dinner because Jamie’s brother is friends with superheroes, he won’t go anywhere near Jamie again,” he said as an evil grin appeared on his face.

“Man, you are way too overprotective,” Cyborg said as the rest of the team slowly backed away.



Jamie ran around the tower making sure that everything was perfect.

The door bell rang, Robin went to answer the door but Jamie jumped in front of him.

“I’ll get it,” she shouted as she ran to the front door, “you wait here,” she pointed to the couch as Robin grumbled. He waited in the ops room with the rest of the titans wondering why Jamie had not said anything about their uniforms.

“Hey baby,” Roy said as picked up Jamie into a hug, “you look great.” She was wearing a short red dress with a pair of dark jeans under it.

“Thanks,” she said as she pecked him on the check, “you look good too,” She eyed his Speedy costume, “Come on follow me this way,” she guided Speedy towards the ops room.

The titans stood up to see if Roy had come yet.

“Hey Speedy what are you doing here?” Robin asked as he high fived him. Jamie stepped closer to him as Speedy put his arm around her waist.

“Actually Jamie invited me,” he responded as the titans mouths dropped in surprise.

“Guys, meet Roy,” Jamie told them with a smirk.

“You are going out with my little sister?” Robin asked, he was still trying to wrap his mind around the fact Speedy, the teen titan playboy, was going out with his baby sister.

“Yeah,” he responded as he pulled Jamie a bit closer.

“When?” he growled, fighting the urge to punch him in the face.

“I met Roy in Gotham about a year ago. We went out on and off but weren’t official,” Jamie answered.

“I asked her to be my girlfriend before she moved,” he said, as he looked at the necklace that he got her.

“Does Bee know,” Cyborg asked eyeing Speedy’s arm

“No, we really don’t talk about our personal lives,” he responded hoping the question and answer portion of dinner was over with.

“Why don’t we sit down and eat,” Jamie suggested sensing the tension in the room. Everyone followed her into the kitchen. Richard sat at the head of the table with Jamie to his right and Starfire to his left. Roy sat next to Jamie, Raven sat next to Starfire and Beast boy sat next to her, Cyborg sat at the other end of the table. Jamie began to pass the pizza box around the table. Everyone ate in silence until Starfire decided to break it.

“So how did you two meet,” she asked curious to know the story.
“Well,” Jamie began, “It was my first day allowed out after the accident,”

Jamie walked around Gotham mall, hoping to remember something, anything at all but it seemed nothing was clicking. She sighed as she looked at a store window gazing at a dress with her blue eyes.

“Well,” she thought, “at least I can go shopping.” She walked into the store and began shopping She was feeling better but she could not help feel like she was being followed. Jamie left the mall with two bags in hand when a man in a ski mask jumped out.

“Give me your purse,” he said as he pointed a gun at her. She slowly handed him her purse.

“Your so pretty,” he said as he took a step near her, “Maybe I should have some fun with you.”

“HELP,” she yelled as the man grabbed her. The man was about to get away with Jamie when someone from behind hit the robber in the neck. The man released Jamie and collapsed to the ground.

“Are you alright,” a sexy voice asked her. She turned around to see a boy about her age with short red hair and green eyes smiling at her.

“OMG,” she thought, “he is so hot.”

“I am fine,” she answered with her million dollar smile, and people told her she could get anything she wanted with that smile, “Thank you“

“Roy,” he said trying to keep his cool but he could feel his heart skip a beat when she flashed him that smile, “And you are,”


“Nice to meet you Jamie, Do you want to get something to eat, my treat?” he asked nervously praying the answer would be yes.

“I’d like that,” she said as he offered her his hand, which she accepted.

“He called me a few days later and asked me out again,” she said as she gazed into his eyes.

“How did you know he was Speedy?” Robin asked trying not to throw himself across the table to strangle Speedy.

“I told her,” he answered as he held her hand giving it a quick squeeze, “It was the day she was missing from the manor. She called me to get her, and I figured it was the best time to tell her. I trust her, “he added as he threw a look at Robin.

“You put her in danger,” he growled, “Any villain after you could find away to trace her to you and hurt her just to get back at you.” Roy looked concerned he had not really thought about.

“I can take care of myself,” she huffed, “You have been training me Robin, you know I am good.” He stared at her as she stared back; this was a staring war both knew that the first one to blink would be wrong. The others watched as they continued to eat. Starfire, though she thought this was entertaining, knew Jamie could kick the butt. She intervened and kissed Robin causing him to blink making Jamie the winner. She smiled triumphantly as she went back to eating. Robin sighed before starting to eat again. Everyone finished dinner and went to the ops room to talk. Jamie and Robin stayed behind to clean up.

“Why are you doing this?” he asked quietly.
“Doing what?” she asked innocently as she put the dishes in the sink.

“Hiring Speedy to pretend to be your boyfriend to save Roy,” he growled.

“Oh, so you think I would hire a superhero because I am too afraid of what you’ll do to my real boyfriends,” she said as she threw the pizza boxes in the garbage.

“Let me ask you on thing if Roy isn’t Speedy then why would he get me an arrow pedant?” she asked pointy to her necklace before pulling him into the ops room, “And if Speedy isn’t Roy than why does he look like him,” she said as she pulled Speedy’s arrow off to revealing his green eyes. Everyone was shocked but even more shocked but what Robin said

“I am sorry,” he muttered.

“You know what-,” she stopped and realized that Robin had just apologized. “Apology accepted.” When a communicator started to go off, Speedy realized it was his communicator. He walked out of the room, remembering to thank Bee for calling him and quickly answered it. The room was silent with Robin staring at Jamie until he came back.

“Well, I have got to go,” Roy said as he grabbed his mask from Jamie, “emergency in Steel.”

“It was nice having you,” Starfire said as she gave him a hug.

“See ya man,” Cyborg and Beast Boy both shook his hands, “Don’t mind Raven,” he said as Speedy looked at Raven who was sitting in the corner reading a book.

“Bye, Speedy,” Robin said as he stuck his hand out for Speedy to shake, Speedy accepted, “I think it’s great that Jamie and you are so good for each other,” as he pulled

Speedy close to him. “If you hurt her, I will pound you into a million little pieces,” he whispered making sure, no one heard. They parted and both smiled.

“I’ll show you the way out,” she guided him to the door, “You did great,” she said with a smile as she leaned in to kiss him.

“Thanks, I had. . . ” Speedy struggled to come up with a word, “an interesting night. Good night” he said as he opened the door before he left Jamie pulled him back inside.

“I won’t let him pound you into a million pieces,” she whispered in his ear before pulling him into another a kiss. The two parted and smiled before Speedy had to leave. Jamie leaned against the door smiling as she watched Speedy get on his motorcycle and ride away into the night.



Jamie and Xavier got out of his car Monday morning.

“So Richard and Roy sort of get a long,” she said with a laugh.

“Oh you know big brothers they never let their little sisters have any fun,” he laughed along with her as the walked into school.

“Hey did you see the paper,” a kid, who was part of the JGFC, asked them as he ran up to them shoving it in their face. On the front cover was a picture of Jamie Grayson and Roy Harper skating together from Saturday night.

“Can you believe it, Jamie Grayson is in Jump,” the kid gushed before X grabbed the paper and the kid ran off.

“Isn’t Roy your boyfriend’s name,” he asked suspiciously.

“No, Roy’s last name is Queen,” she said knowing X maybe able to see through her lie.

“Ok,” he said as he threw the paper aside; he was aware Jamie was lying but decided not to push the subject assuming she was in denial, and the two continued down the hall.

“Hey have you seen the paper,” Jordon, a friend of X and Jamie, asked the two as they walked into the class.

“Yes, Jamie Grayson is in Jump. We know, we know,” Jamie answered with an eye roll.

“No the school paper, look,” he said as he shoved the paper in her face.

“JCHS announce the snow queen and king that will represent JCHS in the winter parade, which will be televised. The students vote on the cutest couple to be the king and queen. This year’s king and queen are Xavier Redd and Jamie Logan,” she read as she looked at a picture someone took of them at the park one day.

“Every snow queen and king have always gone out it the past,” Jordon explained.

“But me and X are just friends,” she said looking at X for support.

“Yeah friends,” he hesitantly said, Jordon could tell that he hoped the snow king and queen myth would come true.

The bell rang and everyone sat in their seats. X could not concentrated during class besides when was he ever going to use Geometry, he kept thinking about Jamie and how he could make her his. Class ended and X caught up to Jamie but just as he was about to talk to her when she was surrounded by a group of girls.

“Oh my god, congrats!”

“You and X are such a cute couple”

“What are you going to wear?”

“Will you be my best friend?”

“Want to hang out?”

“I love your hair!”

“I want X, don’t hog the boys”

“How does my hair look, will you help me?”

“Can you make me pretty?”

“Excuse me,” Jamie said as she tried to push her way towards X. X walked towards her and yelled.

“Look it’s Roy Harper,” he pointed towards the hallway.

“Get him,” a girl shouted as the all rushed the hall.

“Thanks,” Jamie said as she snuck out of the hallway with X.

“No problem,” he said with a smile, a smile that made girls faint, “I’ve been thinking, we don’t have to be in the parade, you know so Roy won’t get mad.”

“I don’t think he will,” she said as she smiled back at X, “Besides it will be a fun thing to do. We could have a lot of fun.”

“Yeah it will be. You know we have to make a speech at the assembly today,” he told her.

“I know, I can’t wait,” her voice was laced with sarcasm; she walked into her classroom and waved good-bye to X.


---All school Assembly---

“Quiet, quiet down,” Mrs. Rick, the school principle, yelled trying to get the kids quiet, “SHUT UP!” the gym was silent.

“Thank you,” she said returning to her normal voice, “I would like to present the snow king and queen,” she said as the audience applauded when Jamie and X walked into the center of the gym. “Jamie Logan and Xavier Redd will now give a speech,” she walked to the off the stage. “Make this full of school spirit,” she whispered to the two before leaving. Jamie and X walked towards the microphone.

“Um, thanks for voting for us,” X calmly said before flashing his smile, the girls in the stage screamed.

“We hope to represent you well in the parade,” Jamie said with a smile, the guys in the stands all sighed. The two turned to leave when Mrs. Rick stopped them and mouthed school spirit. X had no idea what to do and looked at Jamie who sighed.

“I’ll do this,” she whispered. As she walked to the center of the gym, happy for the fact the she was wearing jeans and a t-shirt today.

“We are the tigers and we’re here to say, that we can beat you any day!” she shouted before completing an Arabian cartwheel, the crowd went wild; “Tigers let me hear you roar! We are number 1! Hear us roar!” She did a handspring, and making sure, she had enough air to compete a triple summersault and land perfectly. The crowd was on their feet cheering as Jamie walked over to a stunned X.

“What,” she asked innocently as the two left.

“Jamie you always amaze me,” he finally managed to say.

“What fun would I be if I didn’t” she giggled the reply.


---Titans Tower---

“JAMIE!” his shout could be heard through out the entire tower. Jamie ran to the gym in her blue sweat pants and yellow tank top.

“I am only one minute late,” she huffed as she gathered her hair into a ponytail.

“Did you see this,” he said as she tossed her the paper.

“Yeah so what people thought that Jamie Grayson spent an evening in Jump. What’s the big deal?” she asked.

“Where were your sunglasses? Someone could have hurt you?” he said as he pointed to her blue eyes in the picture.

“You think I am so weak and can’t defeat myself but I can,” she said as she poked him in the chest, “You know I can and that bothers you. You can’t be the superhero brother if his baby sister doesn’t need saving.” Robin blinked in the back of his mind he knew that part of that statement was true but there was no why he could let her figure out she was right again.

“Let’s just train.” he said as they walked towards the mats.


The end of the chapter. . . .

Hahahaha I so tricked you!

Read on

---Secret Hideout---

“Hear us roar!” he watched as the girl completed a handspring and a triple summersault in the air landing perfectly.

“Interesting,” he thought as he compared the moves to a type of Robin fighting.

“It seems my dear boy Robin has been training someone,” he pondered aloud.

“He looked at the school paper finding her name Jamie Logan.

“Someone special to him,” he said to himself, “A girl who will hurt and break him in more ways than I ever could. The perfect apprentice” he began to chuckle, he eyes filled with amusement under the black and orange mask.
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