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Blood and Trust

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Born into the darkness of a curse...born into the Monogatari family, Kuro is fated to find the answers, destined to save them. But at what cost?

Category: Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Angst,Fantasy,Romance - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2008-01-15 - Updated: 2008-01-15 - 203 words

A/N: This is the first book of what will be four. Each man of Monogatari will have his story told...and maybe they'll find a cure along the way.

October 5th.

It is time I return.

What I need…what the family needs lies in that old village I once called home. Bramsly. I can still see the flowering cottages and Victorian manors each with their warm welcome for each other. I can still see the carless cobblestone streets I once traveled along, running through the village with nothing in mind but reaching the old willow in time. If I close my eyes I can hear the echoes of laughter and play; I can see the warm smiles of those that were closest to me. I can see the way the sunrise casts a luminous glow over the village. To live there is to bask in the sunlight. A warmth I have forgotten.

Born into darkness, I never truly belonged there. I stole away in the dead of the night and now I must return by the same moonlight.

Has anyone warned them?
Who will warn them?
Who will warn them that while they sleep peacefully in their dreams a monster returns?
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