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hey hey guys

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Hey guys I'm soooo sorry that its been so long. I'm posting this on another site too ad everybody is getting antsy. For that I apologize. What I'm hear to say is this. This story is going on a short hiatus. -waits for the groans to finish- ok. I'm really really sorry becasue though I'm an author, I read more than I write and I HATE hiatuses. But as you may know (if you read the a/u's) this was a cowritten story. And so emily, my coauthor, would write part etc. she takes longer than I do. welll i began the next chapter and gave it to her to write more, but after some discussion, we have come to the conclusion that I am now goign to be writing this myself because she has some stuff she needs to straighten out right now. I do too and taking on this storyw ithout her strong writing is going to be wuite a task. So I'm putting this on hiatus until further notice (should be a botu 2 weeks) Ok? I truly, truly sorry.
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