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Meeting the New Kid

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Cami meets Mikey. It's a chemical romance... [This chapter brought to you by my Little Santi, who typed it for me.]

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Mikey Way was unlike anyone Camille had seen before, save the bands on TV. He was shy, cute, and musically inclined. And, just like every

other guy, he fell for her, hook, line, and sinker. She felt he was different, but had a reputation to maintain as untouchable when it came to

guys. However, Mikey knew nothing of this reputation. He had just moved to the town with his parents and older brother, Gerard.

They had friends in a nearby town, who went to a different school. They made kind of a band with these guys-Frank, Ray, and Bob. And

Mikey was the bassist.
(Camille definitely had a thing for bassists!)

On his first day at high school, everyone flocked around him like he was some mystical creature. They hadn’t seen anyone like him before.

Well, except Cami, but she was a girl. Now there was a male of her “species”.

Cami had managed to not meet the “new kid” all day, until her 6th hour chemistry class. The bell rang as she casually strolled down the hall.

In the classroom, everyone was paired up with a partner, except Mikey, the odd number. Cami entered the room right before they went into

the lab.

“Glad you decided to finally join us, Miss Camille.” The teacher said drolly. “Since you’re late, you’ll be paired with Mr. Way here.” He pointed

towards Mikey, who stood staring at Cami, mouthing the words “Thank you God”. She grinned at him, tilting her head slightly.

“You’re new. I’m Cami. And you’re…?” She craned her neck to see his open chem book with his name freshly written. “Mikey, huh? Well,

Mikey, I hope you’re smart. I’m afraid I don’t know too much about chemistry.” That was a lie, she thought. What was that for? Then she

looked back at Mikey, his safety glasses on, messing with his hair and straightening his glasses with a few quick glances towards her.

Cami felt a weird feeling inside. She dismissed it and strapped on the safety glasses. Mikey handed her a few chemicals, explaining each one.

She didn’t listen, but instead, just watched him speak. Grabbing a beaker, Cami dumped the chemicals in and handed the empty to tubes to

Mikey. She leaned forward to look at the directions, but got too close to the fumes coming from the beaker. She breathed in, then fell to the

floor, eyelids flickering shut. She could hear muffled voices, and felt herself being picked up.

A few minutes later, and halfway to the nurse’s office, she woke up in Mikey’s arms as he carried her. Cami looked up, a little dazed.

“Where we goin?” She said, wrapping her slightly limp arms around his neck. Mikey was a little startled, but retained his composure.

“Well, the teacher thinks we’re going to the nurse, but we don’t have to go if you’ve got anything else in mind.” He raised his eyebrows up

and down comically and Cami giggled.

“You’re funny. You’ll have to hang out with me more often.” She adjusted herself in his arms, as he forgot he was holding her. “What are you

doing after school?” He thought for a second.

“Probably hanging out with Gee, at home.” Cami giggled again.

“Well, not anymore. Bring him with you if you must. We’re gonna go somewhere.” She leaped out of his arms and landed on her feet with a

bounce. “Know what? Forget chemistry. The old stuff’s boring anyways. Let’s go walk around.” With that, she grabbed his hand and ran,

pulling him through the halls.

“Won’t we get in trouble?” Mikey asked.

“Nah.” Cami said with a smile. “I rule this school. And you’re with me. Which makes you a queen or something.” Mikey almost spoke up, but

decided to leave her logic alone.

They got to the front doors, where there were a few teachers talking, from what they could hear, about the latest testing materials or

something boring.

“Shit.” Cami said breathlessly. She pulled Mikey behind the corner near the doors. “Teachers. The bane of my existence. The yin to my

awesome yang, so to speak…” She mumbled on with other analogies, when Mikey spotted a way out.

“Hey Cami, why don’t we use the side doors?”

“Brilliant!” She exclaimed, and the teachers turned. “Oops!” She added quickly, then identified one of the teachers. “I know how to get us

out. Play along.” As the teachers drew nearer, Cami suddenly just pulled Mikey into a deep kiss. The first teacher walked up.

“Ah, young love. You two are just adorable. Though you really should get to class.” The second started to object, but the first had seniority,

so he stopped. The pair walked away, and Cami let go of Mikey. He stood there, bewildered.

“What…what just happened?” he said, bright right.

“See, I knew it would work, come on.” She started walking towards the door, but Mikey didn’t follow.

“How were you so sure? What if that didn’t work?” he asked.

“Well, it did. And, I’m sure it wouldn’t be all bad if it didn’t.” She said winking. She turned her back and Mikey licked his lips. Orange cream,

yum! He’d taste that for a while. He followed her out the door and through the parking lot.

“Now we just have to wait for Gee, right?” Cami asked, stopping and turning towards Mikey. “Who is “Gee” anyways?”

“My brother. Older brother.” Mikey responded.

“Well, that’s nice. I’ve got someone for him to meet, then. Well, both of you.” Cami said, pulling her cell out. She sent a quick text: “U workin

2day?” Then flipped it shut. Her text tone played out –“There’s A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven’t Thought

Of It Yet.” She hummed the tune as she read: “Yeah, ugh. U comin to c me?” she sent a quick reply: “Yeah, heart ya bye!”

She tossed it back into her purse and snapped it shut.

“Three minutes to the end of school. What do you want to do?” She asked, then realizing a way to pass the time, she just started dancing,

to a song in her own head. Cami noticed the weird look on Mikey’s face, and pulled her phone out again. She hit a few buttons and a beat

started playing. She started dancing again, and Mikey joined in, until the bell rang. She shut her phone; they ran towards the school, Mikey

in tow. They ran in through the side door, and split up for a minute to get their things from their lockers.

Meeting back up again, they set off to find Mikey’s brother. They eventually spotted him, looking quite uninterested as a group of girls

fawned over him, in little arc around him. He saw Mikey and gave a little half-wave.

“Hey.” He said casually, walking through the girls. Mikey returned the greeting, then pulled Cami in front of him.

“Cami, this is my brother, Gerard.” She reached out to shake his hand.

“So you’re Mikey’s older brother. You’re a senior, then?” Mikey laughed a little and whispered to Cami.

“He’s been held back a few times.” Cami nodded and smiled.

“I’m Cami, and I’ve got someone for you to meet.” She switched hands, taking Mikey’s hand with the other. Pulling them both, she walked to

the parking lot. Gerard tossed a few confused glances towards Mikey, but all he could do was shrug.

When they got outside, Cami dropped their hands. She pulled out her car keys and looked blankly at the lot.

“Where’s my car?” She asked, starting to wander aimlessly. Gerard raised on eyebrow at Mikey, who simple shrugged again. Out of nowhere,

Cami charged off towards a group of cars. Gee kept the same look, and almost started laughing at Mikey.

“Boy, you sure know how to pick ‘em.” Gerard said, trying not to laugh. Mikey just glared.

“Gee, you’re an asshole.” At that moment, an old junky looking red car pulled up.

“Hop in!” Cami called from inside. “Road trip!” The two brothers hesitated for a moment, then Gerard went for the passenger seat. “Uh-uh.”

Cami said. “That’s Mikey’s seat.” Mikey stuck his tongue out at Gerard and climbed in.

They had been driving for a while, just singing along with the radio, when Cami spoke up.

“You guys must be really cool. I mean, you’re going somewhere you’ve never been with practically a complete stranger. And you’re totally

fine with it.” They pulled into a mall parking lot. “I mean, for all you know I could be a serial killer. Like, Hannibal the Cannibal or something.”

She grinned maliciously at them, and could see a momentary look of doubt, then just giggled. “Come on guys. We’re gonna meet Holly.”

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