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Language Lessons

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Things are about to get interesting with Gerard and Casey. and no, you pervs i dont mean what your thinking! gosh, you all have gutter minds.

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"Gerard?" Began Casey as they walked hand in hand to school.

Gerard looked into Casey's eyes and answered "you only use that voice when somethings on your mind. what is it baby?"

Casey smiled. Gerard knew her so well. "Honestly, did you really belive Maranda?"

Gerard sighed "No. I was just kind of angry and i wasn't thinking."

"Okay. Just making sure you dont think im going to cheat on you ever. You know i love you." Casey said lovingly.

(1 hour later. Math class.)

Casey scooted closer to Gerard, poking him in the shoulder. "Gee?" she whined softley, so the rude math teacher wouldnt hear "I dont get this... maybe you could come over to my house and teach me a little something?" At this she winked scooted back to her original position, perched on the edge of her chair looking at the not so complicated math problem.

Gerard smiled to himself. He knew she knew perfectly well how to solve these problems, but he decided to play along. "Well, this is a very complicated problem. But i do get it. So..." He leaned in closer "How about not going to your house, but to the lake instead?"

Casey smiled and said back "You certainly know how to take a hint. see you on saterday, on that little cliff thing where no one goes."

Gerard noticed the teacher coming, and instead wrote a note back. "sure, i'll bring a surprise for you."

Gerard tossed it at Casey, missing the desk and bouncing off Casey's nose, the tiny note was forgotten as they burst into laughter. Saterday was going to be very, very fun.
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