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I'm keeping your brother.

by darkviolet 5 Reviews

I can't take back these Sundays.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2008/01/18 - Updated: 2008/01/18 - 1140 words - Complete


  • you can keep my brother

    (#) alice93 2008-01-18 10:15:19 AM

    This story is really good. I read all the chapters in about a week. I'm just a bit addicted. Sorry I only just reviewed but I only just got an account. The characters are really beliavable and the story line is great. I hope you keep on writing this story for ages.

    Author's response

    Oh it seems like I'm writing this story for ages! But it's always nice to have new readers board our ship! welcome!
  • you can keep my brother

    (#) hopeanne 2008-01-18 10:23:21 AM

    What the fuck! Who's teaching you to write like this? Cliffhanger after cliffhanger! It outrageous! who writes like this! No one I know...
    Loving Mikey in this!!! I knew thats what the conversation he and Gerard had was about. Like it was about him and Sky not really working shit out and all. So Im glad that that was brought up a little. It feels more resolved now. Like they announced publicly that they are 'back together' Shes saying like they talked and all so Im gonna have to take her word for it that they are happy.
    I like how you fixed her and Mikeys relationship as well. It seems like all the pieces of her life are coming back together. A little at a time, but theyre coming back. All to fall in place for that happy ending you know?

    Author's response

    oh you taught me well oh cliffhanger queen bows
  • you can keep my brother

    (#) love4evermcr 2008-01-18 03:44:07 PM


    I don't blame the cat teenie for humping gerard's leg! lmao!
    and the mini heart attack, i would have had one too!

    But i love cats for some reason..

    Author's response

    Oh I gotta agree with cranium, I love dogs more...And I don't blame teenie eithr, he has hot a leg...Well both of them are hot...
  • you can keep my brother

    (#) _cranium_ 2008-01-19 11:35:05 AM

    oh come on love4evermcr we all know dogs are better than cats, by far =]

    i would yell at you for the cliffhanger but A i have a horrible headache, B after all this cliffhanger wasn't half as bad as the ones there has been... and C it's kinda hard to express your frustration by yelling when all you can really do is type.
    so, no yelling.
    i'm happy for them. all of them. but knowing them i have this feeling that someone's gonna suffer soon. they just can't all be happy at the same time can they?
    the little evil jacob in me is holding his breath and waiting something really bad to happen...
    but then again,jacob has big ears so that pretty much explains his behavior, i mean come on, do you know anyone with big ears who's not a cynical pessimist?
    erhm.. anyway.
    somehow i'm sort of pleased we didn't get to hear (more like read) gerard and skyler talking and working things out cause that would've been weird. i'm so used to them being all, well, disfunctional (sp) so i probably wouldn't have believed it. i would've been waiting for someone to go "that's fucking bullshit" or something. or maybe i would've thought that she's dreaming again or that they're drunk. anyhow it would've been sort of weird to have them honest and mature talking about everything face to face... i know i'm gonna have to change my picture of skyler as this immature and self-centered girl cause there's so much more about her and she's really done some serious growing up but for now i still refuse to believe they've really really talked.

    oh, and here comes the yay--

    --> YAY
    mikey's all grown up getting married and talking about getting old and grey with alessa with sparkling eyes.. i wonder whose wedding is first though.. gerard's and skyler's or mikey's and alessa's?

    Author's response

    To tell you the truth, I've written the chapter where they all grown up and they talk shit through but I didn't post it cause even to me it looked weird and unrealistic. I'm used to write their dialog and make it all over the place to such degree that writing a serious conversation is difficult so you just gonna pretend you believe they talked since I'm not gonna post the proof!

    LOL you're killing me with the Jacob dude each and every time!!!
  • you can keep my brother

    (#) cutegirl12356 2008-01-19 03:26:05 PM

    Great chapters...can't wait for more!

    Author's response

    You shall hold no longer!

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