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Cross Me Off Your List

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Gerard and Casey have some good times... and some bad times... at the hawthorne heights concert.

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Well, heres the next chapter. My comp froze up while i was writing the first few lines of this, so i had to scramble and hand-write a bunch of it before i turned my comp off and started it up... everythings working fine now. Also, i just noticed that Gerards girlfriend Casey has the same name of the Hawthorne Heights Casey who died recently.... perhaps I've been thinking about him so much that his name was used in some involintary, subconcius way? who knows. Well, here you go!
Also, just wanted to say- originally, Gerard and Casey didnt meet HH after all, they were just part of the crowd. so i added that in last-minute really, cus I've always wanted to meet HH and i wants to see if maybe i could pull it off through my writing. haha, you know what i mean. anyways, here we go! (trumpet music) behold the new chapter!
Casey gripped Gerards hand and gave the passes to a gruff looking guard. Looking over the passes, the grisly-looking guard nodded and said gruffly “second door to your right.” Casey looked at Gerard before gripping his hand even tighter and letting him lead the way down the short hall. Then they reached the room. The room where JT was. The room where EVERYONE was. Casey took a huge, deep breath and knocked softly on the door. After a moment, she heard the words “come in!” from a voice she recognized. A voice she loved. JT. She smiled and attempted to calm her nerves one last time. Then she opened the door and nearly fainted. There was the entire band. JT, Casey, everyone. EVERYONE! Her palm started sweating, and she could feel Gerards hand nearly cracking under her grip. She gathered herself together and entered the room. She was going to remember this night for a long, long, long time.

JT greeted her with a “Hey, whats up? Pretty lucky to get such a good boyfriend” Casey gasped. “How did you know he was m-m-my boyfriend?” JT smiled. “Well, we know people. We heard about this young man buying two passes, and by the way your gripping his hand, its easy to guess!” Casey laughed, and soon became comfortable with the band. Gerard also got chatty, and soon there was a lot of chatter filling the little room.

After about an hour, Gerard and Casey went back down to the crowd…. Now that they had met the people they both had on their Ipods, it was time to listen to them. Live. Gerard lead the way into the mosh pit, sometimes pushing people aside who wouldn’t move. Casey simple gripped his hand, afraid to lose him in the vast abyss of people.

After what seemed like forever, they found their way to the front of the crowd, and began chanting with the others “Hawthorne heights, hawthorne heights, hawthorne heights!!!!!” Finally the band came out to play. JT walked to the microphone, putting his hand up as a signal for silence. “how are you doing tonight!!!!!??? We’re gonna start out with a slower song tonight!” The band began to play “light sleeper” followed by “I Am On Your Side” and then Casey’s favorite, “The Transition.” Casey began to bang her head in tune to the music, Gerard laughing into his palm at Casey’s hair flopping about with the movements of her head. Eventually, the band had played about ten songs, and then JT announced that they were going to go a bit slow for “all those lovers out there.” The band began playing “Decembers” and soon Gerard and Casey were dancing close together. Casey leaned in for a kiss. Gerard leaned in as well. Then there was an interruption.

A scrawny, pale arm was shoved in between Gerard and Casey. Both of them looked at the owner of the arm. Maranda. Casey yelled angerly above the noise of the crowd. “What do you think your doing, you scrawny-” the crowd drowned out her last words. Maranda smiled an evil, rude, (dare I say slutty) smile before turning to Gerard. “Gerard! How could you get back together with this little sl-” her word was lost in the crowd along with Casey’s. Gerard looked evily at Maranda. “I know you lied. Now, go away from us. Leave us be. NOW.”

Maranda turned to Casey, and said just loud enough so no-one else would hear “He WILL be mine. You just wait. I have my eye on something and I. Want. It.”
Casey chose to ignore the comment and let Maranda walk away unscathed. For now.
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