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This Makes Me Feel Like I'll Never Be Quite Normal

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Gerard identifies the body.... and protects Casey from seeing it.

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Casey gripped Gerards hand five times harder than she had at the concert.

"We're ready for you. Come in." said an odd-looking person with grey hair. His face was covered by a white mask, and he had gloves and a simple coat on. Casey looked at Gerard and they entered the room.

"So.. um.. where is it?" Gerard asked timidly

"Over here" said the nameless man.

Gerard and Casey stepped up to the table. Gerard gasped and covered Casey's eyes before she saw anything.

"Casey, dont look. I cant let you look. I know who it is.... its Maranda. I dont want you too see what the waters done to her body." Gerard whispered, his voice cracking a bit.

"Gerard, how bad is it?" asked Casey, her eyes still covered.

"Bad. Horrible. Like... i know im going to have nightmares about this, i dont want you to have them too. Now lets go."

Gerard turned to the man. "Her name is Maranda Abru. She went to my school. I dont know where she lived, but Im sure her parents are looking for her."

They left the morgue immidiatly. It had the stench of death and whoever owned the building apparently didnt think that it needed much light, there were more dead people than living, so light wasnt a concern obviusly. Gerard turned Casey to the door and they walked out.

"Thank you Gerard. I love you so, so much. I dont know what would have happened if I would have seen her."

"You most likely would have fainted again."

Casey leaned on Gerard and they walked back to his house, Gerard trembling a bit.

They were greeted by Mikey at the door. "Hey guys! Oh, did you get the paper today? I got a copy- Maranda Abru went missing after the concert! I didnt know she went to the same one you did! I hope they find her soon...."

Casey looked at Gerard, a silent command to tell Mikey what happened. "Um, Mikey.. you know the corpse that was on the beach?"

Mikey looked at them. "Yeah?"

"Well, you know how they wanted us to look at it?"


"It was Maranda."

Mikay's mouth hung open, then closed. Then opened again. Casey couldnt help but giggle at the convincing fish impression, making her forget about the days events for just a moment.

Then she remembered what Maranda had wanted.



"I guess we... d-dont have to worry abut M-maranda any more, d-do we?" Casey said, shivering slightly.

"I guess not." Gerard said horsley back.

The couple went to Gerard's bedroom and closed the door. Then they sat on the bed, had the most passion-filled kiss ever, lasting several minutes long, and drifted off into an uneasy sleep.

Donna walked into the room shortly after they had falled asleep, smiled, pulled a blanket over the two (It was very cold)and left with the click of the door.


so, did you like that? hope you did. short chapter, almost all of mine are, but im in a time-crunch once again... well, I might update later, if I have the time.... tell me what you think!

The chapter name is part of the lyrics to "Say this sooner" by The Almost- love that band....

oh yeah, just in case you wanted to know, i was listening to D.A.N.C.E. on repeat while i was writing this.... like that song alot. and i love how the video for it like flows along.... haha, yeah.
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