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Hilary In the Institute

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Ch. 7
Hilary In the Institute

Hilary sat in a padded room in the local Institute. She glared at the wall, “Why… Why don’t they believe me…” Tears came to her eyes.

The slide in the door opened, “Hilary? Mandy’s here to see you with your mother.”

Hilary just sat staring at the wall

The slide shut. The lock clicked and the door opened. The man moved away from the door and Mandy and her mom walked in. Mandy walked up to a chair and sat down Hilary’s mom stood by Mandy

The man looked at Hilary, “Don’t go near them. You know the rules.” He shut the door and locked it

Hilary looked at Mandy and her mother, “Hello again.”

Mandy looked around the room, “Why are you here?” She asked sadly

Hilary sighed and looked away, “Well, it’s hard to explain.” She closed her eyes tears rolling down her cheeks

Mandy blinked, “Why are you crying?” She stood up

Hilary shook her head, “Don’t worry about me hun…” She smiled

Her mom smiled as tears went to her eyes, “Honey what are you in for… why did they put you in a mental institute?” She asked taking out a tissue and whipping away the tears

Hilary sighed, “Mom… you know…” She looked at Mandy then at her mom, “You know how Hannah, Joel, Liz, and Billy died in the house and Benji died in the library?” She asked

She nodded

Hilary sighed again, “Well awhile ago, I mean awhile ago, this women named Megan Love was murdered by her husband Rick Love in that house because he was in love with a women named Stacie McDonald. So he killed her. Well Megan came back killed Rick and then not to long after Stacie died by commenting suicide…”

Her mom blinked and tilted her head, “What does this have to do with them?”

Hilary looked at her, “Ever sense anyone who entered the house died somehow. Well that happened to Liz, she got killed by Megan cause she was in the house, and so did Mr. Cornwell. Then Billy and I entered the house. She tried so many times to get us, it scared Billy so bad he didn’t talk. You know why he didn’t talk?” She asked looking at her

She shook her head

“Because his father was none other than the man who killed Megan. Rick Love was originally Rick Martin.”

Her mom gasped, “Seriously!” She said putting her hand to her chest

Hilary nodded, “And so Billy and I ran from her. Well Benji went in the house and was killed by Liz in the library. Then Hannah went in the house when she heard about the house and went to die and got murdered by Benji. I saw the bodies when Hannah called me and I got there. Benji was laying on her considering he was buried.” She started crying, “Same with Joel. He heard about the house and went to investigate and he was upstairs I’m guessing and was knocked of the railing is how he broke his neck. She to not dye horribly like his brother he crawled to the kitchen to end his own fate with the knife. So really he did comment suicide… kinda…” She looked away tears falling down her cheeks, “And Billy went to burn down the house for all his friends and I got there and he just got attacked by her and he started the fire in the house with him and me in there… Hoping for it to go into flames. Well it didn’t so she is using all my friends against us and is still after me!” She started bawling, “Billy is with Mandy every night! And Mandy went in the house! No one believed me when I said she was in trouble!”

“Hilary dear… you are rambling.” Her mom said

Hilary looked at her in disbelief

Her mom dug around in her purse, “But we came here honey because.” She looked at her, “They are putting Mandy up for adoption.” She said

Hilary blinked, “What!” She shook her head, “They can’t!”

Her mom sighed, “I tried to but they said I shouldn’t by my age.” She looked at Mandy

Hilary shook her head, “She wont be safe!” She screamed

The slide in the door opened, “Times up.” He said

Her mom grabbed Mandy and stood up, “I will keep trying Hilary ok?”

Hilary stood up, “Mom! Mandy…” She looked at Mandy

Mandy raised her hand and waved, “See you soon mommy!” Hilary’s mom walked her out

The door shut

Hilary ran up to the door and hit it, “She wont be safe! Please don’t!” Tears spread to her eyes, “No!” She slide down the door, “Mandy…”

That night

Hilary was lying there looking at the wall her back to the door, “That Megan needs to get taken care of… That house… But I need to act calm and cool to get out of here.” She closed her eyes, “There we go! That’s what I’m going to do!”

The lock clicked

Hilary looked back at the door. She sat up, “This late?”

The door opened a crack

Hilary blinked, “Yo you there?” She said listening for a response

Something scratched at the door

Hilary blinked slowly, “What the.”

The door started opening slowly

Hilary stood up watching it, “Hello?”

The door opened all the way

Hilary gasped

Nothing was there

She sighed in relief. She stood up and walked over to the door and grabbed it. She stood there thinking, “I could run but then I wouldn’t get anywhere of getting outta here.” She shut the door and smiled

The locked clicked again

Hilary backed up, “Did I do that?”


Hilary froze, “No…” She started to turn around. She stopped then spun around


Hilary blinked, “Is my mind playing tricks on me?” She said to herself walking to the bed. She got to her bed and put one knee on it

Her leg got grabbed and she got pulled to the floor

“Ah!” She hit the floor hard. She sat up on her elbows looking under the bed

Megan laid there holding her legs gurgling

Hilary’s face went white, “Me… Megan…”

She pulled her legs away and backed up

Megan tilted her head at Hilary and her neck cracked in several places.

Hilary shook her head, “H… H… Help! Help! Someone help!” She screamed. She looked up at the camera, “Help!” She crawled up the wall and looked at the bed

Megan started to crawl out towards her

“Help someone please!” She screamed. Hilary grabbed the door and started trying to pull it open, “Help!” She started bashing her fists on the door

Megan grabbed her foot

“Ah! Help! She’s going to kill me!” She screamed through the door

Megan grabbed Hilary’s shirt and started pulling her down

Hilary tried to fight her holding on to the door, “Please!” She started sobbing

Then all of a sudden her grip disappeared and Hilary hit the door

Hilary looked back

Megan was gone

Hilary looked at a corner of the room seeing something, “Billy…” She softly spoke

Billy looked at her and smiled and turned and disappeared

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