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casting call!

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  • Hollywood Hills and Suburban Thrills

    (#) pyrotechnicist 2008-01-23 06:57:25 AM

    name: molly evans

    Personality: the person everyone comes to for advice. she is loud and extremely fun (but not obnoxiously loud) she's really intelligent and always there for everyone, she is very protective of her friends from threats ect. basically a kind soul most of the time but seems to have a problem with sarcasm.

    Appearance: tallish (5"8), bit shorter than shoulderlength brown layered hair, is naturally wavy and either gets left like that for a bouncy 50's sota look or is straightened. big almond shaped hazel eyes. creamy skin but it tans well. thin and toned but still curvy (she is an athlete).

    Clothing style: mainly skinny jeans and a cute lacy singlet or shorts and miniskirts (not together lol) and a white belt with afore mentioned singlets or bandshirts, black ballet flats, black thongs (flip-flops if ur not australian -imm not talking underwear), or my bright red hi-top converse. black and white handbag goes everywhere.

    -loves food and eat constantly, shame im a pretty bad cook
    -loves the way things smell especially cologne
    -always wears white gold claddagh ring - as in it never get taken off
    -tall guys are the hottest thing around

    ide love to be in this fic since i think its awesome and have followed it from the beginning.
    i think ide like to b the merch girl plz
    if u need anything

  • Hollywood Hills and Suburban Thrills

    (#) kitkatpwl 2008-01-23 07:21:48 AM

    name: kat ryan

    personality: extremely sarcastic, very mellow, takes a lot to make me stressed or angry. You do not want to see me angry. im pretty quirky, i get lots of strange looks at the things i saw.

    Appearance: 5'6, shoulder blades length black layered hair with side bangs. straight. bright green eyes with a bit of yellow. pretty pale. very thin, sorta toned, but mostly just bones. :) (even though I eat all of the time! bah!)

    Clothing Style: black skinny jeans most of the time. I like quirky t-shirts and hoodies. I have these DKNY sneakers that I ALWAYS wear...they're like neon colors and amazing!
    If I need to wear something nicer, I'd pick something classy. I like dresses and like, long t-shirts with leggings.

    - loves to read and write
    - loves almost every kind of music except country.
    - really likes bright colors (clothes and make-up) ... only really wears eyeliner and eyeshadow and lip gloss because skin is pretty clear.
    - very talkative

    I would love love love to be in this fic, I too have followed this one and the one before from the beginning and I love you as an author. I would honestly LOVE to be Tim's assistant!! haha...i think that would be funny!!
    If you need anything else,

  • Hollywood Hills and Suburban Thrills

    (#) bindie611 2008-01-23 07:53:05 AM

    Name: Leigh
    Personality: Caring, cynical, sarcastic, not easily impressed, down-to-earth, affectionate, foolish. I laugh and talk a lot, yet it's difficult for anyone to get to know me because I keep things hidden well.
    Appearance: 5'9" curly blonde/red hair past my shoulders, green eyes, fair, slightly freckled, big boobs, a bit chubby (that can be optional, lol).
    Clothing style: Simple and plain; hippy/gypsy style a lot, and jeans. I don't wear things that show stomach or that are above my knees. I like dresses, but I prefer them to be full length - I don't like wearing red, orange or yellow, but I do like wearing colour. I like corporate dress as well. For makeup, I'd do something trippy with my eyes, and nothing else - foundation and blush for special occasions, and MAYBE I'll wear lipstick.

    I love to read, write, draw, cook, and sing (though off tune I'm afraid). And dance (but I'm no good at it). I like music but am not obsessed with it - don't like country, screamo, or large doses of rock.

    I'd love to be part of it - somehow - even though i'm not in the first two. :P
  • Hollywood Hills and Suburban Thrills

    (#) StarlessNight28 2008-01-23 08:13:11 AM

    *name - Allison

    *Personality - fun, sarcastic, crazy, romantic, down to earth. i love to do things i'm not supposed to do, i love adrenaline. i love laughing.

    *Appearance - 5'3" long straight black hair, green eyes, pale

    *favorite band, movie and food - band- FOB movie - can't choose food - ice cream

    *fashion style - i usually wear skinny jeans and a bright top. like neon or something out there. i usually wear converse and a hoodie daily.

    i would really love if you chose me! i love your story!
  • Hollywood Hills and Suburban Thrills

    (#) ---delilah 2008-01-23 12:51:34 PM

    Name: Amy

    Description: 5 11, blond, outgoing, caring, sometimes quiet, friendly, lovable,random, hilarious, etc.

    Favourite band movie and food: Switchfoot, Fracture, French fries

    Fashion style: A bit of everything mixed into one, but totally stylish and icon-able.

    > Weird habits, superpowers, ninja!

    I know that you have already chosen people, but maybe there could be room for me??

    Author's response

    I think I found something for you, it's not for a couple chapters though. It's a good thing you're so tall!
  • Hollywood Hills and Suburban Thrills

    (#) pyrotechnicist 2008-01-23 03:38:52 PM

    i just relised i forgot the band/movie/food thing

    band = fall out boy
    movie = the lion king (its been my favourite since i was 4 and i wont change ever- i know its a kiddy movie but it rocks)
    food = italian probably lasagne

  • Hollywood Hills and Suburban Thrills

    (#) loveishistory 2008-01-24 11:14:50 AM

    5"5, 110 pounds, blonde, blue eyes, friendly, loving, caring, outgoing and fun
    fav band = nirvana/queen
    fav movie = lion king/nightmare before christmas
    fav food = MC D's(Quarter pounder)
    fashion style = anything combined with skinny jeans. it can be a band shirt, tank top, longsleeve, hoodie, sexy top... anything. and then nikes, all stars, vans

    you probably already have people but if you need another character you can use me.
  • Hollywood Hills and Suburban Thrills

    (#) mooniexmisfit 2008-01-25 02:11:46 PM

    I'm too late!

    but I stil love this story.
  • Hollywood Hills and Suburban Thrills

    (#) natzlovesyou 2008-03-03 04:25:08 PM

    hey um I'm making bindie a favor, she decided to delete her account on ficwad but for some insane-o reason she can't. so can you please delete her comments and if you know any casting calls she has applied to can you let the author know about this? Thanks so much!!

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