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Meet And Greet

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Amy manages to win tickets to a Fall Out Boy gig, meet and greet and also gets a backstage pass. At the meet and greet she connects with a certain someone...

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A/N: I'm not too sure about this one so reviews on whether I should continue or not are much appreciated...also any review in general!

A chilly breeze began to pick up as Amy silently walked towards the concert venue, a place called Addison’s. She huddled against the warmth of her clothes and slipped her hands into her pockets as she tried to stop herself from freezing. After a few minutes or so she finally reached her destination and walked inside into a heated foyer. She sighed in relief as her body took in the heat and she felt warm once again. She took a look around the room and saw a mixture of younger and older girls around her. There were few guys about. In her pocket was a ticket to a gig happening tonight and wrapped around it, a letter stating that she had access to this venue’s backstage and today’s meet and greet. She grabbed the two items out of her pocket and unwrapped the letter as she walked over to a line, forming in a corridor leading out of the foyer. Amy joined this line and waited patiently as it slowly moved forward. What lay ahead of her was a long wait, a ‘speech’ from a security guard and then more of a long wait. But finally after all of that, there was the first chance she’d ever had to meet her favourite band, Fall Out Boy. It was an exciting thought. Nothing like this had ever happened to her, and to find out just the other day that not only had she got invited to a meet and greet but also backstage, had been not only a shock but also a great thing.
After the ‘speech’ and the long wait, Amy finally reached the front of the line. In front of her was a long table and sitting behind it were all four members of Fall Out Boy. Amy thought that she would have been worried right now, right when she was just about to take that step forward to meet the guys… especially Patrick. But for some reason, she felt calm, as if she were in the eye of the storm.
A girl had just walked up to Patrick who was the first band member to meet and now she had just moved onto Joe. Amy took that one step forward and slowly walked towards Patrick. He glanced up at her walking and for a second their eyes met. Amy only pulled her eyes away from his as a security guy motioned to her to hurry up. Patrick stole a grin at her as if to say ‘don’t listen to him, you don’t have to walk faster.’ But Amy did walk faster, if only to finally be able to be near Patrick and to see those eyes of his closer. She reached the table and slid a piece of paper in front of Patrick. She blushed as he looked up at her and studied her face. She wondered what he was thinking. Did he think she was attractive at all? Normally quite casual about her appearance, Amy had made quite an effort for today and this meet and greet in particular. For a complete change, she had applied some makeup to her face and left her hair down (not done up as usual). Now her light brown hair was showing her golden streaks which were normally hidden when her hair was up and her dark blue eyes were finally accentuated by some mascara. She felt pretty and she hoped that others could see this confidence in her.
It felt a little strange standing up while Patrick was sitting. She wished she could pull up a chair and have a good, long chat to him.
“Hey,” Patrick said loudly trying to speak over the noise of all the excited and squealing girls in the room. Amy snapped out of her thoughts.
“Hi, how are you?” Amy replied.
Patrick didn’t seem to hear her. To her utter surprise, he stood up and leant in towards her. Amy’s heart began to pound. He was inches away from her. Patrick Stump, leaning in towards her face, towards her lips.
“What did you say sorry? It’s so hard to hear?”
Amy giggled, “Yeah it is. Um, I said how are you?”
“Deaf but good.” Patrick laughed, “How about you?”
Amy assumed that he would sit down as she answered but he didn’t. “I’m great thanks.”
Patrick nodded, “Who should I make this autograph out to then?”
“Me.” Oh crap, how could she have said such a stupid thing right now? Right when they were so close to each other? Surely he would sit right back down? Instead he chuckled and leant in closer.
“So you want me to write ‘me’ then?”
Amy was so surprised that he hadn’t been put off by her dumb answer that she nearly forgot to reply. Quickly she racked her brain for words, “No, don’t do that, to Amy please. That’s my name.”
Patrick raised his eyebrows, “Nice name.”
Suddenly a voice boomed out at them; the security guard, “We’re going to have to get a move on.”
Patrick’s eyes locked with Amy’s once more as he sighed, “Okay, alright.”
He slowly sat down again and Amy was once left again in her uncomfortable position of standing in front of him. Patrick. The guy Amy had liked for such a long time, even if she hadn’t known him personally. She could easily tell from afar that he was a sweet and sincere guy.
Patrick scribbled down a quick To Amy (Me) Patrick x and handed her the piece of paper. He flashed a smile and faked the security guard, “Better get a move on otherwise you’re in deep trouble Amy.”
She laughed and moved to Joe who looked a little annoyed. Amy suddenly realized that he must have been waiting for her to move over to him for a while. She also realized that she didn’t care too much. She wasn’t mean, but she wouldn’t have given up that minute with Patrick for anything.
And perhaps in going backstage, she might be able to have another minute with him.
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