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Josh Madden

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Ch. 9
Josh Madden

Josh Madden walked up to the house of Norman Cornwell’s. He crossed his arms, “So I came all the way here from California just to look this piece of crap over?” He shook his head and started walking. He walked up to the front door and looked from one side to the other, “Why the hell do I need to check this over seriously…” He opened the door, “This house is a piece of sh…” He stopped

The house looked brand new

He blinked and took out a piece of paper, “Is this the right house?” He asked himself and started walking, “Hello? Is anyone here?” He walked into the living room and looked around, “Hello?” He blinked and walked up to the coffee table. A newspaper was on it, he walked over to it and picked it up

“Hey love…”

He turned

A woman was standing there in her underwear and bra with a see through robe on top. She smiled at him and walked forward, “I don’t remember calling in the hot express.” She smiled

Josh smiled looking her up and down, “Sorry to invade but… Well I just got a job to check this place out to see if it was able to stay up or not. But there must be a mistake.” He said and smiled

“No big…” She smiled

Josh cleared his throat and said, “So what’s your name? Mines Josh Madden…”

She smiled, “Hannah… Hannah Sangwin.” She walked up to the couch and sat down and crossed her legs looking at him

“Hannah… nice name.” He smiled

“Thanks.” She giggled and looked to the side then back at him, “Are you Benji Madden’s brother?” She asked watching him

He blinked and nodded, “Yeah I am… you know Benji?” He asked

“I’m her boyfriend.”

Josh looked back, “Hey bro!” He smiled

Benji pushed away from the wall, “What are you doing here?” He started forward

Josh sighed and looked at him, “I came to check this house for if it was to be torn down or not.” He said and looked around, “So is Joel here to?”

Benji smiled, “Yeah.”

Josh blinked, “Really? Where?” he asked looking around

“The kitchen.” Benji smiled and walked up to him

Josh blinked watching him, “You’re acting weird… so what have you been up to?”

“Nothing much. You haven’t heard much about Joel and I have you?” He asked walking around him

“No… Mom hasn’t called me or anything. I never understood why.” Josh said looking up

Benji held his hand out to Hannah, “Have you ever tried calling us?” He asked and looked at him

Josh went red, “Oops… I guess not. Well I’ve been really busy.” He said

Hannah grabbed Benji’s hand and he pulled her up looking back at Josh, “I’m sure.” He smiled

Josh smiled, “Sorry bro.” He looked back, “I don’t hear anyone in the kitchen… You sure he’s in there?”

Benji nodded, “Yeah he is. Trust me.” He looked at Hannah and smiled

Hannah smiled and started towards Josh, “Let me take your coat love.” She said and grabbed his coat and slipped it off him

Benji smiled

Josh watched her, “Oh thanks but I was going to leave soon.” He said and looked at Benji

Benji shrugged, “Why so soon?” He asked and walked up

Hannah dropped Josh’s coat and wrapped her arms around Josh, “Why do you wanna leave?” She rested her head on his shoulder

Benji walked up and smiled and put his hand on Josh’s other shoulder, “Sit down brother. We can talk about lost times.” He watched as Hannah led him over to the couch, “Very lost times…” He smiled

Josh blinked and sat down when Hannah pushed him down. She sat across his lap. He looked at Benji then at her, “Um..”

Benji walked up, “So…” He sat down, “What do you want to talk about brother?”

Josh looked at Hannah then at Benji, he couldn’t believe Benji was just letting Hannah sit on his lap and flirt with him like that, “Nothing much.” He looked at Benji, “You?”

Benji smiled and looked at Hannah then at Josh, “Much has happened. I’ve just been through hell and back.” He laughed

Josh laughed a little, “I know that feeling.” He said

Benji nodded, “I’m sure.”

Something went past the corner of Josh’s eye. He looked over, “What was that?”

“What?” Hannah asked turning his head towards her

Josh blinked and looked over, “Nothing…”

Benji was gone

“Where’d Benji go?” He asked looking back at her

“To go get Joel.” She leaned in and kissed Josh on the lips

Josh blinked and tensed up

Hannah sat on his lap facing him

Josh loosened up and started returning the kiss. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her up to him

Hannah reached down and unbuttoned his pants and unzipped them, pulling away from the kiss she started unbuttoning his shirt as well

He watched her, he grabbed her robe and slide that down to where it stopped at her elbows

She smiled at him and pulled her arms out of the sleeves and let the robe drop to the floor, she grabbed the top of the legs of his pants and slide off his lap to the floor. She smiled up at him and started to slide his pants from his waist. She pulled them down to his waist and grabbed his boxers.

Josh blinked coming back to his senses and grabbed the boxers before she could get anywhere, “Hannah…” He heaved, “Your Benji’s girlfriend.”

“He knows what I’m doing honey.” She smiled and grabbed his hands and pulled them from his boxers. She smiled and grabbed the bottom of his boxers again and started sliding them down

Josh watched as she pulled them down

She looked up at him and put her hands on the top of his legs and pulled herself up back on his lap. She smiled

He wrapped his arms around her waist, sliding his hands down her waist he grabbed the sides of her underwear

She leaned in and kissed him again and slipped of his shirt. She got up on her knees

Josh slid off her underwear and rolled over to where he was on her.

She pulled back from the kiss and smiled

He smiled and saw something in the corner of his eye again, he looked, “Benji!” He sat up

Benji was leaning on the side of the doorway smiling. He pushed away and walked forward, “I see she has great interest in you brother…” He got up to them

Josh looked away then back at him, “Sorry Benji I couldn’t control myself.” He said

Benji smiled and shook his head, “Don’t bother. Not like I should care. Continue if you would like.”

Josh blinked, “But…”

Hannah grabbed Josh’s shoulders, “Come on Josh.” She smiled

Josh looked at her then at Benji, “You sure bro?” He asked

Benji shrugged, “Don’t mind me. I just came to see what was up. I need to head back to the kitchen…” He smiled and patted Josh’s head, “It’s fine.” He turned and started back down the hall

Hannah put her hand on Josh’s face and turned it to her, “Where were we?” She giggled and kissed him again

Josh returned it and put his hands on her sides

She pulled back and slipped her hands behind her back and unsnapped her bra and slipped it off, She smiled up at him and she smiled and rose up against him

He entered her slowly as for not to hurt her but every now again went faster for her pleasure

She moaned gladly

Josh opened his eyes and looked at her, “Holy shit!” He screamed and fell off the couch

She sat up, her flesh was torn and she was bleeding all over

He looked down at himself, on the front of him was her blood, he looked up at her, “What the fuck! Benji!” He yelled and stood up, he backed up and hit someone. He looked back, “Benji man look at your freaky girlfriend!” He pointed

Benji grabbed Josh’s shoulders, “You know what you missed brother?” He said in his ear

Josh looked back at him, “Benji?” He asked

“You missed out on my death brother…”

Josh tore away and looked back at Benji.

Benji was standing there his flesh torn as well, he started gurgling

Josh backed up, “Benji… oh my god!” He spun around

Hannah was standing there

“Get the fuck away!” He yelled and fell back

Hannah got down by him, followed by Benji

Josh backed up, “Get away god damn it!” He hit the wall

Benji grabbed Josh’s leg digging his nails in his skin

“Ah! Someone help!” Josh screamed in pain

Hannah grabbed Josh and dug her nails into his shoulders

Josh closed his eyes, “Brother…”

Benji grabbed Josh’s face

The splatter of blood hit the floor with Josh’s wailing, part of Josh’s face fell on the floor followed by Josh’s body, half his face torn away…
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