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Settling in

by ClovisShinigami 8 Reviews

Early childhood for Ranma/Harry. Up to the start of the training trip.

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: R - Genres: Crossover - Characters: Harry - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2008/01/26 - Updated: 2008/01/27 - 5127 words


  • Dragon Rage, Phoenix Song

    (#) dc1 2008-01-27 01:58:33 AM

    an enjoyable read. you combined my two favourite fanfics. there are so many possibilities in this story i can hardly wait for the next chapter.

    if i had to choose 1 girl from ranma to crossover to harry's world, it would have to be shampoo. i hope your harry is better than the canon versions of both harry potter and ranma. there was so much wasted potential in both of them

  • Dragon Rage, Phoenix Song

    (#) Wonderbee31 2008-01-27 10:43:15 AM

    Nice parts here, and looking forward to when Harry goes to Hogwarts. Personally, for some reason, I lkie the idea of Kodachi going with him, she's almost a Herbology mistress by Ranma canon, and it'd be fun to introduce her to the wizarding world.
  • Dragon Rage, Phoenix Song

    (#) koppe 2008-01-28 05:12:33 AM

    Good story so far...
    I'm looking forward to the sword-training... and I'm guessing he'll eventually have a wet accident.
    So Padma? I would hope you'll add Parvati too... as for from Ranma-verse; I definitively hope for Akane -- and perhaps Nabiki (no one better for a bit of economical-warfare).
    I do hope Harry and Hermione, Ron and Ginny eventually patch it up.
  • Dragon Rage, Phoenix Song

    (#) jamesq 2008-01-28 05:16:21 PM

    Kasumi is the only Ranma girl you shold include and if it is a sailor moon crossover Setsuna at the least
  • Dragon Rage, Phoenix Song

    (#) sagesolon 2008-02-02 06:40:40 PM

    Great Story. I thought I had already reviewed this one. Oh well, I think he needs some Slytherin girls when he gets back... like Daphne Greengrass and/or Pansy. Of course if you have one twin... you need the other too! It's one of every mans fantasies!!! update soon please.
  • Dragon Rage, Phoenix Song

    (#) Alt 2008-06-01 02:08:37 PM

    I'm enjoying this but it needs updates.
  • Dragon Rage, Phoenix Song

    (#) Chris_ShadowMoon 2008-08-02 02:18:42 AM

    If I could make a suggestion... Skim over the training journey and the canon Ranma story until you reach where things start to differ, probably after the bombed wedding. Now, for girls, I like Kasumi a LOT, but she's the only one... and I think that if you're going to include Sailor Moon (and you should, as Nerima and Juuban are over three districts and like fifty miles away from each other), the only person I really like is Hotaru and Chibiusa... so sue me, I like her. Now, I noticed 'Betrayal, both True and False' in the prophecy... I think that Ron's should be real and Hermione's fake... I do NOT like Ron, Sam-I-Am. I just don't. That's what I'd like to see, but it's your story...
  • Dragon Rage, Phoenix Song

    (#) keichan2 2009-03-24 12:56:38 PM

    It is an interesting start...

    I just had a horrendous idea: Harry + Neko-ken + Minerva's animagus form...
    And way more funny: replace Minerva with a Nundu... I wonder how said monster would react ;-p
    And if you want to push things, Harry is a Nundu animagus... With the neko-ken... Sometimes, I frighten myself... I don't think ANYONE would like to face a Nundu under the neko-ken dementia...
    ... But I just had a flash where said Nundu was on Kasumi's knees, puring, while she was scratching his head... Oh! My! God! So Cuuute! Imagine the wizarding world's reaction to seeing THAT ;-p

    More seriously, I got the feeling that Genma realized that Harry is not Ranma... (and we KNOW that he would do this to his REAL son, too ;-p)

    I hope you will not detail the training trip too much: I can't wait to know how Harry will react, being thrown into the mad-house that is Ranma's Nerima...

    About the girls, I hope you will not even consider Akane:
    First, with her insecurities and jealousy, there's now way in hell that she could accept being in a harem;
    Second, I can't see Harry accepting her "I hit first if I have a doubt, then hit again if you try to explain yourself" on his person. (that and she would certainly NOT tolerate that he is better cook than she is...)
    In fact, if you don't change any of the girls from the Ranma canon, I can't see one that Harry would take back to London and the Magical world:
    Nabiki is intelligent enough, but way too manipulative;
    Kasumi, I could see as a calming presence for him, but I can't see him bringing the gentle and defenceless girl into a war he is in the center of;
    Kodachi... I can't see any reason to choose her: she is as insane as Bellatrix;
    Shampoo could survive in a war alright, but as an Amazon "everything female coming near airen, I kill", she is absolutely unfit to be in a harem;
    As for Ukyo, I can't see a mentally 16+ years old Harry not recognizing what happened and prevent the engagement, or at least prevent Genma from stealing the dowry, and thus giving her no reason to be in Nerima ever.

    That's all for the moment!

    Please, update soon!

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