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Save Me

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Lots of things happen... some good, some not so good. Will Frank be able to deal with it all?

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I woke the next morning to the most annoying sound in the world.

Buzz buzz buzz buzz...

Rolling over in bed, I reached out my hand to grab the damned phone and shut it the hell up. For a split second I thought about throwing it out the window like I had done on a few occasions before, but then remembered where I was: a windowless underground stone building. Dammit.

Groaning a bit in disgust, I mustered together all the strength in the world to sit up. After a few minutes of trying to keep my eyes open, I finally decide to stand up. I took a step and closed the distance between the beds. Looking over Gerard, I realize the alarm didn't wake him. And I thought I was a heavy sleeper...

Grabbing him by the shoulder and shaking him gently, I whispered, "Gee... I'm sorry, man, but you've gotta wake up for second... Gee..."

He finally rolled over towards me, rubbed his eyes and squinted at me as if trying to remember who I was.

"I need clothes, Gee, I would have gotten it myself but I didn't know if you minded me going through your closet..." I explained.

He opened his eyes at once and got out of bed stretching. "No, it's alright, put on whatever you want."

"Okay, thanks. You can go back to sleep, you don't need to get up with me or anything."

Yawning loudly, he shook his head. "No, it's fine. I don't like sleeping too much, anyways."

I threw him an"are you serious?" look. "I hope you're joking, man... if it wasn't because Ihave to eat, I'd sleep all day," I joked.

Gerard laughed and started to look for something in the drawer of his nightstand. I took that moment to look through his closet for a clean shirt; I'd just wear the same jeans as the day before.

I cried out in delightful surprise as I saw one of the black t-shirts folded neatly. "The Misfits! I love them! I didn't know you liked them too."

He turned back to me and smiled. "Yeah, the shirt is one of my favorites. Don't worry, put it on."

I yanked my shirt off, tossing it to the floor, and pulled on Gerard's shirt. It fit me well, and I loved it.

"Here it is,"he mumbled, pulling out a sheet of paper from the drawer of his nightstand and walking over to me.

"What is it?"I asked, straightening out the shirt.

With an almost shy smile, Gerard handed the paper to me. "Your birthday present."

I looked at him surprised, and took the paper. I hadn't expected to receive any present at all.

"It's... it's me," I said, barely above a whisper. It was a charcoal drawing so well made that for a moment I forgot to breath. I recognized the scene in the drawing instantly. It was right after Kat had shown me her power, when I turned and looked at Gerard amazed. In the drawing, my face was a perfect mask of that amazement; my eyes were wide with a kind of curiosity that a child would show after having seen an amazing feat, my mouth was wide but the corners were turned up into a smile. The detail of the drawing was unbelievable. The table was drawn, some chairs, even pebbles on the floor. The dark hair hanging down in my face was drawn to perfection, with the sides of my head a shade of white exactly like in real life. The shape of my face, my eyes, just everything was perfect. It looked as though I had sat in that position for hours and he had drawn me, instead of the moment just lasting a second.

"It's amazing, Gee..." I whispered, still looking at the picture. "You are so talented; I've never seen anyone draw like you." I looked up at him and saw him smiling timidly at me, his cheeks turning a light shade of red.

"I... I just thought it was an important moment for you. I mean, it was your first time seeing real magic... well you saw me heal and stuff before, but in that moment you finally understood it was real, and instead of freaking out, it made you happy and... and I'm glad."

I stared in wonder at the sweet person in front of me, not knowing what to say. He was right, of course. In that moment when Kat showed me her power I was probably the happiest person on earth. My insides bubbled with an unbelievable excitement with the possibilities having powers would bring me; they would introduce me to a whole new world, far from the one I had had all my life and hated so intensely. Without thinking about it, I threw my arms around him in ahug. He stood stiff at first, but then relaxed and hugged me back.

"Thanks, Gee. It's the best present I've ever gotten. It really means a lot to me," I breathed into his hair.

He gave me apat on the back and responded, "I'm glad you like it."

"I love it," I corrected as we broke apart, smiling at each other.

"Err, you'd better get going or you'll be late," Gee informed me, rubbing his head sleepily.

"Shit!" I mumbled as I ran over to my bed. I carefully laid the drawing on it, before grabbing my hoodie off the floor and pulling it on.

Running to the door, I turned back and said, "Later, Gee! I'll be back around 2:10." He smiled and waved in return from his closet, where he was searching for something to put on.

I hurried out the building, down the lanes, through the tunnel and out of the Underworld without seeing anyone else. Every sane person in the world was still sleeping, tucked away in their beds and far away in dream land.

The cold jersey air greeted me as I jogged through the cemetery, avoiding fallen branches and other obstacles. My head began to throb again, like the day before; running this early in the morning couldn't be good.

Cars passed by noisily as I ran down the street, trying to cut the 10-minute-trip down to 3. Kids greeted each other happily as they waited around in groups for their friends to come. Nobody waited for me, but for once, I didn't care.

I ran up the school steps after everyone else. As I entered the school halls, I noticed they were deserted. /Dammit, late again/. Where had everyone gone so quickly? I grabbed my book bag from my locker, located on the first floor, which I never took home because I never did the homework anyways.

Taking the stairs two at a time, I reached the second floor and practically burst into room 21B; my history class. Who was the asshole that thought it was a genius idea to put the most boring class at 7:30 in the morning?

The whole class began to giggle as I stood in the doorway, out of breath and under the glare of Mrs. Portman. "How nice of you to join us, Mr. Iero. What's your excuse this time? Did the electricity go off in your block and your alarm clock didn't wake you? Did a dog chase you down the road? Did you run into a famous super model that wanted to take you for a ride in her fabulous red corvette?"she asked with a mean smirk on her pudgy face.

Well you see, Mrs. Potato head, I spent the night in the Underworld where there is no electricity, so your first theory could've been right, but I used the alarm on my cell phone and actually got up on time. The only thing I've seen today that could resemble a dog is you, and since you aren't chasing me, I guess your second theory just went down the toilet, and about the super model... I have met two girls that could be super models, but I doubt they have a corvette, so... there you have it. I'm actually late because a guy gave me a present for my birthday, which is today, and I didn't notice the time until he told me to get going. Yes, we slept in the same room.

"No, I - I just got up late," I mumbled while the rest of the class laughed. God, how I hated them all.

"Take your seat, Mr. Iero. Next time you're late, I'll give you detention for a week."

A collective "Ooooh!" swept through the class as I went over to the back of the room and slouched in my chair. /Bastards/.

I rubbed the side of my head, trying to ease away the headache the morning had given me, but with no results.

The day passed slowly by. I spent the classes staring at the clock that was located above the chalk board in every room. The minutes seemed to crawl by. My head was killing me but I knew I wouldn't be able to go home just because of a headache.

I was sitting in the last class of the day, Math, doing some problems that the teacher had told us to do and turn in before the bell rang. Suddenly, my head began to throb fiercely in a way it hadn't before. Even though the room was in silence, everyone concentrated on their math problems, my head ached unbearably. I dropped my pencil on the table, holding the sides of my heads and shutting my eyes, trying to close everything out and relax, but it only got worse. Every click of a pen, every sheet being turned over, even the fucking tick tock of the clock made my head throb in pain.

I gasped for breath as waves of pain shot through my head. I could hear the teacher call out to me, asking if I was alright, but all I could do was grab the sides of my head and yell out as my eyes were glazed over and the whole room seemed to be getting brighter by the second, forcing me to squeeze shut my eyes again.

I suddenly felt a low rumble and clatter around me, but couldn't open my eyes to see what was happening. I heard shouts and people cry out as the ground trembled, making the tables and everything on them bounce and tumble around.

"Frank!" the teacher yelled. I gasped and let go of my head as the pain let up and I could finally open my eyes. I knew my face was red because I could feel it burning as I breathed in and out heavily. The rumbling had stopped as soon as the pain had subsided, and everything in the room was still; including the people. I looked around and saw everyone staring at me with alarmed looks on their faces.

"I'm going to the nurse," I mumbled, grabbing my things and leaving the room in a rush, with everyone gaping after me.

Rubbing my head, afraid of the slight throbbing that was threatening to increase again, I threw my book bag on my back and left the building, not bothering to go to the nurse like I had said. I had to get to the Underground and fast. I wasn't sure what had happened but I didn't want it to happen out in the open again.

I raced through the empty streets, finally reaching my destination after a few endless minutes.

"Gerard," I called breathlessly to the people sitting around the wooden table and laughing about something I hadn't heard.

As I neared the table and the group saw me, the laughing stopped. "Frank, what's wrong?"Gerard asked, quickly getting up from the table.

"I...I..." I tried to answer, but stopped as another flash went through my head. It rushed through my head like an electric current, making me cry out in pain as I had done before. Dropping the book bag to the floor, I clutched my head with my hands."Make it stop, make it stop!" I pleaded, as they all rushed over to me with worried looks on their faces.

"Stop!" I yelled suddenly, with one hand stretched out towards them, scaring them and making them stay where they were, about half-a-dozen feet away from me. "Don't come closer, I don't know what w-"

I was cut off by my own scream of pain as the throbbing became so intense, I thought my head would explode. I pressed my hands against my head so tightly as if to shut it all inside and suppress the pain by mere force. I heard a rattling coming from the table and associated it to the sound of silverware and plates clattering on the table, since it was lunch time.

Aileen and others let out cries of surprise as objects began levitating from the table and floor. I continued to yell in pain as I dropped to my knees in a vain effort of trying to control it.

"Frank, try to breath calmly," Gerard started, just as the objects began to fly wildly around the hall. Plates crashed against the walls, silverware flashed around, threatening to cut the standing group of people as they ducked to the floor. Even the table flew violently around, crashing around and knocking torches to the floor. As the pain increased, so did my screams. The flying objects gained speed, flying around us all.

"No, Gerard, don't!" Aileen cried out, as he carefully walked towards me, keeping an eye out so as not to get hit by anything.

Tears poured out of my tightly shut eyes, as the pain became so strong, I wanted to kill myself, just to end it all. I didn't think I could take much more.

"Frank!"Gerard called to me through all the crashing. I looked up slightly and saw aflying knife slice his cheek, adding to the other cuts he was getting by trying to reach me, as pebbles from the ground hit him over and over again merciless.

I continued to cry in pain and in impotency. I didn't want Gerard to get hurt because of me, but I wanted him to help me too.

"Save me, Gee... save me..." I whispered, looking down, not thinking he could hear.

"It's okay, Frankie, don't worry, I'm here," Gerard whispered back. I felt two arms wrap themselves around me and hold me tightly. I gasped in surprise as the pain started to subside as Gerard whispered into my ear. "Hold on, Frankie, it'll pass soon, I'm here for you, I'm not going anywhere, its okay..."

I placed my head on his shoulder, making it damp with my tears. Suddenly, all of the objects that were in the air dropped to the ground. The few plates that hadn't broken crashed to the floor and shattered in tiny pieces. Shouts of surprise filled the hall as table landed a few feet away from Kat, Bob, Ray and Aileen.

The pain slowly gave away, but Gerard and I continued to sit on the floor. I let him hold me; I felt so safe and secure in his arms that I never wanted him to let go.

I was exhausted. I tried to look up at Gerard as he separated himself a bit to be able to see my face, still not letting go, but couldn't maintain my eyes open. Through my droopy eyelashes, I saw him smiling.

The pain was gone. I was safe now that Gee was here and it had all passed. My vision blurred and my head felt too heavy to hold up. Not being able to fight against gravity, I let my head drop back onto his shoulder and shut my eyes, letting myself fall into a familiar and soothing darkness.

So... any guesses to what his powers are? In my weird and disturbed head it's pretty obvious, but it might not be so to the rest of the world. You'll all find out pretty soon, anyways.

Thanks for all the reviews, they make me happy =) And they really do help me write... it's useful to know what everyone likes/hates about what I right to make future chapters better (hopefully).

Oh, and thank you very much for all the luck everyone has wished me! Only one exam left... I can't wait until its over!

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