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Would You Lay Me Out?

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At least you’re good for something.

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“This one?” I asked, holding an outfit up. “Or this one?” I held up another.

“What does it matter?” Steven asked with a sigh. He leaned to one side, trying to see the television, which I was standing in front of.

“Pick one!” I screeched.

“Uh… that one.” He pointed to a pair of black jeans and a red halter top I was holding in my left hand. “Now get out of the way!”

“Thank you,” I stuck my nose up as I walked out of the living room. “At least you’re good for something.”

After abandoning the other outfit on the floor of my room, I changed and hurried to the bathroom to work on my hair and makeup.

“Stupid eyeliner!” I waved my hands back and forth in a state of furry. “Why won’t you work with me? Just this once?” Of course, the eyeliner did not answer me. Mother says talking to inanimate objects is not healthy.

“Anna!” Steven called up the stairs. “Get your ass down here! You’re boyfriend is ringing the doorbell every ten seconds!”

“He’s not my boyfriend!” I yelled back. Or maybe he was. I didn’t know for sure. Angrily, I tossed the eyeliner into the toilet and tromped down the stairs. “Hey,” I mumbled after pulling open the front door violently. Gerard whistled.

“Dang…” He murmured. “If you’re going to look like this every time I take you somewhere, we’re going places more often.”

“Shut it,” I growled, fighting off a blush. “Where are we going?”
“You’ll see.” He smirked and headed for the car. I followed.
We drove in silence for a few minutes, but then Gerard spoke.
“You know, you didn’t have to change from what you wore to school. You looked fine.”

“You tell me that now!” I gasped. “After I spend an hour trying to figure out what to wear!” He snickered.

“Nervous or something?”
“Of course not!”

He stopped the car in front of a tall grey building. I looked up at it.

“Where are we?” I asked quizzically. He didn’t answer, only dragged me out of the car and through the doors of the building. We walked up seven flights of stairs, which I complained about. Finally, we walked into a nice looking restaurant whose name I could not pronounce.

It was nearly ten minutes before we were seated at a table. It was beside a large window looking over the city. I glanced out at the New Jersey skyline with a smile, before focusing my attention on the menu.
“Are you ready to order?” A waiter stood before our table. Gerard glanced at me, and I nodded.

“I’ll have the… child’s chicken tenders?” I decided. The waiter wrote it down without question, but Gerard dissolved into laughter. “What?” I challenged him. He just shook his head and ordered something.

While we ate, we discussed school. In other words, we complained about the teachers and made fun of the attention seekers. The food was delicious, and the setting sun outside the window gave everything a neutral glow.

After a few minutes of fighting, Gerard finally agreed to let me pay, and we left.

“Do you want me to take you home now?” He asked me as we got into the car.

“No!” I replied quickly. “It’s only 8:30, and you still haven’t given me that kiss you promised.” This made him laugh at me.

“I thought there was a rule against kissing on the first date…” Gerard teased, taking a turn toward his house.

“You promised.” I pouted playfully.
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