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The group runs into some more trouble

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Soon they were on their way again.

Dilton scuffled his feet watching red puffs of dirt surround his feet. He noticed that there weren’t any feet beside him anymore and looked up. “Why’d you guys sto-“

When he looked up he got his answer. A haphweigh was towering over them with vehemence in his eyes.

“That’s not good,” Dilton said, stumbling back to the group.

The group whipped out their weapons and stood in an ‘I’m ready’ stance.

“Whew, this one’s bigger than the last. Must be ten feet tall,” Scout said, snapping her whip against the ground. “Joe, try to avoid a near death experience this time, ok?”

Joe rolled his eyes and gave her a little smirk.

Alex was already shooting at the haphweigh. “You know, I haven’t realized until now how wimpy this weapon is,” he said hurriedly.

“Hey, at least you have ammo,” Joe said opening his gun.

“You’ve got to be kidding me! Mr. big gun has no ammo?” Scout anxiously replied.

“I thought our weapons had infinite ammo,” Cal stated taking out an arrow and knocking it.

“You guys do. I don’t.”

“You’re a cowboy, here’s a rope,” Scout said throwing a coil of rope at Joe. “Have fun!”

Joe looked at the rope and shrugged, “Well then, I think I have a plan,” he said plainly.

“I was kind of joking, but we’re listening.” Scout folded her arms and stared at Joe.

“Alright, me and Zora will run behind it and hold the rope taught. You guys shoot it in the eyes making it stumble backward. Then it will trip and I can hog tie it and we’ll be on our way.”

Cal shot an explosive arrow at the haphweigh’s eye, blinding it.

“Or…” Scout snapped her whip out, wrapping it around one of the creature’s legs. She pulled hard and the haphweigh was knocked off balance.

Joe caught on to what she was doing and ran over to the fallen monster. He looped one end of the rope around one leg then wrapped it around the other seven legs including its two pincers and tied it off. He stepped back and watched the haphweigh struggle to get free. The rope held.

“I’d say you won that rodeo,” Lara joked.

“We should go, eh?” Jake said pointing to the horizon with his thumb.

“Right.” Joe led the way.

They walked for quite a few miles before they came to a city that was nothing like the other villages that they had come across. The buildings were larger and there were skyscrapers standing erect against the sky. A mansion sat on a hill overlooking the city. The whole city was decorated in red and black.

“Think this is the place?” Alex asked.

“Definitely,” Scout replied.

“I’m hungry. Let’s find somewhere where we can stop for a bit,” Cal suggested.

“They’ll be looking for us. I don’t think we should stop at a restaurant,” Lara noted.

“We should back track and find a good vantage point. We can eat there. We need to find the rest of the team anyway and Zora can be on reconnaissance,” Dilton told the group.
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