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The First Date.

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Dating,Nosie Neighbors,Delious Sandwiches,Gusty Winds,Swearing,Crazy Boyfriends,And Fighting. Want More?

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-The First Date-

I was in my room, the sunlight was peeking out the curtains. I could have sworn I was just in the cab to long ago. I looked down and I was still wearing what I was in yesterday.
I got off the bed slowly still a little sore from the day before. Suddenly the phone rang, I leaned over slowly. The number on the Caller ID was from the Venue.
'Oh, great...I bet it's Allysa' I thought to myself.
I pushed the TALK button hesitently.
"Hello." My voice was still groggy from sleep.
"Hello, is this Andrea?" I was a male voice on the line a voice I reconized imediatly.
"Gerard...? How did you get my number?" I said fully awake now.
"Oh, well I came to the venue and you weren't here. I saw you boss a got your number from him. I took awhile though, he's a damn asshole."
I wanted to laugh at the way he said it.
"Okay, just making sure my friend wasn't a creeper." We both laughed. "Sorry I didn't tell you I wasn't working today."
"That's alright. I came to ask you, If you wanted to go out to lunch around 11:30 and after that we can do anything else you want to do." He said a bit nervously.
"Like a date?'' I said catching on to his idea.
"Uh, yeah. If it's alright with you, I mean."
"I'm alright with it." Actually I was more than just alright with it. "Where do you want to meet?"
"Just outside the Venue, your boss is pissed at something and he's cursing in well, latin-spanish-yittish or something? It's kinda scaring me, well see ya' later."
I laughed. "Okay, Bye." I said before hanging up.

I got up, I decided to wear the same clothes I was wearing the other day. Since I sleeped in it, I was too lazy to even change. I grabbed a twenty from my purse and headed outside.
After walking down the steps. I spotted Ms. Jansky having a cup of tea on her porch with her friend Alice. They both waved at me, then Ms. Jansky waved me over.
"Hello dear." She didn't give me room to reply to her greeting. "I saw you come late, with a man. Does he happen to be a new fling with you my dear?" She asked.
She always seemed to know what was going on with her surrounding nieghbors.
"No, there's no fling. He is just a good friend."
"Really? Hmm." She didn't look convinced.
Alice intrupted before I could even talk.
"Oh, Cinthia leave the poor girl alone." Alice playfully hit Ms.Jansky's shoulder. I decided it was time to go.
"Well, it was nice talking to you Ms.Jansky, Alice." I took one step off the porch.
"Oh, one question." Obviously Ms.Jansky wasn't done talking.
'Ugggh, what now?' I thought to myself.
"Are you going somewhere with that man?"
"Gerard, yes. I'm going out to lunch with him." I sounded irritated.
"Oh, well have fun then! The smile she gave me was fake.
They both said bye as I left.

After riding the bus I soon arrived on Marks Street. I was now walking up the steep, now concreted hill, towards the Venue.
Gerard's back was facing me, I noticed he was smoking. I walked up to him.
"Boo." I said with no emotion.
He chuckled. "You tryin' to scare me?" He gave me a hug.
My first hug.
"No, just trying to get your attention."
"Oh... well lets go then." He said. I felt stupid.
'Damn you,' I thought to myself. 'What the fuck is wrong with you? "Boo." Yeah, nice one.' I was lost in thought.
"Andrea? Are you OK? I noticed he was a few paces away.
"Oh, my bad." I jogged towards him.
"Geez, you are something."
"Something? Like what?'' I asked.
"I don't know yet. All I know is that it's something good." He smiled.

We were both sitting in a booth in the back of the diner, Gerard had recomended. The place looked run down and the table tops were greasy and crusted with food
particles, the linoleum floor looked like it hadn't been mopped in weeks, and the whole diner was fogged with ciggarette smoke.
"I know this isn't fancy but the food here is really good." Gerard said shrugging off his jacket.
"It's fine," I gave him an asuring smile. "I'll get whatever you get."
"Ok then." He looked down the aisle. " Here comes the waitress."
"I'm Sophie, I'll be your waitress for today. Ready to order?" She looked atleast 16, her hair was loosely tied in a ponytail, and her clothes were spotted with grease.
"Yes, we are." Gerard gave her a polite smile. Sophie grabbed the pen from the side of her ear and the ordering pad from out her apron.
"Alright, we'll have two Roast Beef with Provolone and Spicy Mustard on White and some vinagar fries." Gerard said watching the young girl quickly
write on the pad.
"Anything to drink?" She looked at him and then at me.
"I let the lady go first." He made a hand gesture towards me.
"Oh, I would like a Dr.Pepper."
"And I'll have a Coke."
"Ok, your order should be up soon, we're kinda having a slow day." She shrugged.
"Poor kid, this isn't a good place for her to work." Gerard said disappointed.
I turned around and saw a middle aged man grab her butt, Sophie jumped and had an angered look on her face but just turned and gave him a smile like it didn't
"Bastard!" Gerard mumbled in an enraged tone. "She shouldn't have to go through that shit!"
"Gerard," I reached over and uncurled his fist. "You can't just go over there and kick his ass, he's a damn biker for chist's sake!"
"I guess your right." He said relaxing his body.
The Sandwiches and drinks came shortly after.
"Here ya go," she gently placed everything in front of us. "Enjoy." She gave us both straws.
"Thanks, looks great!" Gerard said and I agreed.
"Oh, I wanted to ask you something." Sophie asked. "Are you in a band called 'My Chemical Romance' cause you look a lot like their lead singer."
Gerard Smiled. "Yeah I am."
"I knew it! My friend told me about you guys and we went to the concert a couple of days ago, you were all great!"
"Well, I'm glad you came out and see us. I'll look forward to seeing you at one of our other concerts."
"You bet! Can you sign something for me?" She took out a napkin and pen.
"Sure." He took the napkin and pen and gave her his signature, he passed the signed the napkin to her.
Sophie look at the signature in admiration and turned to him.
"Thank you," Tears were threatening her eyes. "Your music helps so much." She leaned down and gave him a hug.
"Sorry," Apoligizing for the tear she wiped away. "Well enjoy." she walked over to another table to waitress.
"Good kid." I said.
"Man, I wish I could do something more for her, you know." He grabbed his sandwich. "Well, I wanna see you eat your sandwich first so you can tell me waht you think."
I picked up the sandwich off the plate and took a bite. It tasted delicious, the Roast Beef fell apart in my mouth, and the Provolone and Spicy Mustard complimented
eachother nicely. "Whoa! That's the best fucking sandwich I've ever tasted!"
"I know, right!" He was happy about my reaction.
I had fun conversating with Gerard I got to learn about him and his thousands of his action figures.
I kept going in an out of reality.
"-Yeah, so me and Frankie threw Mikey of the porch..." I was watching his mouth move crookedly with hooded eyes.
"-And then Ray got hit in the head with the kickball out off no where..." My eyes traveled to his, they were Hazel, I was getting completely lost in them.
"Andrea? ANDREA?" Gerard said waving his hand in front of my face to get my attention.
I snapped out of dream like state. "HUH? Oh, sorry, my mind just went for a second there." I straightened my posture.
"Am I boring you?" He took a sip of his Coke.
"No, no. You're not." Geez this man is hypnotizing. I picked up a vinegar fri and popped it in my mouth.
"So, are you ready to leave?" Gerard was putting his jacket back on. I nodded 'yes' and slide off the vinel covered seat. Gerard left a tip.

On the way out Sophie waved bye and soon the cold wind welcomed us outside.
"Get in." Gerard pointed at a parked car I didn't recognize.
"Is this your car?" I knew the model though it was a Subaru XT.
"Yup, I had Mikey drop it off while we were eating, I had this thing since high school and it still runs like the first day I got it." He opened the passenger door for me.
I had myself buckled up and ready before he entered the drivers seat. He didn't ask for directions he new where I lived. When we got there moving trucks were in
front of Aneesah's appartment. Gerard put the car in park.
"What the fuck?" I said unbuckling my seat belt and stepping out the car. Gerard gave me a puzzled look.
I saw Aneesah. "What the hell, are you moving?" I said in an angered tone.
"What? No someone's moving in." She said hesitently.
"Who?!" I was still slightly angry.
Then from out of now where Brandon Charged outside, "What the hell, is all that noise!" My fucking worst nightmare.
"What the fuck," I was screaming profanities from left to right. "NO, NO! Your back with this douche?"
Next thing I know Gerard was pulling my body off him.

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