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I’m Coming My Lil Angel...

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Ch. 13
I’m Coming My Lil Angel...

Hilary ran in front of the Cornwell’s house. She glared at it and started forward, “I’m coming Megan! Ready or not!” She stopped in front of the door and backed up and kicked it with her foot smashing it open. She walked in, “Mandy!” She yelled looking around the house, she unscrewed the lid on the gas jug and tossed it on the floor

It smashed down and spread all over

Hilary kicked the jug making it slide across the floor making it spread more, she grabbed the jug and walked into the hall way and tossed it forward without letting go gas spilling out and going across the floor, she looked around, “Mandy!” she walked out of the hall and started up the steps spilling gas out on the steps, she got upstairs, “Mandy! Yell if you hear me!” She screamed and dropped the jug and kicked it across the hallway floor making more come out

It was empty

She ran forward, “I know where you hide bitch!” She ran into the room at the end of the hall, “Come out!” She screamed and looked at the cardboard boxes and ran up to the closet, “Mandy you up there!” She yelled and sliding the slid door over and getting up in the closet, “Mandy!” She stood up and pushed on the little attic door


She started climbing in

Someone moved

She stopped, “Mandy…”

Mandy’s body got pushed over

Hilary screamed and fell

Mandy hit the shelf she was sitting on

Hilary looked up and grabbed Mandy and dragged her out backing up looking at the hole

Above her something hit the floor

She looked up as it started sliding across the floor, “Megan!” She set Mandy down and started tearing at a cardboard box ripping apiece off, “Come on!” She screamed and ripped some off

It got closer to the hole

She looked up, “Back off!” She screamed and blinked

Billy fell from the hole but disappeared right when he hit the shelf

“B…Billy?” She stepped forward

An arm fell out of the hole

She looked up, “Shit!” She backed up and put the piece of cardboard in her mouth and ran forward and slammed the slide door shut and running back she grabbed Mandy and started dragging her, she had no energy from running so she couldn’t really carry her, plus she was over the small limit. Hilary got out of the room with her

Something hard hit the shelf and the door

Hilary’s heart pounded her mind racing, “I need to do this… Benji and Joel said I could, I would… for Hannah, Benji, Joel, and Billy! I need to for Mandy’s sake!” She looked at the door turning the corner

A cardboard box fell

Something screamed angrily

Hilary’s eyes widened, “She didn’t make that noise before…” She thought and started down the steps tears bursting from her eyes, “Please Mandy wake up!” She screamed still pulling her

She looked up at the railing

Something moved by it

“Mandy please wake up honey!” She screamed again and stopped, “Oh shit! Mandy’s covered in gas… I can’t start the fire with her in here! It’ll get her…” She looked at the door and dragged her off the last step, “Wake up I need you out of here!” She looked at the steps, “She’s coming, Billy!”

Mandy moved

Hilary looked down at her, “You’re alive honey! Thank god!” She dragged her to the door and looked at the steps

Megan walked around the corner watching Hilary

Hilary blinked, “You’re walking!” She hit the door and looked back at it then at Mandy, she dropped Mandy and grabbed the door and swung it open she looked back as Megan got closer to the bottom of the steps, “Mandy… stay out here…” She grabbed Mandy and pushed her out pushing her out as far as she could without leaving the house. She looked back, “I need to get to the kitchen…” She looked at Mandy and tears went down her cheeks, she started thinking as if time stopped, “Mandy… I will be with daddy now… be a good girl and live with a real family…” She backed up and shut the door and looked back

Megan was right there

“Holy…!” she backed against the door

Megan gurgled and reached for Hilary

Hilary moved to the side and ran down the hall she got into the kitchen and stopped and looked down the hall

Megan stood back to Hilary

Hilary looked at her pockets, “Wait.. I don’t have a lighter!” She started freaking out

Something hit the floor by her feet

She looked down, “A lighter…” She looked around and looked down at it and picked it up, “Billy’s lighter…” She smiled, “Billy…” She stood up and looked at Megan

Megan turned slowly toward her

Hilary looked at the lighter in her hand, “I’m coming Billy…” She gripped the lighter with both hands and walked into the middle of the hallway, she lit the lighter, “Come on bitch! Come for me!”

Megan growled and disappeared

Hilary blinked, “Shit…” She closed her eyes and opened them, “Now!” She screamed and dropped the lighter

Megan came out of the wall

Before she could grab her Hilary jumped forward dodging her and she slide across the floor, “I can’t leave Mandy!” She screamed and stood up as the flames came to her, “Mandy!” She screamed and started to run forward

She stumbled and fell by the sliding doors that was Mr. Cornwell’s room, Hilary looked back at Megan

She was screaming like she was in pain, but she was dead, the house, sense the house is burning down she is dying with it…

Hilary smiled and looked at the front door, “I… I’m c… coming… my little… angel…” She collapsed on the floor

Hands grabbed Hilary and her and someone crashed through the sliding doors and the person stood up with Hilary and turned to the sliding doors in the room that are glass and started towards them

Hilary opened her eyes a little

They smashed through the doors and the person lost their grip

Hilary rolled a little ways and stopped. She smiled, “Wow… Mandy has strength…” She thought to herself and looked over

Mandy was lying in the exact same spot Hilary put her at

“Mandy… then… who…” She collapsed seeing a face go over hers
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