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Chapter 26: A Whole Lot of Quidditch

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TMNT 2003/Harry Potter Crossover. Sequel to Books I through V. With enemies coming from all directions, Harry Potter will need all the help he can get.

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Chapter Twenty Six: A Whole Lot of Quidditch:

“Conditions look good outside, you’ve been training hard, if we stick to the plan, we should beat Ravenclaw,” announced Harry to the other members of the Slytherin Quidditch Team during the last weekend of February. “So play as hard as we’ve been practicing and we should win this match no problem at all.”

The other members of the team nodded, before they made their way up to the field, properly fired up and ready to play. The Ravenclaw Quidditch team stood on the other end of the field, with equally determined looks on their face.

“Welcome to the latest Quidditch battle between Ravenclaw and Slytherin,” announced Hailey. “Slytherin is coming off a rather impressive victory over the Gryffindor team and has momentum on their side, but Ravenclaw needs to win this game to have a chance to win the Quidditch Cup. No doubt this will be a highly contested game as The Slytherin Team, lead by captain and seeker Harry Potter, along with chasers Ginny Weasley, Isabelle Martinez, and Victoria Knox, beaters Rob Turner and Jack Maff, and Keeper Blaise Zabini square off against the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team, lead by captain and chaser Roger Davies, his fellow chasers Sara Harris and Rachael Smothers, Keeper Michael Corner, Beaters Rod Jefferies and Austin Stevens, and Chaser Cho Chang!”

“Captains shake hands,” ordered Madam Hooch and with that out of the way, fifteen broomsticks shot up into the air, ready for the Quidditch game.

“We are off with Rachael having possession of the Quaffle for Ravenclaw, but not for long as Ginny darts in front of her with precision, the speed that caused the Quaffle to slip out of her hand and Isabelle shoots forward, before she picks up the Quaffle,” said Hailey. “Beater Rod Jefferies closes in with the Bludger but she passes it above his head to Victoria Knox, who manages to shoot it forward, slipping past the Keeper and Slytherin is on the board with a ten to zero advantage so far.”

Harry looked up for any sign of the snitch whatsoever but found none so far as he circled the game, watching a bit of a struggle for the Quaffle below before Ginny managed to fake out the Ravenclaw Keeper by dodging one way, before she shot the other.

“Slytherin pushes further ahead with that twenty to zero lead, but it’s still anyone’s game, as Ravenclaw looks to take control, in fact Sara Harris grabs the Quaffle, dodging underneath a Bludger, before she passes it to Rachael Samson, who manages to get it towards the veteran seventh year chaser and captain,” informed Hailey. “Roger Davies manages to shoot it before the Slytherin Beaters can disarm it but Blaise darts forward, he saves the Quaffle before being put through and tosses it back into play, where Isabelle catches it and she darts forward, but Stevens hammers her with the Bludger, causing the Quaffle to fly up into the air. Ginny attempts to move forward, but she was out of position and Rachael has the Quaffle and aims it at an angle. Zabini reaches forward and it just slips through his arms. Goal for Ravenclaw but Slytherin is still in the lead, by a twenty to ten margin.”

“Split your attack between our goal posts and the Chasers!” shouted Harry to Jack and Rob who nodded from above before doing what they were told to as Harry continued his hunt for the Snitch from above.

“The Captain gives some sound strategy, but will it be enough to deter the Ravenclaws in their comeback?” questioned Hailey. “The Quaffle is in the possession of Ravenclaw, but not for long as Victoria swoops in and grabs the Quaffle, before she attempts to score. No, Corner manages to block, before the Quaffle is bounced back into the game, and Ravenclaw has the Quaffle, no wait Slytherin has the Quaffle as Ginny darts in! She zooms forward, almost doing a cartwheel in mid air with her broom to dodge a Bludger and she gracefully adjusts herself before she throws all caution to the win and aims it towards. The Quaffle spirals in and yes, she scores the goal, bringing the Slytherin Quidditch advantage up thirty to ten points.”

Harry looked over and saw the snitch floating a few feet. Carefully, Harry adjusted himself and made his way forward for the snitch.

“Harry’s seen the snitch but it looks like Cho Chang has as well and she follows in pursuit, but she may very well never catch Harry in time as she has a great lead!” said Hailey in an excited voice.

“Slow him!” ordered Roger Davies to his beaters in a nervous voice and two Bludgers were hammered right towards Harry

“Two Bludgers right, but Harry swerves around them,” said Hailey. “Unfortunately for Slytherin, it seems the snitch has vanished in the few seconds it took the seeker to dodge those Bludgers. In an attempt to make up for this near miss, Isabelle has the Quaffle and she attempts to score but Rachael manages to intercept it before the fourth year Chaser shoots forward, a Bludger nearly misses her but she loses the Quaffle in the process but Davies picks up the slack. The Quaffle aimed and Zabini prepares to block. The throw spirals past him and goes right through the center hoop, as Ravenclaw manages to close the gap. Slytherin is still in the lead thirty points as opposed to Ravenclaw’s twenty.”

The Quaffle bounced back and forth between both teams for several minutes, with neither team coming close to scoring for some time until Ravenclaw managed to slip by and score a goal after about ten minutes of intense back and forth action between the two teams.

“We are now tied up thirty to thirty, as after a shaky start, Ravenclaw looks to be making a bit of a comeback but we shall see if it lasts,” remarked Hailey. “Slytherin looks to disagree as Victoria has the Quaffle. The Beaters are on her and she passes it behind her back to Ginny and the Ravenclaw Beaters close in on her, but the Slytherin Beaters swoop in to beat the Bludgers back and cover Ginny, before she aims the Quaffle and shoots it through. No, very near miss right now, as Corner catches it before he throws the Quaffle back into the game and Sara catches it, before she passes it to Roger and he carefully aims it. The Quaffle spirals towards the goal post but Zabini was ready this time and he passes the Quaffle back in. The race is on and Ginny swoops it to grab the Quaffle, she dives underneath a Bludger, twists around another Bludger and adjusts her positioning before she shoots forward. This time she will not be denied, as Corner misses blocking the Quaffle and the tie is broken, giving Slytherin the advantage forty points to thirty!”

Harry looked for the Snitch as more back and forth action took place with a few unsuccessful attempts of goals being made. After an intense search, Harry managed to once again regain sight of the snitch but unfortunately Cho had also seen it as well.

“Chang darts towards the snitch, but it looks like Harry has seen it as well, the race is on and Harry dodges a Bludger, and in a blink of an eye, he overtakes Chang!” announced Hailey. “He reaches forward with the Slytherin beaters covering him and Harry grabs the snitch, giving Slytherin the victory, with the final score tally of one hundred and ninety to thirty!”

The Slytherin supporters cheered loudly while the Ravenclaw supporters looked a bit disappointed. The match ended a bit sooner than they would have hoped with Slytherin in the lead. Ravenclaw still had one more match with Gryffindor, but there chances of winning the Quidditch Cup were rather slim to none.

“Caught the snitch rather sooner than I would have normally, but Ravenclaw looked to be pretty tough, so it would be better if we ended that as soon as we did,” explained Harry to his team. “We’ve had two solid victories so far, one more game and the Quidditch Cup is as good as ours, but at the same time we can ill afford a slip up in the final match. I would suggest we watch Hufflepuff closely during their game with Gryffindor in two weeks, so we can put together a solid game plan.”

The Slytherin team nodded in agreement.

“But today is the time for celebration!” added Harry and the others cheered before they made their way down to the Slytherin common room to join the other members of the house to celebrate the Slytherin team’s latest victory.

The day after a party which went into the night, Daphne, Theodore, Harry, and Ginny took a late breakfast. They had only sat down for a few minutes, when an owl came bringing Daphne’s copy of the Daily Prophet. Daphne took the paper and looked at the front page headline. As she read, her face became grimmer by the second.

“What is it now, Daphne?” asked Theodore.

“Another important death,” suggested Ginny grimly.

“No, but this could really complicate matters for everyone,” replied Daphne. “It says here that the Gringotts goblins were split on a vote to suspend access to everyone’s vaults until the Ministry can come up with a suitable payment for breaking the treaty.”

“There’s no way they can keep people from accessing their own money,” said Theodore in a disbelieving voice. “Can they?”

“Yes, its well within their rights based upon the treaty from the last goblin rebellion,” answered Daphne in a saddened voice.

“It wouldn’t be an idle threat either, goblins are notorious for punishing those who break agreements,” added Ginny. “Still a punishment on this scale is rare even for the goblins.”

“If they do this, the value of the Galleon will decrease, prices will go up, the entire magical economy will collapse,” said Harry. “Believe it or not, I don’t think that would be what Voldemort wants. Especially since if the vote was split, there could be as I’ve feared, a split coming between the goblin nation as a whole.”

“Meaning a goblin civil war,” said Daphne. “Something that is unprecedented, as the goblins have always held a united front. Now half of them are with Voldemort because of any false promises and half of them just are anti-human in general. Both sides are going to believe that their opinion was right.”

“Doubt it’s a clean divide of the goblins but I need to send a letter, it’s a bit of a stretch, and it hasn’t worked the past couple of times I’ve tried it, but I have to try again,” muttered Harry as he hurried off to borrow one of the school owls, leaving Ginny, Daphne, and Theodore at the table.

“He’s got a plan,” said Daphne shortly.

“Of course he does,” replied Ginny fondly.

“Yes, but I do wonder if Harry’s biting off more than he can chew this time, attempting to meddle in the affairs of goblins,” added Theodore. “Even Voldemort’s attempts to get the goblins on his side could blow up in his face and he’s known how to play a very tricky game for years.”

Elsewhere, Draco Malfoy had looked at Potter walking off alone, a part of him sensing that it would be the perfect time to do the task that the Dark Lord set out for him prior to the beginning of the year. After all, his enemy was alone and there would be no witnesses, Draco could easily make it look like an accident.

Yet, a part of him hesitated, a thirst to prove his superiority to Potter on a grander scale rearing up inside of him. Draco wanted to defeat and eventually kill Harry Potter in a matter that fit his family name. It would not do a tall if Draco would kill Potter and try to cover it up with an accident.

Not yet, Draco would bide his time, he would formulate a plan, he had the dagger safely in his trunk, and then once the time was right, he would beat Potter for the world to see before finishing him off with the deadly poison contained in the dagger. It would be poetic justice that a weapon calmly used by ninja assassins would be used to finish off Potter.

In the end, Draco Malfoy would be known the world over as the one to single handily bring down Harry Potter. It would be justice for Potter stealing the glory meant for him in the Slytherin house.

Time went by over the next couple of weeks. For the sixth years, class work seemed to increase by the day, as teachers continued to prepare them for the N.E.W.T. examinations that would take place during their seventh year. With whispers of further Death Eater recruitment reaching him, Harry doubled up on his efforts in the supplementary Defense Against the Dark Arts classes, with his mother also putting in an extraordinary amount of effort towards the regular Defense against the Dark Arts classes, covering as much material as humanly possible.

Much to his displeasure, Harry had not heard back from the goblins. He was beginning to think that the message he sent was another wasted piece of parchment, as they appeared to have disregard his requests for a meeting. It was rather frustrating as Harry really did want to work with the goblins, but their attitude towards humans was a rather agitating roadblock. The more Harry thought about it, the more suspected that Voldemort’s use of fear to coerce all of these magical races to join him was rather more effect than diplomacy. Still, Harry kept fighting what was seemingly a losing battle, despite the fact most of the prominent magical races that would be of any use as allies were either solidly in the camp of Voldemort or neutral at best, anti-human in general at the very worst.

Still all of Hogwarts was abuzz of the upcoming Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. Both teams needed the victory to move towards second place with Slytherin being an obvious first place and Ravenclaw being a distant fourth place. If Hufflepuff won, then it was nearly assured that their battle with the Slytherin Quidditch team would be for the house Quidditch Championship. The members of Gryffindor house Quidditch team knew that if they put dominant performances in against both Hufflepuff and later Ravenclaw, then they could rebound from that early loss against Slytherin in the first match in the season to win the Quidditch Cup.

“Welcome to the latest Quidditch match, where the Hufflepuff and Gryffindor teams will be squaring off,” droned the commentator in a bored voice. “The Gryffindor team, lead by captain and veteran chaser Katie Bell, along with two other chasers Demelza Robins and Amanda Stampson, their beaters Jimmy Peakes and Ritchie Coote, keeper Ron Weasley, and a new seeker, Dennis Creevey. Their opponents…on the other team…lead by the seeker, Harry Potter’s sister, along with Chasers Elizabeth Martin, Brent Vine, and Carl Jacobs, Keeper Gregory Quance, and beaters Ray Edwards and Keith Lanton. This should be a barn burner, yeah.”

Hailey beckoned her teammates over for a quick strategy session.

“Okay, Gryffindor is going to play like their back is against the wall, which means they will take some hasty chances,” muttered Hailey. “Use their own recklessness against them and play smartly. Everyone clear on the plan.”

The teammates nodded in understanding and not a moment too soon as Madam Hooch ordered the captains to shake hands. Hailey did with Gryffindor captain Katie Bell before the Hufflepuff and Gryffindor team, along with the four balls shot up into the air to begin the game.

Hufflepuff took control right off the bat, with Elizabeth gaining control of the Quaffle and she shot forwards, before avoiding the attack from the Gryffindor beaters.

“Martin passes it to Jacobs, oh no, it looks like it was intercepted by Bell,” remarked the commentator dully. “She flies upwards, she flies some more, Bell flies even more, she’s high up into the air, she dodges the first Bludger, one of the Gryffindor beaters flies in and blocks the second Bludger, hammering back at one of the Hufflepuff chasers as Bell attempts to score from above. Blocked, Quance tosses the Quaffle back in. The Quaffle is in the game. The chasers on both teams race for the Quaffle, Vine has the Quaffle and dodges an attempt to get the ball, he aims the Quaffle but Keeper Ronald Weasley blocks it. It has been blocked and Weasley throws it back into the game, where Demelza Robins grabs onto the Quaffle. She flies forward, ducking, dodging, and ducking some more, before she prepares to aim the Quaffle and she aims it, but Hufflepuff manages to block it again.”

The Quaffle bounced back and forth between both teams for quite some time, with neither team coming close to scoring for quite some time, until Katie gained possession of the Quaffle and managed to put one past the Hufflepuff Keeper.

“After some time, Gryffindor scores the first goal, the score is ten to zero in favor of the Gryffindor team,” announced the commentator dully. “Hufflepuff will not take this lying down, oh no they will not, as once the Quaffle is in the air, two of the Hufflepuff Chasers make their way towards it, not a good move as they block themselves by accident as Amanda Stampson now has the Quaffle. No, not good, it appears this was a distraction, allowing Beater Edwards to hammer her…with the Bludger which causes the Quaffle to fly into the air. The Quaffle flies into the air and right into the grasp of Hufflepuff Chaser Brent Vine. He flies forward, aims the Quaffle, no Ron Weasley blocks it and sends it back into the game.”

“Kick it into high gear!” yelled Hailey.

“The Hufflepuff captain giving some strategy, as the Quaffle is now on the possession of Gryffindor but not for long as Bell may be knocked a loop with that Bludger, no she passes the Quaffle to Robins, who passes it to Stampson, who reverse passes it back to Robins, but Hufflepuff swoops in to take the Quaffle, as Jacobs blasts forward,” announced the commentator in a bored tone. “He takes the Quaffle, ducks two Bludgers, ducks an attempt from Bell to gain the control, before he passes through and attempts to score, but Weasley easily blocks it once more and throws it back but Martin now has the Quaffle. She shoots, it goes through, and Hufflepuff is now on the board for a ten to ten tie.”

The game continued to swing back and forth for the next fifteen or so minutes with Gryffindor making many attempts at goals that were expertly blocked. Each attempt caused more frustration to well enough with the Gryffindors which is what Hailey wanted as it allowed her to search for the snitch.

After some time Hailey finally managed to spot the Golden Snitch hovering slightly above. Adjusting her position, Hailey shot upwards at a nearly blinding speed, she would not be denied at grabbing the snitch and gaining the victory.

“What’s Potter seen, has she seen the snitch?” asked the commentator. “Yes, in fact, she may have, as she aims forward, but Creevey is following her, a bit too late to be effect as the Gryffindor team is just realizing that she saw the snitch. Attempted by the Gryffindor beater to knock her out of place, but Potter swerves to the right, before she reaches for the snitch and she clasps it in her hand, giving Hufflepuff a shocking victory.”

The crowd was in shock, they didn’t expect Gryffindor to lose so quickly to Hufflepuff of all teams. Gryffindor was perhaps second only to Slytherin as the top Quidditch team in Hogwarts and they always dominated their non-Slytherin Quidditch matches. As far as many of the Gryffindor supporters were concerned, this would be the equivalent of the Chudley Cannons defeating the Ireland national Quidditch Team after a tightly contested match.

The Hufflepuff supporters realized that Hufflepuff had defeated Gryffindor for the first time ever in nearly five hundred years in Quidditch and cheered wildly as the Hufflepuff team made their way down to the ground, as the members of the Gryffindor team looked a bit put off. Their match with Ravenclaw in three weeks would be for the third place position, as Hufflepuff and Slytherin were tied completely for first. Their match in May would be for the right to be the 1996-1997 House Quidditch Cup champions.

The Hufflepuff supporters made their way onto the field, mobbing the team and this time Hailey didn’t decide to make a run for it, but she did step back, allowing the rest of the team to bask in the glory of the victory. While she managed to make a smooth catch, it was the efforts of her other team mates that frustrated the Gryffindor team to the point where it allowed her to catch the Snitch.

“Just goes to show you, Hufflepuff beat Ravenclaw when no one said we could,” said Hailey, barely suppressing the urge to take a smug tone out of her voice. “Just today, Hufflepuff did what many thought we couldn’t we beat the Gryffindor team. I’m not going to brag too much, you all saw the match yourself so you can judge whether or not it was a lucky fluke. Our road to the house cup is through Slytherin, it won’t be an easy battle, but it will be one that I think with enough hard work, we can pull off. After all, we are tied for first!”

The Hufflepuffs cheered as a slow and loud clapping caused Harry to turn around, where he was standing there with the rest of the Slytherin Quidditch team.

“Impressive victory,” replied Harry calmly as his sister stared at him, her eyebrow raised. “Gryffindor took you way too lightly, but Slytherin will not.”

“I don’t expect you to Harry,” remarked Hailey in an equally calm voice. “I just hope Slytherin brings their best performance to the final, as it will make Hufflepuff’s victory that much more impressive.”

“We’ll see sis, we’ll see,” answered Harry calmly, as he turned to the other Slytherin team members. “We need to figure out how to best and most decisively beat you, see you later.”

Hailey nodded, she knew her brother was attempting to rile her up to get a competitive match for what may very well be his final Quidditch Match at Hogwarts. Still, Hailey would not let her brother and his fellow Slytherin team members roll over the Hufflepuffs just to allow Harry’s Hogwarts Quidditch career to end on a high note. The fourteen nearly fifteen year old girl would lead the Hufflepuff team to an extremely rare Quidditch victory.

Both Potters were determined to lead their team to victory, which could very well lead to one of the most closely contested Quidditch games in quite some time at Hogwarts.

A week later, Harry, Daphne, and Theodore had concluded another round of teaching the sixth and seventh years in the Supplementary Defense Against the Dark Arts class. When they left, Ginny and Luna were waiting for them to walk down to dinner.

“Everyone’s working hard,” said Daphne answering the unasked questions of both fifth year girls. “It seems the latest rash of Death Eater attacks has inspired a new level of hard work.”

“We’ve noticed the same things with the younger students,” agreed Ginny. “They seem to determined to learn enough to defend themselves, perhaps even more.”

“Hopefully they don’t try to do more then they are capable,” said Harry.

“Some might, but overall they are a good group,” replied Luna calmly. “If the Quidditch thing doesn’t pan out, you might consider teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts in the future. You’re a pretty good teacher Harry.”

The other three nodded in agreement.

“I’m pretty sure Mum has that job pretty much taken care of, but maybe after I beat Voldemort, it might be something to consider,” considered Harry and Harry heard a loud, manic round of laughter after his statement and they turned around to see Professor Trelawney standing there.

“Sorry children, cosmic vibrations causing random fits of insanity, my inner eye tends to not be able to accommodate a huge amount of premonitions from time to time,” said Trelawney in an apologetic voice. “Do carry on and don’t worry about me, the premonitions will pass.”

“She’s been a bit off all year,” remarked Luna.

“She’s been a bit off her entire life,” replied Ginny. “I reckon she’s a fraud because the prophecy she supposed to make wasn’t real and I doubt that any predictions she made were nothing but coincidence.”

“I agree with Ginny, predicting the future is something I’m unwilling to suspend my disbelief for,” added Harry.

“I know, it’s rather far-fetched,” allowed Luna. “It is an interesting branch of magic and there are a few true seers out there. Still, Professor Trelawney’s been a bit off character all year and those rumors that she might have encountered Death Eaters…”

“Still, seers, as rare as they have, have been known to have shifts of personality and if Trelawney is one, this could be one of those shifts,” suggested Theodore.

“Yes, random fits of insanity is not unheard of in those even with the slightest fit of seer talent,” said Luna with a nod.

“So, until Trelawney gives us a reason to suspect otherwise, it could be one of those shifts,” concluded Harry and above him, an owl flew up towards the group, with an envelope clasped in its talons. It stopped in front of Harry, before holding its talon, which allowed Harry to take the letter.

The owl flew off, allowing Harry to rip open the letter and read it, with a bit of a surprised look on his face.

“I’ve gotten a letter back from Gringotts, they said they want to meet me tonight about a potential alliance,” read Harry. “According to the time, they want to meet in one hour at the British branch of Gringotts.”

“Then we better not keep you waiting,” replied Ginny before she kissed Harry. “Good luck.”

The others nodded, waving Harry off, as Harry activated the Portus-Amulet to take him to Gringotts.

Not even a minute after Harry left, Ron rushed down the hallway looking rather frantic, before he stopped right in front of Ginny, Luna, Daphne, and Theodore.

“Ginny, where’s Harry?” asked Ron in a frantic voice.

“He just left a minute ago,” replied Ginny slowly.

“Bloody hell, Hermione’s lost her mind,” answered Ron. “She’s gone into all sorts of weird mood swings, she goes from laughing hysterically to crying to hexing everyone in anger and for a second, she cried out for help, mentioning Harry by name, before she started laughing madly again.”

“A teacher, did you tell a teacher?” asked Ginny.

“Someone got McGonagall but she is currently unconscious, very lucky Hermione didn’t murder her, she’s being moved to Gringotts now,” replied Ron. “The other prefects managed to evacuate the students before the light show started.”

“Light show?” asked Ginny.

“Yeah, all kinds of lights went off, she started hissing in some kind of language, she looked really sickly too for a few seconds like someone had…” started Ron but Ginny cut her brother off, before she bolted down the hallway, with the others following.

Ginny reached the corridor where a lot of Gryffindors stepped back as a glow came from the half opened portrait hole.

“I wouldn’t go in there, Granger’s was going to kill the entire lot of us all,” cautioned a seventh year.

“I can’t leave her alone, especially if she’s in there with him,” muttered Ginny in an absent minded voice as the others looked around, expecting Harry Potter to follow her but Ginny was alone, with Daphne, Theodore, Luna, and Ron following, who looked equally bewildered.

Ginny pushed her way inside and saw a swirling vortex of black light above Hermione as she screamed in absolute agony, with what appeared to be a normal book at her side.

“Ginny, get out of here!” yelled Hermione in a horrified voice before she began to burst into hysterical tears. “He’s back…found a way…to leave…travel between books…”

Ginny raised her wand, to do what she didn’t know. She wasn’t as good at this thinking on her feet thing like Harry was.

“Hello, Ginny, miss me?” hissed a voice coming from Hermione before Ginny could attack.

“Not particularly, Riddle,” replied Ginny with pure venom in her voice.

“You know I’m surprised, I hoped for the great Harry Potter to come, but I think you will do just fine,” remarked Riddle, before he used Hermione as a vessel and pointed her wand towards Ginny. “Unless of course you want to fight your friend.”

“STUPEFY!” yelled Ginny, reluctantly sending a stunning spell at Hermione but it didn’t have any effect and Riddle’s high laughter echoed, taunting Ginny.

“Not good enough to beat me, Ginny,” taunted Riddle. “I know you’re better than that, after I all I used to leach your power when we shared our special connection.”

Ginny hands shook and she pointed her wand at the book.

“Highly unadvisable, that will just send me back to the diary and leave the Mudblood a brain damaged vegetable for the rest her life,” said Riddle in a bored voice. “That may be an improvement as far as I’m concerned.”

Ginny stood there, hatred burning in her eyes, the shadows of her past taunting her, yet she felt helpless and knew that she could do nothing that would put Riddle back into the diary

“Let her go,” said Ginny in a firm voice.

“I know and take you instead, proving that despite your best efforts of being an ideal Slytherin, you still have faint traces of descending from a long line of Gryffindors,” remarked Riddle softly. “The fact remains, I’m going to take you both.”

Black energy waves burst from the book, both wrapping around Ginny and Hermione and in seconds, they were sucked right into the book, with Ginny’s wand clattering to the ground.
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