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The Concert And Backstage

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Amy and Rebecca see FOB live and then go backstage. What will happen there?

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After the two support bands had finished their sets and the roadies had set up Fall Out Boy’s equipment, the lights suddenly dimmed. Amy’s excitement began to rise as she realized that she was a few seconds away from seeing her favorite band live and just about to see Patrick performing on stage. Amy knew how good a musician Patrick was and she also knew that the stage was his home; it was a place where Amy could see him in true happiness. She looked around at Rebecca who had the same excited expression plastered across her face.
“Ready?” Amy asked Rebecca. She was wondering just how much excitement Rebecca was holding inside of her,
“You bet,” she replied, “Andy performing on stage. I can’t wait!”
“That’s funny, I was thinking the same thing about Patrick.”
Both girls laughed and briefly just before Fall Out Boy came running onto the stage, Amy thought that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad having Rebecca around.
As the guys came sprinting out and ripped into Of All The Gin Joints In The World, Amy kept her eyes focused on Patrick. She watched him throughout the whole song and he mesmerized her. No matter what, Amy couldn’t tear her eyes away from him or think anything other than that she wished she were with him right now, alone. But as she was thinking these thoughts she received a tap on the shoulder from Rebecca and she instantly snapped back into reality. She realized that although she wanted to be alone with Patrick tonight, the reality was that it probably wouldn’t happen.

After Fall Out Boy finished their long set, Rebecca and Amy headed out of the venue and around to the back to get backstage. They showed their backstage passes to a security guard (thankfully not the one from before) and headed into a corridor. The girls walked along for a while until they began to hear some voices. They turned the corner in the corridor and saw before them, Pete and Andy. Amy’s heart sunk as she saw that Patrick wasn’t there, where as Rebecca’s eyes lit up upon seeing Andy.
“Oh hey,” Pete said turning towards the girls. Amy noticed that he was clearly only saying this to her.
“Hey,” Amy replied while keeping an eye on Rebecca who was now beginning to talk to Andy.
“Glad you came,” Pete said smiling at Amy.
“Um, me too,” she replied trying to force a smile.
This was so awkward for Amy. She was trying to show Pete that she wasn’t interested in him the way he was in her while still being friendly. She was also trying to watch Rebecca for any sign of her heading off with Andy alone.
Suddenly Rebecca turned to Amy and she wondered why Rebecca’s conversation had finished with Andy, “We’re just off to, uh, um,” Rebecca mumbled.
Amy finished off Rebecca’s sentence, “Find the girls bathroom.”
Pete nodded at them and let them pass. Andy whispered something to Rebecca which Amy didn’t catch.
Rebecca and Amy rounded another corner and found the girls bathroom where they both made a dash into there. Rebecca took a deep breath and then spoke, “Firstly,” she said quickly, “I could see you were as uncomfortable as hell and I needed to get you out of there and secondly, Andy asked me if I wanted to go outside with him, I would have gone so I had to get out of there before saying yes.” Rebecca rested her arms on the bathroom wall and took another deep breath.
Amy took the fact that Rebecca had taken another breath to mean that it was now her time to talk. “Well you’re right,” she said, “It was uncomfortable. I haven’t had a chance to tell you this but I really like Patrick, I think he likes me and to complicate the situation, Pete likes me too but I don’t like him that way.”
Rebecca looked up at Amy with a confused expression on her face. “Well simply I have to find Patrick and keep away from Pete,” Amy said trying to make herself clearer.
“Why didn’t you say so?” Rebecca smiled, “I can help you too you know?”
“Well I need all the help I can get!” Amy exclaimed.
“Me too.”
They burst out laughing together.
“So I’ll keep you from being with Andy alone and you keep me away from Pete and near Patrick,” Amy said as their laughing settled down.
“Deal.” Rebecca said heading back out of the bathroom, “Now let’s find Patrick for you.”

Rebecca and Amy made their way down yet another corridor as they searched for Patrick. After looking what seemed like everywhere, they finally gave up looking for him. He was just nowhere to be found. Amy felt a little twinge of disappointment as she realized that the chances of seeing Patrick alone, or ever for that matter, were small.
“Well I guess we better go,” Amy said trying to sound as if she weren’t bothered by not finding Patrick anywhere.
Rebecca patted her on the shoulder, “I guess so. Before Andy gets here and I elope with him!”
Amy laughed at the joke and gave her best shot at smiling, “Alright, let’s go. How about a night on the town then? We haven’t really been able to talk much since we met.”
Rebecca agreed and they walked to the backstage door without seeing anyone. No Pete, Andy, Joe or Patrick. Amy held the door open for Rebecca and she stepped outside. Amy was just about to do this also when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked around to see Patrick smiling down at her.
“Hey Amy,” he said in a gentle voice, “Staying?”
Amy looked back to see Rebecca who was smiling at her. Amy didn’t know what to say to Rebecca. She wanted to go with her, but of course she also desperately wanted to go with Patrick too. Amy didn’t even have to say anything about this as Rebecca winked and walked away from her and Patrick. Amy grinned and then turned to face Patrick. It had all worked out, here she was about to be alone with Patrick and she had also found a best friend too, Rebecca.
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