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A Whistle in The Wind

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Yamanaka Ino has always been an average kunoichi. At least that's a delusion she cast upon herself for the past twelve years. And nothing last forever. [Naruto x Bleach]

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Disclaimer: Naruto is created by Masashi Kishimoto through his manga, published by Shueisha and produced into anime by Studio Pierrot and Aniplex. The original plot/story line is solely through the Kishimoto copyright. Alteration, new storyline and totally out of character is made into this fic.


/Whistle in The Wind/

/Chapter 1 - Dismissive Thoughts/


There was a time, when a very much so bored Ino did something that her self called 'moronic'. She didn't know what else she should say about it. It's nothing stupid -like when she arranged a full three weeks low carb program-which ended with a week admittance to Konoha Hospital, totally troubled Shikamaru and enrage Sakura. It's nothing suicidal either -like when she aimed an un-tested modified Shiteinshin towards at least thirty Kumo-nin in her first higher A-rank mission- which ended with two weeks comatose in Konoha Hospital, one month further admittance for side effect treatment, sobbing Sakura, and three months mission suspend. Chouji once quote, 'A creative Ino, is adestructive Ino', and Shikamaru had nothing smart enough to add.

In a plain, general daily basis, Yamanaka Inoishi viewed his life as'something beautiful'. Not that Shikato and Chouza had anything to say about it. He had this silky, soft, long hair that Hyuugas often wondered their shampoo secret recipe was leaked to outsider. His flower business was something to be proud of, with some branch built across the fire country. His love toward his family was unwavered. No matter how whipped he was around his wife and how many hair he lost from his daughter antics. In front of very much drunk Shikato, he quote, 'Life is love, and love is life'.

In a sense, TenTen was a proud Kunoichi. She had this huge collection of Tsunade -far before she become godaime- posters around her room that she planned to have a signature for it. Not for long though, she dismissed the idea and watched the new humongous carving at hokage mountain instead. And she sealed all her poster collection into a scroll, tucked safely in her treasure box. She would smile towards her team mate, no matter how 'unique' they were. And she would politely greet her comrade in the way. Which what exactly she had in mind at the moment.

TenTen leaped branch to branch with Konoha just a couple miles forward. She had a solo mission report to be handed and team nine gathering to deal with. They passed along each other outside the gate. Or to be exact, along the outside gate. She saw a familiar blond figure walked leisurely around Konoha. By the word 'walked', it meant the normal 'walk' for shinobi. Not the nice strolling when some teens did during a shopping, but rather fast pace walking like one did during a mission. And she noticed who it was.

"Ino!" TenTen voice snapped her reverie as she stopped in the middle of the track. As to be expected, the familiar black odango was running towards her.

"TenTen! Konichiwa. O genki desu ka?", Ino greet her.

"Hai. O genki desu yo. Kimi wa?"

"Daijobu, daijobu.", she waved her hand.

"Mission?", questioned Tenten.

"Iee. Just a stroll.", answered Ino.

"Aaa..., sou. Want to come with me? I'm going to finish this and we can have alunch.", She gave a single glance to the Sun position and corrected her earlier statement, "Or maybe an early dinner instead?"

Ino laughed, "Thanks but, I have enough of that with Chouji."

"Wakkata.", She chuckled at the answer. Everyone basically know the meal habit of chou clan. "I just have this report and we can do anything afterwards. Maybe a trip to onsen will do good. I'm totally reek."

"That, I'm agree.", replied Ino, "I appreciate the gesture."

TenTen didn't push any further. "Okay, maybe next time.", she nodded in understanding. If Ino want to be alone then let it be. It's not her place to pursue the subject further.

"Then, I'll take my leave. Take care, Ino!", TenTen leaped forward toward Konoha gate, wishing goodbye to the blond.

"Take care to you too.", replied Ino, she still smiling at the touch. TenTen is really sweet and understanding at times.

She continued her strolling -or so she called it- around Konoha. Oh, right. What was she doing at the first time again? The one she called 'moronic'activity? Now that she mentioned about it, it sounded quite stupid. She's no Lee and she didn't run around Konoha backwards using solely thumbs. No. She's just strolled around, as she told the other girl minutes ago. She's got nothing to do. No mission. No training with team ten. No work. Okay, maybe half work, since Inoichi said they could close the shop for the rest of the day. But still..., she was bored. /Why the hell didn't I accept her invitation?/, She banged her head inwardly. She sighed. She had no urge of doing 'girly'activites -or so Shikamaru said- that included any kind of shopping, any kind of training, nor did she wanted to do any kind of cloud watching. And she's been doing nothing but walked around Konoha for the past hours doing... nothing. Just walked with nothing in mind.

And so, she continue walking around Konoha until she lost count and she stopped. She looked at the sky and realized it was dark already. She decided to walked towards Konoha.

Two familiar figure was looming about thirty feet above the ground, right on top of Konoha Gates. They chatted with each other until they saw someone approach the gate. And they jumped downwards.

"Hold it."

Ino turned her sight towards the voice. And she waved after she recognized the owner of it, "Hi, Genma."

"Ino-chan!", the third proctor of Chunnin exam grinned after her.

"Yamanaka-san.", the second voice greeted her in polite tone.

"Hi Kotetsu.", she smiled, "How many times I told you, don't call me that?Yamanaka-san make me sounds old."

"Eh? But you've aged quite lot. Not that it's a bad thing.", Genma quickly added, seeing the twitch on her smile, "More like a mature sort of way."

"Aaa..., domo." She nodded.

"And so, that makes you a perfect dates candidate.", said Genma.

"Oi, are you trying to flirt with Ino-san?", chidded Kotetsu.

Ino chuckled, "Iii desu, Kotetsu-kun. You know how a player he is."

"See, Kotetsu? I haven't lost my charm!", said Genma.

"Forgive him, Ino-san. He's practically kids in Men's body."

"And you're an old men?", Genma retorted.

"Yare, yare.", Ino shook her head in amusement, "You both fight like an old married couple."

"That we do.", Genma nodded in agreement.

"Dou Ahou!", somehow a white harisen landed on top of Genma head, instantly bringing his face to the ground, "Don't joke like that!"

"Ah-re?", Genma quickly regained his footing, "We didn't?"

Kotetsu sighed in defeat, "You're free to go, Ino-san.". He glowered back at Genma, "I'll take care of him..., /soon/."

"Aaa... Sou, sou. Have a good night you two!" She waved her hand back as she walked away, trying to hold back her laugh, which failing miserably. Somehow, the yelling could be heard even after she'd walked through a distance. She'll never get old of those two. She chuckled along the way, receiving acouple odd stares from the passerby.

Minutes later, she found her self calm and collected, sitting on top of Yondaime head. If it was originally a favorite spot for Naruto alone, then he didn't know any better. Because Ino found her self often on the same spot, watching over Konoha. Or preferably, the fire country. At times like this, Ino was quiet and silent. She could spent hours sitting there without anyone know about it. Not even Shikamaru.

Naruto was loud, hyperactive blond and liked to boast about everything. In one thing or another, he liked to attract attention. But when he sat on Yondaime head, as Ino observed quite often without the blond knowledge, he was quiet, calm and... content. It's like one of those meditating hermit on top of the mountain. Maybe being ero-Jiraiya apprentice had the side effect after all.

Shikamaru was lazy, aloof, he frowned too much for her liking, but he's also... observant. To Ino, he's unpredictable but loveable anyway. But when he sat down among the grass, looking upwards and watching clouds, he was relaxed, calm and almost... happy. She didn't know the reason behind that. Maybe being agenius prodigy made his cerebrum structure more complex than normal human. And times when he could released him self from the world pressure were the times he could untangled pieces of his mind, like a puzzle of clouds, that he could rearranged and to follow a normal pattern without the excess brainload.

And Ino eyes roamed over the moon/s/, which quite different that night. Two moon emerged in the sky, one was pure and large and the other was smaller, tainted with crimson. For civilians and shinobis, this was a sight to behold. A rare events that happened. Full of superstitious rumors and believe. Once for every fifty millenia. For Ino, this meant for another. Because whatever uneasy feeling in her navel didn't make anything better for her good. Some business she didn't need to deal with at the moment. Her sight fell toward a black cat that crawling near her. The cat moved slowly towards her, staring, as if unsure of the human intention. For a moment, Ino stared back and seconds later, she nodded. The cat fell into her lap.

"Long time no see, Yoruichi."

The cat purred back at her, nudged her stomach lightly.

"It's okay. Nobody's here at the moment. I don't sense any Anbu patrolled near this site."

The cat stared at her again for a longer time. And released a soft sigh. In seconds, a tall pig-tailed brunette with tanned skin appeared in place of the cat, with no article clinged to her soft skin.

Ino raised her eyebrows, "You haven't grown since the last time I saw you."

"I gained some height for the past years.", The tanned woman picked her hair-pin and in a second the pin glowed softly as a tight yellow ninja-like suit appeared on her hand. She began to wear the clothing in disdain.

"Still don't like it?"

"It's necessary. To human conduct and custom."

Ino smiled mischievously, "Where's the midget that always followed after you?"

"Soi Fong?", she gave the blond a single glance before back to her clothing,"She led second division around the fire country now."

Ino face remained impassive.

"Ryuuhei-sa-", she shook her head, "Iee..., Ryuuhei taichou.", she knelt down with one of her leg and a fisted palm on the ground.

"I'm no longer part of seireitei, Yoruichi."

"For us, you are and you will always be, Ryuuhei-sama.", said Yoruichi.

"Us, who? I have no one. No comrades, no squad in my command. I have no power whatsoever to do anything.", said Ino, "Nothing connect us, Yoruichi. Nothing at all."

Yoruichi looked up at Ino's face in disbelief.

"Gomen. I was too emotional. Looks like I skipped dinner again."


"Look, Yoruichi.", Ino held her hand forward in a gesture 'stop for a moment and let me explain', "I just have this really stressful -lie- day. And that's abad thing."

"I..., I understand.", She bowed her head and ready to leap out.

"Yoruichi.", Ino voice rang through the air, automatically halted Yoruichi in track.

She tilted her head in curiosity, "Hai, Ryuuhei-sama?"

"I didn't ask you to leave."

Yoruichi stared at her.

"It's just....", Ino paused for a second and then she release the sigh she didn't know she's been holding. She was silent for a minute, before a small smile tugged at the very corner of her lips. She stared at the brunette with an expression that hard to decipher.


Ino shook her head and she smiled at her, "Look, there must be a reason for you and the midget to be here. And don't tell me because you just want to chat with me over a tea."

She nodded in response.

"How long will you be here?"

"As long as its required.", answered Yoruichi.

"That complicated?", question Ino.

"Very much so, Ryuuhei-sama."

Ino was silent, her mind and heart conflicted against each other. She stared at the brunette again, as if contemplating for something before she began to speak, "Yoruichi..., do you have a place to stay for the night?"

She looked at her, confused with the sudden question. Is that an offer?

"Before you say anything, yes, it's an offer. And no, it's not an order. Not that I can order you around anyway." The brunette looked like she's going to counter the last statement before Ino cut her down, "And no, I can't read your mind."

"If it's not too much trouble then, Ryuuhei-sama.", she bowed her head in appreciation.

Ino grinned after her, "Who? You?". She shook her head in amusement. "We can discuss this further at my... current home." Yoruichi suddenly looked at her with new interest and Ino caught that, because she quickly added, "Look, I ain't promise a thing. But if this is exactly what I'm thinking, then we're going to have a long talk. And we're going to need the bed and coffee for it."

"Understood, Ryuuhei-sama.", said Yoruichi.

"And Yoruichi?"


"I'm Yamanaka Ino in this world. Just call me Ino.", Ino grinned, "Yamanaka makes me sounds old."

Yoruichi nodded.

"And drop that formalities.", Ino added.

"As you wish, Ino-sama.", Yoruichi allowed herself smiling a small smile.

Ino gave her a look.

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