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Chapter Two

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What would you do in six months?

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“You’re playing is as good as always,” Kyle complimented.

“What do you want Kyle?” Carson whispered.

“Can I come in?” He asked quietly. She walked away, leaving the door wide open. She entered the kitchen, pulling out her favorite tea, not bothering to ask if he’d like some.

“What do you want?” She repeated, not meeting his eyes.

“I want you,” He answered honestly.

Carson dropped her favorite mug, and watched it shatter, “Well you can’t have me. Kyle, I wasn’t joking when I said this was a long time coming. I don’t feel the same way I used to.”

“But I love you Carson!” Kyle pleaded.

“I don’t love you.” Carson countered. “It’s over Kyle.” Kyle opened his mouth, but Carson’s phone rang. “Hello?”

”Hey Carson, it’s Pete.”

“It’s really not a good time.” Carson stressed.

“Is that a guy?” Kyle asked angrily. “Were you cheating on me?”

”Who is that?”

“Just wait a minute!” Carson yelled. “Pete, that is my ex-fiancée, emphasize of the ex, and Kyle, that is Pete Wentz. Yes, Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy. Now Pete, I’ll call you in like ten minutes, bye.”

“How in hell did you meet Pete Wentz?” Kyle demanded.

“Gabby and I ran into he and the band after their show,” Carson explained. “Not like I really need to explain anything to you because we are not engaged, or even dating. Now please Kyle, get out of my apartment.”

“Carson, please.” Kyle begged.

She wiped tears away from her eyes, “I can’t do this. Goodbye Kyle.” Carson shut and locked the door, leaning against it heavily. Her head was pounding, and she felt sick. She took a few steps forward, and… black.
Gabby blatantly reached for her alarm clock when she realized it was actually her phone ringing. “Hello?”


“Pete? How did you get my number?” Gabby groaned, “And why are you calling me at four- thirty in the morning.”

”Carson never called me back. She said that she’d call me back in about ten minutes and she never did. And her ex was there.”

“Wait, Kyle was there?” Gabby sat straight up, reaching for clothes hastily.

”You don’t think they… umm… did anything, do you?”

“No, no, Carson has always wanted to wait for marriage,” Gabby assured him. “But this not calling you back thing, that’s bad. She never forgets to call people back. I’m going to go check on her, either I’ll call you back soon, or she’ll call you in the morning.”

Brandon rolled over in his sleep, and Gabby slipped soundlessly out of her apartment, running up to Carson’s. She let herself in using the key Carson had gave her, but couldn’t open the door all the way, something was in the way. Gabby froze with fear, regaining control as she peeked around the door, flicking on the light.

Gabby gasped, rushing to feel Carson’s pulse. She whipped out her cell, dialing her own apartment, “Brandon, call an ambulance. Now.” She started lifted her upper body off the floor, cradling her head. “Carson, c’mon. Wake up. Pete’s going to have a heart attack when I tell him you’re in the hospital. You know he called me at four-thirty in the morning. Thank God he did though.” Paramedics rushed in, asking her questions, lifted Carson away from her.

“Can I come in back?” Gabby asked, and they nodded. She climbed in holding the other girl’s hand, hoping she’d be okay.
Carson opened her eyes, but quickly shut them. She groaned, attempting to roll over but finding she couldn’t. She heard someone sniffling, and finally braved the bright lights, only to see Gabby crying by her bedside.

“Car, why didn’t you tell me?” She whispered.

“I didn’t want to see you like this,” Carson answered.

“What about treatment?” Gabby searched for a solution.

Carson shook her head sadly, “It’s too late. I’d die no matter what we did. I just want to live my last six months or so normal.”

Gabby paled, “Six months? That’s all you have?”

“Give or take. Gabby, it’s going to be okay. I’m just going to do the cliché thing and live life to the fullest. Maybe lose may virginity while I’m at it,” She attempted to make a joke.

“This isn’t funny Carson Marie Rose,” Gabby choked out, breaking out in fresh tears. “You’re going to die.”

“Just don’t tell anyone Gabby,” Carson asked. “No one needs to know.” Gabby rested her head on the bed, and sobbed. Carson stroked her hair, murmuring comforting things, thinking how most people in this situation would be in opposite positions.

Gabby wiped her tears, sitting up, “Pete’s already on his way.”

“I’m just going to tell him that I was exhausted, and didn’t eat enough,” Carson offered.

“Ok, well, I have to go. Unlike you, I actually work on Saturday,” Gabby teased. “And you really do need to eat more.” Carson smiled, and picked up a nearby magazine, skimming the title and widening her eyes. Does Pete Wentz have a new girlfriend? the title screamed. Underneath, the picture that was taken the night before in the diner was shown. She flipped angrily to the article, and reading fast.

“So you’ve seen it,” A voice said. Carson looked up to see Pete, hair ruffled, as if he had just rolled out of bed.

“It’s umm… interesting,” Carson said flatly.

“It’s impossible to stop the tabloids, sorry,” Pete smiled apologetically. “So, are you going to tell me why you’re here.”

“I was just really tired, and emotionally exhausted and I didn’t eat enough,” Carson lied, staring him straight in the eyes. “I’ll be fine. I’m just a little stressed.”

“Ok then, I’ll just have to figure out all your favorite foods and have them on hand at all times,” He grinned, walking out of the room and bringing back a bouquet of red roses, and Carson’s favorite candies, Twix and gummy bears. He also carried her iPod, “Gabby told me she forgot to give it to you.” He explained when he saw her raised eyebrows.

“How did you know my favorite candies?” She asked, absolutely amazed.

He shrugged, “They’re my favorites.” Carson grinned, immediately taking the gifts, smelling the roses, ripping open the Twix, and shoving the earphones into her ears. “Nice to see you too.”

Carson pulled out one earphone, “Sorry, I just always have music on, it’s a habit.”

Pete nodded understandingly, “I do that too. It’s like second nature.” She broke a Twix in half, and held it out. “Anyway, the boys and I are having a party at my house in a week, next Saturday and we were wondering if you and Gabby could come. Gabby’s boyfriend could come too.”

“It sounds cool,” Carson “We’ll be there.”

“Of course, you have to stay out of the hospital in that time,” Pete teased. “And of course there will be a buffet of candy.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll stay out of trouble,” Carson rolled her eyes.

Pete looked down, embarrassed, “I’ve got to go, but hopefully I’ll see you before the party. I’d like to hear you play.” He walked out, and she couldn’t stop the smile from spreading across her face.

The nurse that was attending her, a kind old woman, walked in, “He’s such a nice boy. How long have you been together?”

“We’re not… I mean we’re friends. I just met him last night,” Carson stumbled over her words.

“Well, he’s pretty fond of you. It’ll happen soon enough, invite me to the wedding,” Nurse Catherine said, practically skipping out of the room.

“Crazy old lady,” Carson murmured.
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