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chap 2

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okay, i suck at summarys. Anyway, five six six has to get ready. And as she does, she remebers the boy from so long ago...

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author note: look, i only got 12 reads! pst, my naruto one got more! lol, here we go, man, i can make five six six a loser at points, can't i? Anyway, ihave no idea what to name this chap, any ideas i would love.


I dug in the square whole in the wall on the left side of my bed, they called it our cupboard. I took everything out of my closet, just a few pairs of close and spread them out on the thin gray sheets of the bed. Carp was weighing down the corner on the right, watching me with sad eyes. For the first time while being alone with Carp, the silence was eating at my mind so badly, I couldn’t think. I tried to break it. “Which one should I pack?” I asked. My hands nested on the gun and knife holder on both hips of the leather shorts, smooth yet ruff to the touch.
He gave me a quizzed look, and then realized what I was asking about.
“I’m not sure, what is more comfortable AND can hold the most weapons without being a pain?” “Well then, I’ll where this one I suppose…but I need one more…” “Something that’ll make you blend in with the crowd in the day time would be a good idea.” I could see Carp eyeing all my closes on the bed with a dissatisfied and slightly disapproving look.
“Nothing would work for that, anymore close in the cupboard?” I nodded, and he sighed. “Well, there’s not much-Wait!” He said, perking. “Fallow me, I have an idea…”

As we walked down the white marble hallways, Carp was terribly silent, but he had a look of determination on his face. I was on my senses, last time Carp was this way and the time we were walking around this section was about 3 months ago…
I kept looking from Carp to Maren, both looking determent and I had no idea as to why. We came to 3 different French metal doors; Carp opened them by sliding his card into the system. Maren and he smirked. I got suspicious. Carp looked to me and he switched to a stony face.
Maren couldn’t hold it any longer. She bursted as she was about to enter the room and my eyes widened with fear as I looked inside.
/“OH MY GOSH! I CAN NOT BEILEVE WHAT WE ARE ABOUT TO DO!!!” I tried to run as Maren screamed while jumping up. But Carp grabbed me around the waist, flung me over his shoulder upside down. “Quite squirming or we’ll make you wear the pink fluffy dress the whole time.” I squeaked quickly then piped down. The room was about 50 by 68 feet, with racks of closes in more than ¾ of the room, the other part was weapon holders for under the civil close to look as if none were under them. The point was to seem less likely to know how to assassin a person in over 600 ways to everyone around you, and not drag attention to your self.
Seeing as I was to go to a high school about a week before the prom to protect a boy from being assassin because his father hadn’t keep to the bet, he was believed to be targeted at the prom so I had to be dressed for it. /
The mission was completed with great ease, and it hadn’t been hard finding a boy to go with, either, because I had gotten asked out by half the football team, and about 33 other boys, but one had been in my interest the whole time..., and I got my first kiss, now that I think about it, he gave me his phone number and I promised him I’d call him back…
“Hey, you paying attention cause I’ll pick your close out for you if I have to.” I looked at him in horror. “Hey, I have pretty good taste.” I rolled my eyes as we came to the metal doors. “Now keep in mind, you will pretend to be a 15 or 16 year old girl from New York, so dress like a regular girl…you might wear make up to blend in some, since you’ll be heading to Holly Wood first, you should remember last time, when you were protecting the boy and your first date with the other kid…” As I remembered, I thought maybe I might say hi to him if I get to stop by… “Since you were already there we have to put the green streaks in your hair again and the blue contacts, in case someone recognizes you from then because you’ll be in the same area, so we’ll use the same id card as well.” It’s all to perfect…. “So I’ll be helping you pick out your close, and so will Maren.” Take that back.
Walking in side I was greeted with a huge hug from Maren. Her bob cut blonde hair brushing against my cheek. “How are you dear? Excited?” I nodded. “But I’d be more excited if I could breathe…” “Ops, sorry!” She said, smiling sheepishly, as she stepped back I looked at her out fit, she probly just got out of her helicopter, her job is to control helicopters for assassin missions. Carp does helicopters too, but for protection missions.
“How many Megsatone injections have you had since last time?” “Two.” “Okay, we need to measure you again then.”
After Maren measured me, she said I was a size 1 in bottoms, but I had to make sure they were long enough for my now 5’7 frame, one inch more then the last time. I was going to need a medium for tops, Maren keep saying I looked like a model, except with a little more, she said that ment I reacted well to Megsatone, except how my hair was not it natural curly dark brown as it was the first time I came here, which I always thought my hair was naturally the thick, straight, and snowy white it was today. She also said my pale skin had taken to a pale tan, which I didn’t know either. She wasn’t as worry about that though. I never got to ask what a model was, because right as we got to the 1 size, she told me to look for something that sparked my interest.
As I took time to take everything in this time, I noticed the room had a tingly sweet smell to it, almost like cotton candy. Maren came running up to me, with a pile of close in her hand.
I turned to her, and she pulled out a dark jean mini-skirt, on the sides were silver zippers that could be zipped up, or zipped down to cover more skin. It had skinny blue X’s sown on the bottom of the skirt. She showed me black knee combat boots with buckles on the side.
“The thick sols are removable so you can fit a small gun and a thin pocket knife in each one. And…” She trailed off; showing me a tight black t-shirt with a red rib cage on it, under it was a baggy long sleeved shirt with green and black stripes. “It is in the range of what you wore last time in Holly Wood, and the sleeves are baggy enough that on the upper-arm under it, you could slip your down-size knifes. And you only have to wear these during the day, so we don’t have to worry about fighting in comfort to much.” I nodded and took the close, trying to get out of the room soon before Carp came running to me with some lame girly clothes. “Great!” She said smiling.

On the way back to section 5 where my room was and 4 sections from the clothes filled room, Carp had to leave to fill out some reports. Maren was walking with me in comfortable silence. Until I broke it. “Maren?” “Yes dear?” “…um…well, If I could…would you let…me, um, use your phone?” I finished the last part as fast as I could. “Of course, I wouldn’t mind.” She handed me her phone, which I wasn’t familiar with. “Here, tell me the number and I’ll type it in.” She typed in the number and handed me back her phone. “Wait here, I have to pick up some papers from the Office.” She said as she went threw an indented see-threw door, I leaned on the wall next to the door. Someone picked up the phone.
“Hey Chase.”
“Carmen?” He blurted out with a huge amount of excitement.
“Heh Heh, long time no talk, right?”
Ohhhhh, she can be a loser talking on the phone, lol. Reveriw, rate, comment. bla bla bla
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