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"Oh, I get it, you wish we weren't here!"

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A/N Okay, I know that Mikey lives in NY, but being honest, I think it would be simpler for the story if we just pretended he still lives in New Jersey ~waits for hate mail~ So I'm just going to pretend that he still lives in Belleville. Hope that's fine with you guys. Roxi near took a fit when I said he lives in NJ in this FF! XD

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The four of them walked into a large apartment near the airport. There was a view of the park across the road outside the window. A cat suddenly came up and rubbed against Alica's leg. "Aaaw, hey bunny! We've got some new room mates for you!" She pointed to the twins and said their names a few times, the cat instantly adored Rachel (who in return adored Bunny back) but hissed at Alex who gave a sarcastic hiss back.
"Bunny, be nice!" Mikey said, with a slightly raised voice.
"Dude, the cat hissed. It didn't harm anybody! Calm down." Alex mumbled. Mikey looked at Alica and sighed. "Oh, I get it, you wish we weren't here! Well then were's my room so as you can pretend that we aren't?!" Alex yelled.
"Yeah, so you can go sulk for hours. Well listen, sulking isn't going to bring he-"
"Okay! I think we should just show you your rooms!" Mikey said, panicing a bit and cutting Rachel off.

He led them to a large, mostly empty room with two beds, one with dark blue sheets and the other with dark redish purple with a drsser in between them and a CD player on top of it. There was a small tv in the corner. There was a cupboard at both sides of the door, obviously for them to put any clothes they had in. "Wow! It's got a tv and everything! This is like some of the hotels we used to live in only better!" Rachel shrieked excited. But her words made Mikey's heart sink.
"You used to live in hotels?" he asked, shocked.
"Oh yeah! We were always moving from hotel to hotel in places all over Spain, and I mean everywhere! You name any place in Spain and we've probably been there. We've even been in some parts of France and Portugal!" she smiled, unpacking her things.

I did the same, but had a very different look on my face. I didn't want to move in with this new guy! I wanted my mum to be alive so I could go back to Spain! But Rachel had reminded me that we would actually make some friends here. In a few days, we would be off to our new school. But for now, I was reluctantly unpacking my bags, and Rachel was chatting with Mikey and excitedly unpacking her bags. She seemed so happy now that our mother was gone. It sickened me. And to make matters worse, she was sucking up all the attention leaving me ignored. But that didn't bother me because I didn't want to know them, did I? Maybe I just wanted a normal life with two parents that aren't sleeping or smoking for most of the day. No! I was happy with my old life! I wanted my mum back! I wanted my old life back! While our new dad 'Mikey' was chatting with Rachel, I was unpacking my things and neatly putting them away into the cupboard.

The days had passed on and it was now September 4th, the day Alex and Rachel started at their new school. We had to miss the first day as Gerard was having a surprise wedding on the 3rd (I ought to kick his ass for not telling me. I had the curtosey to tell him!) It was getting late, and due to going sometimes weeks at a time without showers, the twins were a bit obsessive about washing every night before they went to bed and every morning when they got up. I stood patiently at the bottem of the stairs waiting for Rachel to come out of her shower. Alex was already down and not listening to me (as usual) and was just eating his breakfast. Alicia had decided that because I was their birth parent I should get them up for school on their first day. Lovely. Getting yelled at by a moody son and having to listen to an excited daughter shreik about how much she was looking forward to get in there and learn. And again I say lovely!

I wondered how they would do, if they would make any friends at school. I worried because I only had Gerard, Ray and Mona when I was in school. That seems like a fair bunch as there was an even number so no one was left out, that is, until one of us was absent and I was always the odd ball.
Then, there was the popular kids. Even in Elementary school there had to be popular kids, that is, unless the 'school social system' as we call it (or SSS) had changed in the last eight or nine years. But the popular kids, in my case the jocks and football players, they would torture you mostly physically, with some name calling on the side.

My worries of my kids coming home with tears and blood on their faces sparked when Rachel came down in a My Chemical Romance tee-shirt, but I tried to stay cheerful. "So, you like my band?" I asked. She nodded.
"Yup, for almost a year now." she replied, walking over to the counter to make herself some cereal. "And before you ask, my favourite member has always been you."
"Even before you knew I was your dad?" Rachel turned around and smiled.
"No silly! I've always known you were my dad!" I froze. Mona had told them? Then why hadn't Rachel called or tryed to get in contact with me?
"You... always knew?"
"Oh yeah! Since last year! My mum was flicking through the channels and the black parade came on. On one of your close ups she said 'Oh look kids! There's your dad!' and I was like 'Wow! My dad's a rockstar?' on she was like-" She paused, noticing how red I was. "It's okay." Rachel said, calming down. "She didn't tell anyone but us. She knew what was best for us." I nodded.
“Why didn’t you call or email me or something?” I said flabbergasted. "Mona had my number I gave it too her the last time I saw her back in High School."
“I couldn’t. Mum wouldn’t give us your number. She said you’d be way to busy with your tour to worry about us. Why would you liked us to have called?” she said her eyes looking in worry.
“Yes! Of course I would of and I’m never too busy to care about my family even if me and your mum have had fights in the past.” I smiled at her. It was true though I couldn’t ask for a better family. Its just with Alex, there’s something up... something only the eyes of Gerard Way could understand. I've seen them before on Gerard’s face when he was that age. There’s something about it... something dark and mysterious and unknown. And if I don’t do something about it we could end up with a Mini Gerard on the loose…. Oh great.

It seemed like only a few minutes, but soon, Alex and Rachel were on the bus and off to school. I didn't show it, but I felt very sorry for them. They had just lost their mother, had to move to a different country with total strangers looking after them, and they had to move to a completely new school. But there was one kid in that school that I knew of that I knew they could trust.

September 4th 2007
I miss my mum, I miss the old Alex, but I don't miss having to move from school to school all the time. Today, we started at our new school. Although, it had a number of events that I feel differently about. I'll start at the begining...

A bunch of girly girls who apparently are supposed to be in my year but act like teenagers were sitting at the front of the room, so I went up and said hi to them. They just looked up and laughed. 'You like stupid rock music?' one of them said.
I just said 'Yes, I like My Chemical Romance, do you?' A ridiculas thing to say.
'Ew! no!' she said. 'And whats with that dorky accent of yours? What, are you from Poland or something?' I was offended by that comment, but remained calm.
'No, actually, I'm from Spain, I even speak Spainish, but my parents are from New Jersey.' They laughed even harder.
'Really? Then say something to us in Spainish!'
'Okay then! Usted es un puerco ignorante!'
'That means she's perfect right?' one of the other girls said.
'Yes.' I sighed. What I didn't realise was that our first class was Spainish, and our teacher, Mrs Griffin, came in and asked us if we knew any Spainish. Turns out the girl I spoke Spainish to was called Kate. She told her what I had said.
'She called you an ignorant pig?' She narrowed her eyes and looked round the class. 'Who called this young lady a pig?' Kate pointed at me. The teacher looked at me and told me to stand up.
'Yes, it was me,' I began.
'But she only said it because that girl was making fun of her accent!' Alex called out. She cleaned her glasses and scowled.
'You two move down to the back beside Miranda. I'll let you off now, but that isn't going to last for too long.'

The girl beside us, Miranda, looked at the plump teacher and giggled as she watched her waddel back to her desk. Then she looked at me.
'I got sent down here for the same reason yesterday. She's our new Spainish teacher. I really miss our old one, Mr Espanosa. This teacher doesn't look or sound Spanish! Mr E, he fit the part perfectly.' She pretended to copy down notes for a moment so she wouldn't get in trouble, Alex and I did the same. 'Speaking of new folk, I haven't seen you around here before! What's you names? Did your family move here or something?' I felt a lump in my throut.
'Actually, our mum just died and we're moving in with our dad.' Alex said quickly. Miranda's face saddened.
'Oh, I'm so sorry.' was all she could say.
'Sure you are!' Alex murmered. 'I mean everybody seems to be sorry for us! But are they doing anything about it? No!'
'Well if it helps, I lost my mother when I was a baby. She died at child birth.'
'You were too young to care! You didn't even know her!' he yelled.
'You! Princepals office! Now!' Mrs Griffin shreiked.
'Yeah, let me reply in a way you'd understand: Me Tarzan! You nutty teacher! Me never go to office!' The rest of the children in the class 'ooohed' and snickered, while I just slapped my hand on my forehead. Of course this meant that she wouldn't only be picking on Alex, but on me as well. I knew what teachers were like. I'd seen them all.

At recess, we rushed out into the playground, Miranda cheered and patted Alex on the back, as much as he pushed her away.
'That was awesome... uh...' Stupid Rachel! You forgot to tell her your names!
'I'm Rachel, and my brother's name is Alex.'
'Thanks. That was awesome Alex! You guys want to play tag?' I was about you answer when I saw Alex behind Miranda mouthing 'No! No! Please no!' I decided to have a bit of fun with him. Miranda obviously wants to be our friend, so why deny her that?
'Sure!' I smiled. 'We'd love to play with you!' Alex just did the throut cutting sign and joined in.

So, all in all, we had alot of fun today, or at least me and Miranda did anyway. But there is something very fulmiliar about her. And oddly shaped face, but still pretty, high voice, puffy hair, there's something fulmiliar about her, I just can't put my finger on it.

A/N Aaah, it's so good to be back in the writing bis again. Many thanks to Roxi for writing a huge part in this chapter (the person who guesses gets a cookie) As you can see, the chapters are going to be longer... this one pretty much covers that. So anyway, we have some stuff coming up in later chapters for all the Gee lovers out there! He he, nothing for the Frerarders. (HA HA! Just kidding, you guys rock (=> but really, we have nothing) So far that is. So tell us what you think... better be good. I know how long I've kept you guys waiting... sorry about that. So, I'll get chapter four done as soon as we figure out some ideas, or as soon as Roxi gets her ass off the sofa and back on the computer seat, which ever comes first XD
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