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Little Terror

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Intro for the other main character, does anyone else hate flying or is it just me?

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A/N: Here's the second chapter for you, note Torie's chapters start with the italicized font that will tend to cut in. These are supposed to replicate sounds such as announcements on planes or in airports. Thanks for reading!

Little Terror

We are about to land in Vancouver the current temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, welcome home and enjoy your stay, thank you for flying with Air Canada.

I buckled myself in next to my fellow co-worker Christine, she smiled at me widely, we often flew together across Western Canada. Regan one of our pilots often was along on our flights much to my dismay, Christine thought he was simply charming. I had something else in mind. He often chastised me about my small fear of flying, I took a deep breath as the plane slowly descended.

"Remind me again why you work as a flight attendant if you don't like flying?" he would always pipe in and say with a chuckle. He always called me out for everything I'm simply would just shrug it off and smile--the usual. Christine would just giggle and try to flirt with him, she always cooed about how they were the greatest of friends. But then again she never saw him roll his eyes at her mindless babbling about the latest shoes she had bought.

"You would tell me if you ever heard he liked me right?" she'd always ask giving me puppy dog eyes that no woman or man truly could ignore. Christine was one of those typical flight attendants that all the men truly love to gawk at.

Take note of the front and rear exits.

Christine would always turn around and the men behind her would be gazing longingly at her petit rear end. This altogether made me gag, I always took the back of the plane and refused to move any other way. I'd watch as Christine would look like small little stewardess barbie doll bobbing her head when she talked her bright strawberry red lips contrasting her inhumanly white teeth.

I would never dare tell her these thoughts, she has only ever been nice to me and she is the closest thing I do have to a friend. Sometimes I wondered what it would be like to be Christine, she always talks of the men she befriends and beds and then weeks later grows tired of and throws in the trash. I wondered what lured all them, was it her platinum blonde hair, her luscious strawberry lips? Or even the clothes she wears. I have never seen Christine outside of work so I haven't had the pleasure to see her out of uniform--although she somehow manages to make that to be more revealing than intended. My musings were interrupted by her infectious giggle.

"Torie are you excited to be home?" She said gingerly smoothing out her skirt that barely reached her knees. I nearly choked from holding back laughter.

"I suppose," I said quietly, truth be told Vancouver never felt like home, sure I owned my own apartment suite and stayed here for weeks at a time but it never felt like home. Her face turned worried, I quickly reassured her with a fake smile, "I'm just tired thats all."

"Well you will have a whole week to yourself, where are you flying too next?" I could tell her by her expression and the question she had shot my way she was dying to blurt out where she was off to next, the excitement in her eyes made me want to hurl her out the window. But smothering my thoughts as always I plastered on a smile just as big as hers--it even made my cheeks twinge in pain.

"Somewhere Europe I'm guessing," I attempted to sound excited, I received a look from Regan who rolled his eyes at the obviously fake impression. I merely glared at him before returning my sickly large smile towards Christine. She squealed in excitement, I figured I'd let her brag to me about her next flight, "How about you?"

"I thought you'd never ask!" She said giggling all the while, I really wondered if she had a permanent shot of a sugar in her arm at all times--no one is ever always THAT happy. "Burmuda! Isn't that fantastic? I've been planning to buy a whole new wardrobe just for the trip, and oh the beach! You will not recognize me when I get back!" she giggled more tapping my arm, I grew squeamish the plane had just dropped a nice amount and I could hear a small snicker come out from Regan's lips. My smile dimmed and laughed a little to humor her.

Once I was stable again I looked at Christine once more, her skin was tanned as can be--it was obvious she was a regular at the tan salon, at least she wasn't that god awful orange colour like I had seen on elderly woman just moments ago. After enjoying herself too much Christine turned me and decided to through a sugarcoated idea my way.

"Say Torie..." she started beaming her bright teeth at me, god I knew it was coming, she always had these little schemes. "You should come shopping with me!" I began to shake my head but she nodded more intently than I could imagine.

"No--I couldn't possibly," I tried to say humbly covering up my irrational fear of clothing stores. "I'm sure you have other friends that would die to go." Her smile disappeared as she looked at me seriously, the plane lunged once more I nearly put my head between my legs, I truly hated work I really did.

"Torie, you're my friend too," she swatted my arm, "Plus we won't see each-other for almost a month!" Oh the horrible terrible events of that happening, who was I kidding one could only take a barbie doll like her in small doses. "I'm sure you need something amazing for you trip too," she quickly added, "European men are always looking for a cultured woman!" she winked at me. Regan even turned around with a sneer.

"Maybe you should listen to Christine," he said laughing a little, "Really, Terror, you need some new clothes I've seen you come to work." I merely ignored him and his terrible ability to create a fitting nickname. He's been calling me to Terror since he first found out I hated flying. I sighed knowing I could never say no to Christine.

"Okay fine..." I mumbled as she squealed snatching a piece of paper from her purse she quickly wrote down her cellphone number and me do the same.

"Were going to have so much fun!" she smiled brightly, I tried my best to look optimistic when really I was hoping the plane would crash and our plans would be terminated. The plane landed roughly I clutch to the arm rests breathing in deeply, I released it as I realized that we were in fact on the ground now.

You may now proceed to front exit, thank-you again for flying with Air Canada.

I stood face almost green from the churning in my stomach as I half heartedly wished the passengers a great visit. Smiling every time a friendly face came by in between doubling over in uneasiness. The last passenger exited and I managed to let out a large groan of unhappiness, now I would finally be able to go and hibernate for a week.

A disgusted Regan passed by me, "Terror, you really need a breath mint or something, learn to take a Gravol, or maybe five." He laughed his luggage with wheels running over my exposed toes. I let out a small scream of pain. I fancied the thought of hurling all over him, maybe then we wouldn't have to fly in the same plane anymore. I slowly caught up to him hoping he would actually apologize for my now red and plump toes.

"Where in Europe did you say you were flying next week?" he said absentmindedly tucking some papers in his jacket pocket. I looked at him my face crinkled, just like him to not apologize but ask me something completely random.

"Uhh, Paris I think." I sighed, hopefully that would be a nice trip for once, I get to stay in a hotel for a whole week afterwards, maybe I could meet a nice French man named Francois who would ride a Vespa wear scarves and would whisper sweet nothings into my ear. My day dream was interrupted by Regan's less than pleasant chuckle.

"I'll be seeing you next week," he shot a smirk my way, I forcibly shut my mouth from shock and sped after him, this could not be happening. "Oh--and seeing you're shopping with Christine I'll expect you to come to work wearing something half decent." He turned the corner and slid into the elevator right before it closed, leaving me to ponder his smart aleck remarks. I sighed surely my friends ben and jerry would be waiting for me at home.
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