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Crash Landing

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Adventures with barbie doll Christine.

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A/N: Still for confusion purposes we are back on the track of Torie's. Thanks for reading!

Crash landing, final stop sleep county.

I fell onto my not so comfy futon, rolling over on my back I rubbed my stomach that now hurt from the contact. This week I would do nothing but sit and watch sappy romance flicks with my head buried in a pint of ice-cream. I pulled a pillow over my head as I heard the whistling from my cell-phone I was three days into my vacation and of course I could not be left be--really I thought I might just get by not having many friends.

I picked it up grudgingly and read the name from the glowing screen--it was Christine. Wonderful she was probably calling to babble about how Regan looked at her a different way, or about a new pair of shoes she bought. I thought of ignoring it but realized she'd only grow more annoyed and cease to stop calling. I the cell open and held it a nice distance away from me to hear her high pitched voice.

"Torie!" she squealed, now knowing my ear drums wouldn't be damaged I placed the phone up to my ear. "Have you forgotten about our arrangement?" she said eagerly not waiting for me to answer, "I wanted to go shopping today!" I groaned.

"You want to go today?" I had planned to curl up on my bed and do a lot of nothing besides inhale junk food, "I have some things I would like to do..." I was caught off by her snickering.

"Oh you're such a silly girl," she said, I merely rolled my eyes, I knew she wouldn't let me get away that easy, "You have another two days to do that, and I leave tomorrow so we MUST go today." her voice grew a little stern waiting for my answer.

I sighed--she would definitely not let this go, and I realized it wouldn't kill me to see someone before I left. "I guess we can go then." Christine shrilled on the other end in shear enjoyment.

"I'll be by to pick you up within the hour!" she hung up hastily. I yawned, I gazed longingly at the junk food beside me, instead I shoved it aside and stripped making my way to the bathroom throwing my clothes elsewhere not really caring.

I needed a cold shower if I was going to spend a few hours with Christine.

- - - -

We pulled up to one of the cities biggest malls which seemed to be halfway across the city. Barbie pulled her shades up tuging some hair back with it as well her ruby lips sparkling. She locked the doors as we exited and before I knew it her arm laced through mine.

"This will be great we'll get you some drop dead outfits!" she loved a good project, the way Christine looked at me she seemed to be sizing me up, she must have been considering me as a charity case. I rolled my eyes as we entered and I was immediately pulled into a shoe store.

"Torie, look," she held up a pair of black heels--quite long heels I looked at her with tormented eyes, "Do you know what these are?" she said so slyly sifting through other pairs of shoes.

"Black heels." I said plainly looking at the mounds of what appeared extremely over priced designer shoes. She gave me a disapproving look at which I shrugged.

"Not just any old heel," she said matter of factly, "They're Jimmy Choo's!" she said exasperated, she was truly amazed by how little I knew about shoes. She threw several boxes into my arms, "Size 7 right?" she looked down at my worn out slip on sneakers. I nodded lamely.

After trying on several pairs of albeit some painful shoes I shelled out money for 3 pairs, I cringed at the price. Christine intercepted the sale handing the cashier a card at which their eye widened. I watched as price nearly dropped down by half. I looked at her in shock.

"My father owns the mall," she said gleefully, as we excited and walked down the main fairway, the mall was not packed it was the middle of the day on a weekday.

"Your kidding?" I said almost laughing, really why would she be working for Air Canada if her father was that rich. Much to my amazement she shot me an angry look.

"Just because I work for an airport doesn't mean I'm not well off," she fixed her hair and spotted a clothing store in the distance and tugged at my arm, "I chose to work at the airport because I like it." she said flatly as we entered.

The store was huge nearly two floors with two escalators in the middle. Mannequins littered the floor with racks upon racks of clothing. I truly wanted to go back to hibernating--ben and jerry were waiting for me. I realized I'd have to say goodbye to them for quite some time if I would ever fit into all these clothes.

Christine seethed through the racks quickly plopping item after item in my arms soon the stack almost went over my head she then whisked me away to the dressing rooms and insisted I come out with each outfit I put on.

"Okay show me something you'd wear everyday," she said picking at her nails as she leaned against the wall across from the curtain I was dressing behind. With much struggle I managed to put on a pair of skinny jeans and a button up white top with puffed short sleeves. I had pulled some of my hair back for good measure, I slipped on a pair of black heels hoping she would like it.

I pulled aside the curtain as she looked up at me casually her eye tracing what I had chosen. She nodded, "Not bad," she said coming up to me and tugging at the shirt so it would align better, "You should really try some colour though an olive green or a light blue would go great with your brown eyes and skin tone." I groaned as she shoved me back behind the curtain.

"What next master," I joked as I removed the clothes I had on, "I'm guessing you're going to make me wear a dress?" I croaked, I truly hated dresses, I had always been a type of a tomboy and extremely conservative. Much to my dismay she clapped.

"Precisely!" she said excitedly, her hand waved inside the curtain and pointed in the direction of a black dress, "I found a little black dress perfect for you, every girl needs one!" The hand receded, I glared at it and turned my attention to the dress.

I slipped the small dress on, a thick strap went around the back of my neck from the sides and the dress just barely went to my knees. I was happy that she hadn't put me in something extremely short and slutty in nature. I struggled to reach the zipper at the back, I whimpered in frustration.

Christine just laughed at me as he made her way in and zipped up the back and pulled me out to take a gander at what she had created. I looked at myself amazed in the mirror, I actually decent my body had grew out of that awkward lanky phase.

"It's perfect!" she said twirling me, "You would even make Regan fall for you!" she chided fixing my strap I looked at her in question.

"He hates my guts," I laughed, "Plus I wouldn't enjoy that attention." she only looked at me with playful eyes.

"Exactly you look THAT good." I couldn't help but let a smile escape my lips, although Christine did seem like an airhead she was a good friend and she knew how to make me feel better. This was easily washed away but her next comment, "Just watch what you eat or we'll have to settle for a paper bag." she giggled as I smacked her arm lightly returning to my lair.

- - - -

After much more shopping her and I both carried a whole new wardrobe for me within more than just a few bags. We had stopped for some asian cuisine and chatted about our future plans. Christine was terribly excited about her trip to Bermuda but she voiced her annoyance about not having Regan on her flight. I tried to cheer up her by suggesting he might switch after finding out I was going to Paris too.

She only droned on about how lucky I was. I assured her it would not be enjoyable. After a long day she dropped me off at home and gave me a large hug and promised she would call me to see how things are going, and if I had any emergencies to call her. (In her eyes an emergency had something to do with the opposite sex.) I promised and watched her nice little mazda drive away into the night.

Once I was through my apartment door I laid my back against it and let all the bags drop to my feet in exhaustion I slid down the doorway until I sat on the floor. I gazed out the window at the moon. Soon I would be in yet another country, maybe if I liked it enough I'd start a whole new life there.

Next stop Paris, France.
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